Saturday, March 27, 2010

Change in the air

When I look out of the window up here in the Arctic I see plenty of snow. Plenty! The light, as it comes from a different angle now, tells me that it is spring, or more like spring-winter. I must have written before that I think we have six seasons up here; there is spring, summer and autumn and then the actual winter months should have three categories, dark-winter (snow comes and goes, it rains in between, the lake freezes and melts, it is slippery and dark and it keeps getting darker and darker by every minute), mid-winter that is around Christmas time, the snow blanket starts to build up, the temperatures are way down and the forest seems to have died, it is so quiet and I keep hauling firewood inside and seem to spend lots of time looking at the outside thermometer while getting even more firewood inside, and then there is this spring-winter, the light returns and mother nature keeps dumping more and more snow already on the thick blanket. The wind picks up, the trees start to hum to the sound of the wind and the birds seem to practice scales and open up their voices. And then, oh the joy, when you see the first drop of melting snow glide along the roof and once again the journey towards the green world is begun.

We have an old cat and he stays inside for most of the winter. Occasionally he stands at the doorway and sniffs the air to be sure that inside is the best place for him, but lately he has been going out daily. He does not stay out there for a long time, but he is eager and willing to try. The old Labrador (15 in May) has really suffered from the long and cold winter. She has refused to come with me for a walk during the past mid-winter months, we have gone out, she has taken a few steps and then she has turned back to the door thinking that the world is too hostile and that it is safer to be inside. We all have been watching her with sad eyes thinking that any day she could be gone. She has not been in pain, she has been just exhausted and sleeping a lot. She has been eating well and has behaved according to her nature, she is gentle and friendly, never a bad word about anyone. Even the little rascal, Kukka, who every single day tries to pull her tail (even thought we tell her not to always) never gets a scolding from her. Every night when I have said good night to her, I have been saying in my mind, that it is just fine if you don't want to wake up in the morning, and that you have been a good companion, together we raised three beautiful girls, you have done your share and more even. So you get the feeling that I have been watching with awe when during the last two weeks she has been with me for a short walk every day. When the sun shines, the temperature is mild, she is sniffing all around, she even runs occasionally, wags her tail outside and I can almost see her smile. And I think to myself that again, we made it together through the long and bitter Arctic Winter.

This year Miina will be 15, Mr Cat (Kille) will turn 14, Tina 5 and little Kukka will be 2 next week.

Do you love knitting hats? If you do, you should buy this book "Twisted Woolly Toppers" by Woolly Wormhead. I got it myself last week and already knitted one hat "Medici" (scroll down) from it and wore it once and in its maiden voyage it practically just flew from my head to another one, I did not even manage to take a picture of it. The pattern was easy, quick and the hat turned out just beautiful. I loved it and will knit myself another one soonest. The book has 10 designs in different sizes and I would love to knit every single one and hopefully will in the coming months. And speaking of hats, there is another source that I have been visiting. I saw the advertisement of Stitch Diva Studios in Interweave Crochet and I knew I needed to buy the beautiful pattern for the crocheted cloche. Have a look!
Last week I also bought some yarn that I plan to knit a simple go-to-sweater for spring. The yarn is beautiful in itself so I think I will knit simple raglan with it. I know they are almost too simple (and somewhat boring) to knit but the upside is that they are also simple to wear. And I am noticing a new color, something that I have never really liked very much nor have been aware much, but that cannot be totally true, since after digging through my stash I became aware of these...
New spring, new color, new yarn, new patterns! All new and beautiful.
With you too!

Oh and new blog template, got a message from Blogger and just had to go and look around Blogger Draft. I saved the old one, just in case I want to go back.


  1. What a lovely choice! The colours are amazing! I love lilacs-greys-blues in your diferents shades. At least, The kind of yarn choiced for you is faantastic.
    Enjoy with these.

