Sunday, December 28, 2014

Slow progress

New Year is just around the corner. I was optimistic and thought that I could finish Ursula this year and start the New Year with a new cardigan but ... I am not so sure anymore. Christmas flu stole a few good knitting days - nothing bad, the other ones in the house were worse than me (I hope I am over) but nonetheless the progress has not been that good.
The button bands were done. After they were knitted, I once again blocked the cardi. I block often when I am making clothes - I feel that a good blocking is the same as ironing when sewing clothes.

It is difficult to seam neatly or pick up stitches evenly, if the piece is messy and curly. In addition, while the piece is blocking, it gives me time to think about the process and plan the next move. It somehow calms me down and takes the haste off the piece.
When the body was dry, I sewed the button bands with thin yarn.
I tried to make tiny stitches. (The smaller the needle, the tinier the stitches seem to be.)
It was back to steeking and cutting again: the first sleeve (I am doing one steek at a time to stay alert and focused and concentrated). The sleeve construction is interesting. The stitches are picked from the sleeve opening and a set in sleeve is knitted from the top down. I had never done this before and was a bit worried. I read the instructions thoroughly but reading is not doing, no matter how well you read and do your research, it is not quite the same as doing.
The sleeve head turned out beautifully. I am very happy with it and happy that I have learned something new. The second sleeve will be a pleasure to knit; now I know better what I am doing. But, you guessed ...right?
I just had to block the sleeve steeks to see how they will settle in and to think about ways to finish them. I would hate to leave the cuts as they are now, but if I cover them with a strip of fabric, will the outcome be too thick.
I have been interested in Tunisian crochet for some time now and have made few little things with it. At the moment I am making a pair of fingerless mittens. I will need to hurry and try to finish them as soon as possible because I am afraid that once this red season is gone, my eagerness to work with red is gone. The second one of the pair is almost done, so that should be fine.
We have had extremely cold weather for a few days, the temperature dropped down to -30°C and since it was the first time this year, it felt harsh. A lot of my time on cold days goes to lighting and tending fires and carrying fire wood inside. The corners of the house crack while the cold creeps closer inside. Fires, candles, hot drinks, good yarn and a good book in the ears. The days are getting longer; the nights are getting shorter and the sun, she has begun her steady crawl above the horizon.

Wool with you,


  1. You're my hero ! How can you make the tunisian crochet in round? I'm quite good in 'normal' crocheting, but I can't seem to figure out how to go a bit further than a square pot holder in the basic stitch when it comes to tunisian. Any advice ?
    Btw your knitting is stunning, seriously. I'm always amazed by your skills :)

  2. Anonymous01:29

    Lena, your sweater is looking so nice. I am always impressed with your work.Sorry you and your family were ill over the holidays.

  3. Anonymous02:10

    Keep warm - here's to lots of light in 2015!
    Thanks for your blog. Always very enjoyable to read and see your photos.
    best regards

  4. I always find your work such an inspiration and delight. Thank you!
    We here in Winnipeg are "back" to cold temps...a windchill of -40C today, with the actual temps around -27C. It was this cold back in November (Ahhhh!)!but we had a brief reprieve in December to spend time outside again. Stay warm!

  5. The inside of your sweater looks so amazingly neat and tidy! As always, I am dazzled by your skills!

    It was almost +30oC here today. Definitely not knitting weather!

  6. As always, a beautifully written post, showing such a talent for detail.

  7. Anonymous06:42

    Lovely cardigan! I love your choice of colours (the orange especially) and I find the grey/cream combination completely changes the look of the cardigan. I did not recognize it as a KD design!!!

    Long northern winter nights are perfect for larger, more complicated projects. It is so comforting to sit and knit while outside the wind blows and the snow falls :-)

    All the best for the new year - happy knitting,

  8. Beautiful handiwork !~! Your knitting is phenomenal. I love the red and cream wrist warmers.

  9. So much we can learn from you - thank you for returning to writing. I missed you.

    I also love KD's designs!

    Would you share what kind of books you like to listen to? I listen to lots and need new inspiration and recommendations…

    A Happy New Year from snowy Switzerland <3

  10. Your blog is an inspiration.

  11. Beautiful,beautiful, as always...