Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Pause for a while

Today’s forecast promises snow first, then rain, the roads will turn into ice and will be dangerously slippery later. Even though the main roads will get a coat of sand (I hope) on them, there remains plenty of smaller ones, that won’t get it. I have two weather apps on my phone and I keep checking them at short intervals. It was not such a long time ago, when there were only the forecasts on the radio and tv, I would get them once a day and could live with that information…
You are welcome to have the search box! I must have known the possibility of it and I vaguely remember even looking at it at some point, but I did not dare to put it on the blog…what if someone will look at my old posts? I am not proud of what I wrote a week ago, not to mention about something I wrote two years ago, or (gosh!) 10 years ago. I doubt that I will ever look at the old posts - maybe when I am 80 and won’t write any new ones, I will go and look at them, if they are still out there somewhere. Can’t think of anything that would be worth the search…!!?? (I know, now you wonder why do you write if you feel like this and it beats me too! I guess I cannot stop. Many have gone over to Instagram and have stopped writing, maybe at some point I am left alone in this blogging universe and I will find myself howling… halloo… anyone there… There has got to be other ones too…)
Thank you Auntiemichal for providing links for different rag socks. I had totally forgotten about the helix way of striping and that is certainly something I would like to try with the left-overs (never done it). 

I kept knitting the Christmas sock last night - even though I did go and toss around my sock yarn bin and looked at all the other possibilities there. I tried to remind me that knitting the new one, will not feel any different after the first rows are done, than knitting this one, and the handling of the yarns, carrying them along gets easier with time and that I might even learn something if I try to do my best with this sock and patiently finish it. The second cuff is done, I am making my way along further down. If this gets done soon, then comes a tough decision… do I cast on yet for another pair before Christmas Eve or shall I wait for the Eve Cast-on, because I doubt that there is enough time to finish a pair before the 24th. I could knit ankle socks in between but in the middle of the winter it does not feel right.
I could knit something for the kitties, but I don’t dare to do it, because my imaginary world is such a good place to be in that I am afraid I won’t come out before Christmas... or spring. Think about sipping tea in this peaceful kitchen with all these pleasant faces around? Their preparations look so much nicer than mine…
I really should go now, it is 19th already and the carrots and rutabagas are not turning into casseroles by themselves. Let me just pause for a while, drink another cup of tea and then I will go…
Wool with you,


  1. Ellen in Connecticut12:38

    Where did the kitties get a watermelon at this season??
    I like the fake seam on the toes of the counter-changed socks.
    My US000 circular sock needle was taken from me at Istanbul airport security, but it was very old, worn and bent, so I was actually glad to have an excuse for a new one. Also, I was too tired to do any knitting on that flight anyway.
    I am thinking of a pair of mittens for the one-year -old grandson. I better start that this morning; time is flying!!
    Thank you for being there Lene.

    Merry Christmas to you and your husband and daughters and dog/s and cat/s and the reindeer and the snow.
    from Ellen in Connecticut

  2. Anonymous13:17

    Oh Lene I love your writing and I always feel good after reading it. You will not be alone in the blog universe. I will be there and read it.
    Take care and Thank you deborah :-)

  3. Miranda13:42

    Lene, I have read along for many years but have never commented until today. Your beautiful, thoughtful writing takes me to a peaceful place with pleasant faces, just like the kitty kitchen above. Thank you so much for sharing your world, imaginary and real, with all of us, and providing a place to pause and drink another cup of tea.

  4. Anonymous16:56

    Dear Lene,

    If you keep writing for years and call out, "Hello, anyone out there?" I guarantee a very large number of us will reply. I have read all your posts and reread many years' worth. They are a balm for my soul, believe me.
    I live out in the country, too, so I keep an eye on the national weather service on my computer. We don't have cell reception here; I envy your ability to use a weather phone app or two.
    Warm regards to you and yours as this year ends and a new one begins.
    Enjoy your holiday!
    Denise in Ohio

  5. I hope you keep writing forever - you have become my happy place to start the morning and calm the day. THANK YOU!

  6. I love your old posts! And when you are the only blogger left, I will still be here reading (unless I am dead. lol).

  7. Are you familiar with the Monstersocks the Socklady creates? Sometimes she uses leftovers and sometimes she improvises. They're wonderful. http://thesockladyspins.blogspot.com/

  8. I am a first time commenter but I've read your blog for years (sorry I am so slow to comment). I am inspired by your creativity and I wish I could join you in your fantasy kitty world. Your cats and all your lovely creatures are wonderful. All of your work is awesome - I am thinking particularly of how you upscale and recyle your sweaters and jackets. I love that you share it with us. Don't stop writing and please know that I would read what you write even after you are 80! May your Christmas and New Year sparkle with all that delights you!

  9. I love your doll house. All those tiny, perfect details!