Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The mischievous two-ply

Have you actually seen it?

You know that something fishy is going on but you cannot put your finger on it...
You pick up a pattern. You do the ground work carefully. 

You pick up the yarn, match the needles, knit the gauge swatch. Everything spot on.
You have read the pattern through carefully before casting on (well, forget the carefully and ... through the pattern, but you have some kind of idea just where you are going).

You cast on and from the very beginning you know something is not working.

You rip, try another cast on but still there is something odd.

You ignore the warning and plow on. You pause, you look at your knitting, you continue and then pause again.

There is something strange with everything. No matter what the yarn is not working.

It is like it has its own mind. 

And it does. I saw it.

The mischievous two-ply.

I managed to take its picture and through magnifying glass this is what it looks like. I am sure it is not pleased, but here it is...

Now, every time I pick up a yarn, this is what I think. Kind of scary.

Wool with you,


  1. I really like your work.I am very interested in how people live in Finland, and I have long been watching your blog and I am learning English in this way. Best regards from Poland.

  2. one thing for sure, you are a real expert with needles and you have the matching mind for it...
    greetings from Switzerland...
    ciao ciao Christa

  3. Amazing, Lene, I love it.

  4. Anonymous16:56

    Oh my goodness! This explains SO much! What a mischevious little devil; he looks so ready for fun that he makes me smile and forgive him. Nice to see your happy face come back, Lene.

  5. Anonymous17:04

    It looks like a voodoo doll with all those pointy things stuck in it!!! Those multicolor needles are beautiful.

  6. Perfect! From now on, I will always picture mischievous yarn as your lovely creation.

  7. Aivan ihana taas Lene! Kommentoin aivan liia harvoin, mutta tämä oli siis niin loistva juttu, että pakko laittaa sulle kommentin (luen kyllä kaikki postaukset, ja minusta ne ovat aina joko paljon ajatuksia herätätäviä tai sitten todella inspiroivia, kuten ne edelliset lapaset, mmmm!!!!)

  8. Anonymous22:17

    I think the word you want for reading quickly through the pattern is "skim". Best wishes, and the first little green things are coming up in south-coastal New England, USA.

    Ellen in Connecticut

  9. Jody23:40

    Your usual AMAZING!!!! And so humorous, thank you - I needed that today!

  10. I will now think of 2 ply in no other way. Thank you for the laugh today.

  11. I wish my mistakes came out so cute :)

  12. Cute!! I would love to know where you got the pretty multicolored needles. :-)

  13. Lene, you are such an artist! Your work reminds me so much of Tove Jansson's. The personality of your creations comes through so strongly...and such delightful personality, too!

  14. Mary04:01

    Too cute

  15. Love! Made me smile!

  16. Eek! A yarn gremlin.

    It probably came in to get out of the snow. Felting is always a danger for these little pests. Tickling under the toes (if they have any) may calm them down long enough to finish a row. Be brave!

  17. love it and so original will always think 2 ply again in this fashion her we are sweltering in 35C too sweaty to even knit especially wool