Thursday, December 03, 2015

Reindeer pictures

I have not taken new pictures of reindeer for a long time, but I decided to go through my old files and collect my best pictures into the same place. Here you are, my neighbors.
They were here before me, and they have the ancient right to roam where ever they want.
They are not wild animals, they always belong to someone and are a part of someone's livelihood.
(In the fall, it is the males who have the antlers, they fight for best females, but come spring and the time for newborns, it is the females who have the antlers; they need them for keeping their little ones safe.)
Most of the pictures are from my yard or from the near by fields.

Thank you for all the comments and thank you for visiting,
Wool with you,
(This last one is from yesterday, we saw them far away on our daily route.)


  1. You live in such a lovely place. I love the peace which comes from every picture.

  2. Thank-you for sharing pictures of these lovely animals! Do they get supplemental feed, or just what they can find?

  3. Love these reindeer in their natural habitat! We often go to a local restaurant where there is a small herd of reindeer in a large enclosure, such fascinating animals :) Apparently the owner is a reindeer fan but they have some difficulty with correct feeding in Switzerland and breeding isn't going well, guess they would prefer to forage for food of their own...

  4. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos of an animal that I never get to see and appreciate! I didn't know about the male/female antler differences, nor that they belonged to someone. I hope you'll share some photos of the little ones in the spring if possible.

  5. Beautiful! Such lovely animals.

  6. It looks like you're surrounded by such scenic views!! Thanks so much for sharing the photos with us. I didn't know that the herds are owned by someone, that's interesting.

  7. Sarah17:11

    Your posts are wonderful - inspiring and peaceful; your handwork truly art. Thank you so much for posting.

    I am in northern Minnesota, USA ... we are having too warm a winter so far ... so very little snow.
    Fun to see the reindeer up close ! Do you have moose in Lapland ? We have Whitetailed Deer and Moose here.

  8. Love the reindeer! We have them in our zoo here in Winnipeg (Canada) but ours do not look quite as healthy and hearty as in your photos. Thanks for all your inspiring posts. Also, just noticed the last commenter is in northern Minnesota (we're perhaps 7 hours north of her) and we have had snow since mid-November. Warm...and still snowy. Much nicer than -40. :)

  9. Thank you for posting these pics. I moved in the south of Finland four years ago from italy. Here we don't have reindeers but we traveled many times in Lapland ( and every time I'm in Rovaniemi I think of you ! ) and meeting the reindeers is always the nicest treat of the whole journey. I can't wait to visit the north again ! Have a nice weekend !

  10. Love the way the tones blend softly together in those dense winter coats. And how interesting about the seasonal antlers for the does...I wonder if that is true for any other animals? Not for any I can think of. Thank you for sharing your neighbors :)

  11. Anonymous05:38

    The reindeer are lovely! As are all the crafts you have shown in your previous posts. I especially love the kitchen helper elf :) Happy to see that you are posting again - your work is inspirational!!
    p.s. and I love the new banner too.

  12. thank you for these visits with you in December!