  2. Your are knitting in my favorite colours, yum. Glad to hear the update on your weather and dear companions too. Your new template is very nice. I like the birds. At my house, the Canada geese flock by the hundreds. We love to welcome them every Spring which has come early here. Very chilly today though...Happy Spring! A. xx

  3. I just saw that Rowan Purelife at my lys last night and adored it. Such lovely yarn.

    Your words about your sweet old dog touched my heart, as our dog is showing signs of her age too. We have to accompany her up and down the stairs, sometimes providing help. She can only do short walks with us now. Sometimes she eats, sometimes she doesn't. And her eyes are hazy. But she's happy and so loving and she's been such a perfect companion through my kids' childhood years. We're (my family and yours) so lucky to be loved by the furry ones!

  4. I enjoy reading your blog so much, it wouldn't matter to me what template you use. I like your new choice very much, however. And the yarn is nice too.

  5. Lovely post about your pets. They truly are special members of our family.
    Gorgeous yarns - yum!

  6. Please give Miina some extra loving for me. Perhaps she's wanting to see/feel true Spring one more time?
    I like the new template :^)
    Your projects are always a pleasure to see.

  7. Anonymous23:09

    Ooo, what pretty, spring-colored yarn! It's tending toward spring here too, but in California that means no more rain and the grass is green for a month or two before it turns brown in the heat. I'm grateful though because the huge maple outside my window will have leaf-clothes on her limbs now and make it so my neighbors can't see into my bedroom window!

    I like the blog template very much! It seems more like you. :)

  8. Lene, your blog posts are such a pleasure to read! For knitters as well as for nature lovers or creature lovers...We had already 22 degrees yesterday - I say this a l t h o u g h I'm a person who loves wintertime. I'm afraid I have to pack away my woolen sweaters during the next days...

  9. I like this form very much, even tho initially it was off-putting - I wondered WHERE oh WHERE had you gone! I was not as brave as you - I puttered and played and then left the 'new' alone in favor of the old tried and true blogger.
    We love our animals and we know, when we live with them and love them that we will have to go on without them. Unconditional love strengthens our human relationships - what a gift our animals give to us. Thank you for sharing.

  10. mimakelly04:18

    Love the old blog plate, not that you asked i know.But the other showed so much of "your" art.This new one just seems so plain. Love your writing and all your projects, you inspire:o) Happy and Joyful Spring.....

  11. Anonymous18:17

    I love the description of the seasons and the way your pets deal with it - it was beautifully written.

    The hats and yarn look interesting too, thank you!

  12. What a nice surprise--the new layout is lovely. You've inspired me to try out a new theme. I so much enjoy hearing about you and your life so very far and different from mine.


  13. Ingrid23:02

    What a great post! It paints such a vivid picture of the changing seasons and the pace of your daily life. Thank you!

  14. I almost choose that new look! Instead it was a tough choice between a rain one and the road one.

    I love the purple of the yarn.

  15. I love your writing style, it's very reflective and encourages me to slow down and savour each phrase.

    Purple-greys are some of my favourites too.

    And also: I love the new blog look; very relaxing and "grounded".

  16. However your blog looks, it is always such a joy to read...
    What is it with seasons and colors and change??? Every january I find myself wanting to knit green (which isn't really my color) and in march I find myself knitting blues...And I just finihsed a plain ralan for casual wear...
    That rowan yarns looks positively yummie...did I ever said here how much I love the yarn you use?
    It sounds the dog had a full and loving life with you.

  17. Jatkan valitsemallani linjalla eli suomeksi. Kaunista kuvailua, kauniita värejä, kauniita neuleita... Ja mieleen nousee kysymys, mistä ostit Lopia? Suomestako vai tilasitko muualta? TT lopetti sen maahantuonnin jo yli vuosi sitten ja olen tilannut sitä sen jälkeen pariin otteeseen Englannista, mutta elättelen toivoa, että joku suomalainen kauppias/maahantuoja vielä uskaltaisi sen valikoimiinsa ottaa. Islantilaisvilla on omanlaistaan ja värit kauniita.

  18. Anonymous04:44

    Your words about your old dog were so touching. I'm glad she's doing better now that spring is on its way.