Thursday, December 21, 2017

Early morning again...

Cup of coffee, the clock on the wall… The clock seems more serious today, she is pounding as if telling me to get these holiday preps wrapped up. The sound takes me back to the mines of the Seven Dwarfs – do you remember the mine scene from the Disney movie? It is such a long time since I saw it, I hope I am remembering it right and that it really happened there… I had to check YouTube and here is the link to the scene I was thinking of.
While I was taking a picture of my latest kitten, I realized that the colors of the kittens follow the seasons. The very first one was yellow, she is in the banner. This last is very mid-wintery, with grey cardigan (which I love and would like to have similar, cushy garter stitch basic wear, lucky kitten) and dark red cheeks. Her cheeks are red because she has been out shoveling snow and hard labor always makes you blush.
Oh! She is carrying some snow inside, she should go and wipe that snow off, before she gets all the floors wet and then all the others are going to get wet socks walking in the puddles. There is nothing cats hate more than cold feet in wet socks.
There is one more kitten on the way. I set the timer yesterday for 1 hour and quietly went to my work space, closed the door and made one pompom… Nothing brings your thoughts home better than making a pompom. If you have not tried it, you should… when trimming a tiny, soft wool ball, the world just disappears. Utterly unnecessary… I must warn you though, that when you come out with the petite wool ball, the reality can hit you hard. There might have been something more important to do during that one hour…
Little did I know in the beginning of the year that I would be knitting cats for the whole year. I am not sure how many I have so far, over 20 anyway. There were few pairs of socks, many crocheted scarves and shawls, one crocheted cardigan but no other clothing in 2017. Did some quilting too. This makes me curious when I think about the coming year. I’m not sure where this fiber life is taking me… try to seize the moment and go from there. I am always concerned and worried, if my creative well dries up and I will never come up with anything worth doing, but time will tell.

In the meantime, there is this Christmas, that must be taken care of, and all that it brings along… with love and passion and care. (I was slightly short there with the passion part for a bit, when haste took over and a cake would not come out of its form beautifully, and crumbled… I know what they say about haste, such a spoiler. I should have repeated the mud baking rhyme. When the girls were little, they baked mud cakes with colorful, small plastic forms. After careful filling of the form, the cake needed to be turned but not just turned, this mantra had to be repeated while tapping the form with a spade several times: “Please be a good cake, don’t be a bad cake!” If only I had stopped to repeat this procedure, it would have been a good cake.)

Wool with you,

PS. I just realized few spelling mistakes, ones that are not really spelling mistakes, but ones where I typed a totally different word than I was aiming at... Similar to those when you try to say something specific, and other random word comes out. I try to catch them but I am short of time and thus, please... try to imagine the correct word where it does not match the sentence!


  1. That is a fine cat.

  2. This latest kitten may be my favorite, with her wintry colors and bringing bits of snow inside. It's not only cats that hate cold feet in wet socks!

  3. I have been following your blog, probably almost as long as you have had one. Thank you for giving us this window into your world. I love to see your pets, your icy land, your projects and especially your thought processes into the things that you do with your knitting and crocheting. I love your cats and how they came to you so organically and how you allowed them to grow and come into your life. I have 7 real cats and I can understand your love of your knit cats...and yours are much easier to take care of! Thank you Lena, your blog has been a gift to me this Christmas season and I hope you continue to blog regularly once December has passed. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful, healthy and happy 2018.

  4. I think your words are perfect! I think you will never run out of ideas, you are brimming with creativity, and you inspire us all!!

  5. It doesn't matter what fiber-y projects grip you in the coming year, as long as you share with us on the blog! It is always a little gift in my day when you have posted.

  6. I've enjoyed your posts so much this month! They've been moments of peace and contemplation from a deep creative space, and that has meant so much to me this month. I love it that you follow your passion and that your creativity takes you where it will. I can't imagine your well ever running dry. Happy holidays to you and your kittens (and your family too)!

  7. Love your kitties and their outfits and stories. I am not fond of getting my socks wet because I walked through a puddle, either!

    I have the same problem with typing the wrong word. It is usually either another word that sounds like the one I meant, or a combination of one word with another that was meant to come after it........ Thank goodness for backspace! :-)

  8. Your Winter Kitten is so adorable Lene. Little snowflakes coming in, blushing cheeks, beautiful grey cardigan. Everything is lovely.

  9. The Winter Kitten is so cute. I love the snowflake on her back. I have enjoyed your contemplations and writings this month. Thank you ever so much.