Wednesday, December 07, 2011

December - Day 7

The sun rose at 1037am and set at 1342pm. The length of the day was 3 hours and 4 minutes. No sun today, more snow, temperature below zero. 

These pictures are from the Rovaniemi airport... I go there quite frequently, it is only about an hour's flight to Helsinki to see my girls. 

One cannot escape from Santa Claus and his elves up here, since he has one of his residences set up here at the Arctic Circle. Every time I drive down to town or back home I cross the line and see his village. Once in a while one can spot his elves walking about in town and one can almost imagine living in a fairy tale when they come from their duties late at night when the streets are almost empty.

I always think of Christmas elves (Joulutontut) wearing grey clothing with red hats and this picture comes from Jenny Nyströms (1854-1946) illustrations. I tried to find in the net Viktor Rydberg's poem "Tomten" translated into English, but did not find it, the image he paints in that poem, is the image I am after with this new mitten. Edit: Here is the link, thank you Marika!

This is the beginning. There is the tubular cast-on, ribbing and stripes. The wool is Finnwool, perfect for a little, grey man with long beard walking with quick steps over the snowy yard --- 

I hope you can see him, and can see the moon, and the dog watching him walk, and as he stops, the dog wags his tail to him, they know each other well. The dog goes to sleep and the little man disappears into the shadows. 

Wool with you till tomorrow,


  1. I am loving the pictures of your mittens and snow. (I feel our days are short--but they are more than twice the length of yours!) Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Here is Tomten in English:

  3. I like how warm and fuzzy that mitten looks. Very good.

  4. Are those Signature needles you are using Lene? I have a set of them in red.
    I love to hear your stories very much :-)

  5. Anonymous02:02

    Beautiful winter blue light.
    Beautiful red and grey mittens!

    One of these days I will make it to the Arctic Circle - twice, once in summer and once in winter :-)

  6. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and the poem:)

  7. I loved the poem! Thanks for sharing your winter magic.

  8. Jeannie05:38

    Thank you for this beautiful blog! I am always inspired by your images, your words and your needle work. I rarely post, but I am always reading and loving it. Happy Holidays!

  9. Suzy in Idaho05:39

    I love the Tomtens, I have some little felt ones on a mobile that I hang every year. I really enjoy all of your posts!

  10. Thank you for your wonderful and interesting posts.- We get a kitchen wood stove today, so I had to prepare various things and make space in the kitchen for it and had no time to comment. I think about you and your family living so far away up north...

  11. Anonymous14:35

    I wonder what it was like for your children growing up living so close to Santa and his elves. For so many of else Santa is so far away, but he is your neighbor!

  12. Beautiful pictures - I love the northern winter like some people love the ocean. For me it is almost a spiritual practice to walk in the snow; I always feel so alive and engaged. Now, where to get Finnwool !

  13. only 14 more days until the shortest day of the year!!!

    keep the sunny side up!

  14. Thanks for the link to the Tomten poster, Marika and Lene. My family is partly of Swedish descent and I am always happy when I uncover something else interesting about that part of me...I love the Tomten.

  15. Anonymous06:41

    Thank you, Lene, for the poem! It's wonderful!