Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One and 1/4 of a sock

New Year is just around the corner and I am thrilled to start it: 12 new months of knitting ahead and hopefully some spinning and possibly little bit of quilting and embroidery. I took a little Christmas break from all the crafts, just a little one, and feel now all refreshed to get back to them all.

I know we all have experienced this: the moment when idle hands ache for knitting and the craving is so strong that there really is no time to think much, neither to make any swatch nor consider carefully the pattern and in 9 cases out of 10 those projects run into dead end quite soon. I have few skeins or rather few hastily wound mutilated ratty looking balls of unraveled yarns that have resulted from the above mentioned knitting stroke.
Sometimes the haste to cast on has been so strong that I have blindly and stupidly picked a treasure from the stash and plunged into a project. I just have taken the yarn, needles that are close enough to the ball band recommendation and some project; any project from the book or from the head. Sometimes these treasures don't get ripped immediately after the madness but linger in the knitting basket with needles forever reminding of the impulsive behavior because at times I find it very difficult to admit that I was really that stupid and avoid facing the truth and pretend that they will be finished later. Well, this finishing never happens and when the UFO basket is overflowing, they will be quietly ripped with a promise never again to take any precious ones without careful consideration. I feel so sad when I look at once so lovely skeins of Noros.

Sure enough, the idle hands syndrome happened Boxing Day morning. It was early, everyone was asleep; the house nice and quiet and I had to find something to knit right that early morning moment. I did not dare to make any noise and rummage through all the stash and picked up (lucky this time!) something that had already at least once before been in the similar circumstance. This is a good workhorse yarn (Janne) and can easily take couple of rippings (is this a word?) without being hurt. I still don't know what was the size of needles I used. I just grabbed the yarn, needles and one book of knitting patterns by Barbara Walker and cast on.
So I started a sock with 64 stitches and very quickly it became clear that the sock was going to be too big. No worries, just make the sock long enough to fit somewhere between ankle and knee. I kept decreasing until I felt that it was small enough to start the heel. I carried on until one sock was finished, second one cast on and got about 3" of it done when the love faded. Just like that, all gone.And there I was thinking what am I doing, do I even like what I am doing. Okay, so I needed to shop around for opinions. One of the girls said: "It is different from what you usually make", the other said:"It is your sock, if you like it, it is all that matters", (can you read between the lines here?) and the third politely claimed that "It looks just fine."I am still in denial, I am not going to rip it. I am going to finish it later.

Happy New Wool to You all!


PS. The picture of the reindeer was taken close by, on the way to collect the mail. The dogs try to keep the reindeer away from the yard, yet at times it is difficult, they are stubborn beasts and keep returning. Deni, you are welcome to use the picture.


  1. Anonymous15:29

    I think your sock is lovely. I like the pattern and the color together. It's a nice, simple sock.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I think your sock looks warm and snuggly and I like the subtle patterning. Whether the pair gets finished or not, it did its job by being handy. Happy New Wool to you, too.

  3. I do exactly the same thing! Why I don't reach for cotton/linen yarn and make a dishcloth during those times, I don't know, but I need to knit WOOL! If nothing comes of it, it's okay, you got to knit and sometimes that's enough.

  4. Anonymous17:18

    Always nice to have a sock to fall back on :)
    Thanks for permission to use the reindeer pic - we only have deer in our backwoods.
    Happy New Year & new knitting to come.

  5. Fran17:42

    I think the sock is very nice. If it will stay up on your leg when wearing, I would definitely keep going! I can't do knee socks due to large calves that insist on making everything slouch... even when heavily ribbed!

    Happy New Year!

  6. What's not to like about your sock? Yes, it is a bit different from your usual, but.. the colour is fabulous, the pattern is lovely, and it looks to be a most warm and cozy sock. It would be a pair I'd reach for any cool/cold morning :^)
    Sending best of New Year wishes to you, may these coming 12 months be full to over brimming with wonderful projects.
    (oh, Hi, Dee! it's so much fun to coming visiting and see very familiar faces/friends here :^)

  7. Anonymous18:37

    Knitting stroke! That's a new phrase.

    Looks like a fine sock to me. But your girls' comments are wonderful - you've raised them to be considerate and they don't want to hurt your feelings. Sweet!

    Reindeer visited our area recently and we were impressed at how thick their hair is!

  8. Your sock looks beautiful, hopefully it will be a very comfortable pair to wear and keep your feet warm. Happy New year Jane x

  9. When in doubt, knit a dishcloth. Though I also have a 2nd sock 3/4 finished, as a palate cleanser after the Christmas knitting.

  10. I think the socks are beautiful!
    Happy New Year!

  11. beth in maryland20:29

    LOL!! been there done that!

    Happy New Year, Lene, and may all your impulses bear good knitting fruit in 2010.

  12. Sometimes I just knit, just so I can knit. Not aiming for anything spectacular, just keeping my hands moving while the brain is processing who-knows-what. It's still an enjoyable time and I usually end up with something useful. It's all good.

  13. Lene, I think it is a lovely sock. I like the simple diamond pattern. :)

    If you can't bear to keep the pair when they are done, I will be VERY happy to give it a home! :D

  14. I keep sock yarn wound and ready to go just for such emergencies.

    I love the color! It reminds me of shiny copper pennies and hours spent building things with a construction set. (Coin-struction?)

  15. Anonymous23:05

    There is nothing wrong with the sock. If you find it too plain, you can embroider small motifs in the central diamonds to punch it up a little.

    Happy and Wooly New Year to you.
    (Magpie at Ravelry)

  16. Dear Lene,
    Happy woolly New Year to you! :-)

  17. Lene,
    It is always so lovely to see a new post from you.
    These socks are... just that, socks. Pretty ones at that. It is so rare when someone always have breathtakingly beautiful things coming out of their hands... But you are very close...
    Did I ever told you that I keep pictures some of your sweaters (Margaret for example), because they are so pretty, it gives me joy just to look at them?
    Sometimes just as at a very rich dinner we need something plain to "refresh the palate" we need to knit something "plainer"...
    I would finish the sock... so close to the finish line.

    I hope your yer will be filled with joy and happiness and you can fill your blog with beauty for us to see.

  18. MaureenTakoma18:30

    Happy New Year!

    Thank you for blogging.


  19. The socks look lovely. Have a great New Year of knitting.

  20. Ann Phipps17:09

    Thanks for your lovely blog. I read each entry, savoring your lovely work. I live in the northeastern US where we have long dark winters, but not as long or dark as yours!

    I still use the poem/prayer form Fra Giovanni that you published a couple of years ago. "Take joy" in 2010!

  21. It's beautiful! And mostly, it looks so nice and warm for these cold days!

  22. It looks like a very cozy little sock. I like textured sock patterns because it spices up the knitting process.

    Happy New Year to you and your family Lene!

  23. I LOVE your sock. Do keep going!

  24. Anonymous03:38

    Your sock is lovely.

    Maybe you can knit the second sock using a slightly different texture pattern. I have (and love) mismatched socks because I hate knitting the same thing twice no matter how lovely it may be.

    Happy new year!

  25. Anonymous22:21

    Or, finish it and use it as a gift next Christmas. I'm pretty sure Stephanie Pearl-McPhee said something about sock knitters not having enough hand-knit socks of their own.