Friday, December 08, 2017

Christmas socks

The wind is howling. No too bad, but hard enough to make Ruusu anxious. She hates the electric shortages, that often occur when it blows strongly; she is mentally preparing herself to get scared. I am sitting on the armchair with the laptop on my lap, she is lying on the couch, but she keeps looking at me, if I am worried, thus should she cast herself in the mood of something terrible happening… 

Väinö is not at the least bothered. Today it is too cold for him to go out, but I discovered a new feature in him last fall. It was stormy night, he was out, I went to look for him. He usually comes when I call him, did that night also. I though I rescued him from the storm, thought that he must have feared the wind sweeping across the yard, brought him in, but no, no… as soon as I had carried him in, he wanted to go out. He seems to thrive in the drama of the weather.

I loved each one of your comments and took them to my heart. Thank you so much. xx

I had planned to go to theater tonight, but I wonder if it will happen. The forecast for the roads is not too bad yet. It seems to be only windy, but it is supposed to start snowing. Snow and wind together might cause a problem, soon we will have hard snow drifts around the house and garage. We live next to the lake, winds have a freeway to us.
Earlier in November I was in quest to find Christmassy sock yarns. I had plans to make a pair of Advent socks during December. I don’t know how many hours I wasted on computer looking at the various yarns trying to decide which ones I would need… yes, I did not buy any. I regret it. It would have been so fun to pull out Advent socks every day from a Christmas knitting bag. I don’t have a Christmas knitting bag either, nor Christmas stitch markers. I will next year… or might not.
At first it was only a little pair, just to enjoy the colors in plain stockinette knitting. After a while, it became a plan for a pair of patterned socks, some Christmas motives all over. Maybe I should go for a pair of knee-highs? In the end I was choked with my plans, and decided not to need any extra stress… I should have stuck to my first idea and just knit a pair of plain stockinette socks with beautiful yarn.
I think I did, I just did not realize it in time.
This is the lesson I am trying to learn every day in every task. Be happier in less. Shortcuts are good – at times.

Wool with you,

PS. I use pompom makers when I make mine, Clover ones, they come in various sizes. I pull the yarn tightly when I wind it, to be able to get as much as I possibly can, on the maker. Then I use a piece of cotton yarn to wrap around, to be able to pull tightly. I sometimes break the cotton thread; my pull is so strong. Trimming the pompom takes a long time… I have a pair of very sharp thread scissors and I cut and trim until it seems perfect. No shortcuts in pompom making ;-)

PPS. The doll house was built for Barbies to live in, although it might have been little bit bigger for them. The floor height is about 30-35 cm (12-14”). The kittens are quite small, little bit depending on the yarn and how much stuffing I put inside, maybe around 15cm (6”).


  1. I know what you mean about being happier with less. I like to knit socks with the prepatterned yarn. The plain stockinette is relaxing to knit. The socks are pretty and impress the non-knitters in my life.

  2. Gretchen15:09

    Is that a loom I see behind you? Are you working on any particular projects?

  3. I also picked up on the loom, Gretchen. Tell us about that, Lene!

    Having read the comments in the previous posts, I can only say 'ditto'. What a treat each Advent morning to find a new post while I have my tea.

  4. Anonymous15:37

    The socks are beautiful. I am inspired!


  5. I think those socks are just perfect for this time of year!

  6. Less is definitely more.

  7. Christmas is different. I donated a box of ornaments to our church Christmas market and didn't bring back even more but I love my Christmas-theme clothes. I wear them only in Dec. Check out Down Cellar Studio podcast (BostonJen on Ravelry I think)-Jen has a week of handknit socks in Christmas yarns.

  8. I hear you about doing more than you initially planned. It is part of my lifestyle. Sometimes it is a good thing, other times not so much.