Monday, May 04, 2015

Wonderful May

May is my month. I love everything about it here. First of all, there is the light, more and more every single day until by the end of the month, the night has disappeared altogether, and the light has taken over the world. In the beginning the lake is usually frozen but you can see her coming closer and closer and one day, all of a sudden almost, the water is back and once again when having the windows open, you can hear the song of the waves. The birds; the singing about the joys of life is overwhelming. The barren ground wakes up and starts to build abundance of objects, at first everything is small and almost miraculous but little by little every single spot is covered with stems and leaves and flowers. I love May.

May is my month. The best of the year. I always feel like I should celebrate every single day. I sometimes wish I could hibernate all through the winter until the first of May. I certainly would love to sleep through April.
I have not knit very much during these past months but for a week or for a little more, I have felt like having May in my knitting/crochet life. It seems to be in perfect harmony with my surroundings. 
I have finished two pairs of socks so far and have a new pair on the needles. These brown ones have been a long journey but these joyful ones took only for a couple of days.
I am sure it is the yarn that made the knitting easy and light (Etude by Regia). The third pair is slowly pushing through. I like the striping but feel that the quiet tones are not just right for this season (forgot to take a picture but you'll see them next time).
Then there is this crocheted cowl. I am not very good in crocheting, I know how to read charts and have been working on getting my tension even. It is very easy to make inconsistent loops and thus mess the edge. I have had to rip out few rows here and there but it does not matter, I truly want to become little better in this craft. My main reason to get to learn to crochet (if not counting the lovely crocheted project all over the internet) was to make a dent in my cotton stash but so far it has not been working. I still seem to reach for wool and the cotton bin is almost untouched. I need to change that. Someday. I will.
I love the colors of this cowl, again the tone is muted, not right for this season, but then again, this is so warm, that it has to stay on the shelf until next fall. This cowl matches these fingerless mittens I did a while back with Tunisian crochet. It is always nice to have a pair, even though they are not that similar. The yarn I used for the cowl is most likely Hot Socks Rainbow color number 4... but I could be mistaken there.
Embroidery keeps coming back to my knitting life every now and then. I made this one fingerless mitten (I don't have enough yarn to make another one) to try out some new-to-me embroidery stitches and I love the way it turned out.
Now I need to figure out how I made it to make a pair out of some other yarn or I should try to work out a way to incorporate this design into socks.

I hope you have a lovely week,

Wool with you,

PS. The blog header is an old one... I had to put up a new one soonest and this old one felt just right.

(All these projects are out of my own head, so there are no patterns for them.) 


  1. MaureenTakoma20:02

    Yay! A post from you! Total agreement on the joyfulness of May. Your new header has me resolved to embark on a lace project (now, if only I could also get a sweet dog like yours :-)

  2. Mmmmm yes, lovely May (though I see still a bit of
    snow over there ....)
    You've been really busy ! Your socks and that cowl
    .... and ha, ha, those "bunny" mittens !

  3. Welcome back in blogland !! I missed reading you. May is a wonderful month here in Finland I agree.
    Your projects are wonderful as usual ! Have a great month <3

  4. So good to see you again! Love those striped socks. What kind of heel did you do?

  5. Happy May to you! What great projects you've been working on and I can understand why you first reach for wool. It's just a wonderful fiber to play/work with!

  6. sandra04:00

    I absolutely love the joyful socks! Are you going to publish the pattern someday?

  7. The thumb gusset on that fingerless mitt (the one you made for embroidery practice) is so pretty! Do you work all the increases on just one side?

  8. Anonymous07:00

    All of your work is so lovely. I especially like the one fingerless mitten you made for practice. So enjoy your posts.

  9. I love all the items you showed! I'm much more a crochetter than a knitter, though I'd like to improve my knitting skills, in order to be able to make something as lovely as your socks someday... it just doesn't feel too much like my craft, if you know what I mean...
    Anyway, I really like your cowl! Did you follow a pattern, and if so, can you tell us which one? : ) xx

  10. Happy May! I was just thinking about you this morning as I got ready to go to work and I was hoping all was well with you. May here in Maryland can have beautiful days, but generally gets too hot, too quickly.

    I love the Happy Socks! I have been on a real sock knitting kick lately. The ones I'm finishing up now are a sort of muted rainbow, but everybody watch out! I have some neon colors in my stash and I'm feeling like dragging them out!!

  11. GrannyPurple21:53

    Your new post has just raised the happy quotient of my May! So good to be reading you again.

  12. I agree - May is a wonderful month.