Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Flutter Scarf

Hi there! Hope you are well. Thank you very much for the messages and comments during the past months.

The summer up here was warm and beautiful and it felt almost as long as it used to feel when a child. Tina enjoyed swimming almost daily, old Miina even got far enough not to be able to touch the lake bottom, which is rare for her since she did turn 14 in May. And Kukka learned to swim. My daughter took her few meters into the lake and put her into the water but held her from under the stomach. At first she used only her front paws and it looked really funny, but quite soon she got the hang of it and went to the lake on her own. But now the summer is behind.
It rained for most of Sunday. And then again Monday. There have been few mornings when I have been at the sock drawer finding something warm for the feet and days when there has been no more hankering at the cotton yarn pile, both of which are definite signs of the fall and the wool season.

The past rain we had was not the summery large drop kind of happy rain but more like heavy, gray, damp cloth that was wrapped around and I was unable to see the opposite side of the lake. The wind shook off few yellow leaves from the birch trees and they are lying scattered around on the green grass.

I have done my summer traveling and am now happily settled into being at the home front for most of the fall. All the activities are good for the soul, but there is a part of me that would always just knit at home.

In Edinburgh I did a quick visit to k1yarns and bought just a few selected items, more like souvenirs than serious yarn shopping.
Later on in Stockholm I got few lovely presents, delicacies, that I will treasure and try to think something worthy to knit of.

I have managed to knit some but not very much during the summer. Lately I have been on a mitten binge. I have cast off two pairs of twined mittens and have cast on for the third pair!
Both of these are from Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn and I have been enjoying seeing the color changes. I am thinking of adding embroidery touches here and there but so far have not find anything I like. I feel that both are missing something, I just need to think up what it is.

This scarf
was my travel knitting out of my own handspun. It is a lovely scarf by Mimknits and it just might end up being the very first Christmas present and it might very well end up being the very one and only.

Wool with you,


  1. ... wool with you back.. nice mittens you are doing.. ciao ciao from Switzerland.. Christa

  2. I like your new shawl. And your yarn is great, too.

  3. Lovely to see you back!
    (K1 Yarns is just a brisk walk up the hill from my house).

  4. Very lovely knits and yarn.

  5. I have knit two of those flutter scarves and loved every stitch of them.

    Your mittens are beautiful.

    It is chilly here in Connecticut this morning and I am wearing my wool socks for the first time this season. Like you, I am happy for the wool weather's return!

    So nice to hear from you. Such a gorgeous smiling picture of one of your pups.

  6. Please tell us more about the mittens.... I have developed an obsession with mittens!!

  7. GrannyPurple14:19

    Your knitting is sooo inspiring. And I see some of your wonderful souvenirs are Canadian--there's some in my stash; planning for it is so delicious!

  8. Anonymous14:25

    Hello dear Lene! I have missed you! I am so glad you had safe travels. Thanks for sharing your new treasures with us. The mittens are beautiful. Blessings to you today. kelley

  9. that flutter scarf is beautiful!! and what an amazing picture of your dog.

    - Julie

  10. Good to hear from you. I'm glad you had a nice summer! I love getting your updates on the lake. It doesn't feel like fall yet here in New Mexico, but there is hope that it won't always be summer.

  11. Love the flutter scarf -- such a pretty color! I have a very similar pattern (might be the same?) on my Rav queue -- seeing yours makes want to cast on.
    And your doggie with the flower wreath around his (her?) neck is so cute!

  12. Anonymous20:01

    I said to myself, "It's September 1, she WILL post today!" I'm glad you had such a lovely summer.

  13. Anonymous20:23

    I just finished the flutter scarf. It's such a lovely knit--did you change the edging? It looks like you put in some purl stitches, maybe, and a picot edge?

    Always so good to read your posts.


  14. Lene, what about embroidering one of your little birds on the mittens? I seem to remember one of your sweaters with the little bird, and it was so charming!

    Adorable picture of the doggie with flowers...is that Kukka?

  15. what a beauiful scarf and gorgeous dog!

  16. A new post...how wonderful! Your mittens look warm & toasty; your scarf, so fluttery.

    I've been grabbing socks & sweaters in the mornings here in Pittsburgh...cold too soon for me.


  17. Anonymous03:40

    Am so glad to see you are back! Sounds like you have had a wonderful summer. The scarf is lovely and the mittens, too. Please show us the mittens when embroidered.

    Again, welcome back.

  18. Anonymous04:50

    Lene, Are you doing anything special when you make your twined mittens? I know you are using Noro Sock Yarn, are you using just one color and drawing from each end of the ball? I have been admiring them since I saw your 1st pair posted awhile back and have wanted to try my hand at a pair myself...
    Good to hear all is well with you...
    Morgen in Seattle

  19. I love Kukka! Tell her I am glad she learned to swim. And I love your flutter scarf. You picked a super color for it.

  20. annie09:10

    It's so good to hear from you. The mittens are lovely and make me think I'll get out my Noro sock yarn. I too have made the flutter scarf. Your yarn and the color are so pretty, and I agree that it looks like you added something to the edges. It's very nice.

  21. What a good morning! Cool weather (finally!) and a post from you! You aren't the only "homebody" out there. There's quite a bit to be said about staying home and knitting. :)

  22. MaureenTakoma16:52

    So lovely to read a message from you. Glad to hear even sweet Miina got to enjoy a swim.

  23. Kukka looks quite fetching in her garland :^)
    All the lovely yarns, mittens, and the Flutter scarf is beautiful, your handspun yarn is exceptional!
    Big smile seeing you've gotten Jared's book!!! xox

  24. I was so happy when I saw something new on Dances With Wool.

    I'd love to see more of your beautiful mittens...I've been thinking I'd like to make some twined knitting, so it's time to get on the internet and look up how, exactly, it's done.

    Beautiful colours in your mittens and scarf.

  25. Nice to have you back, i missed you, and your post...
    I love NSG sock yarn, I have a couple of balls, but every time I take them out, I think, oh, I will save thse for something really precious...
    That shawl is just yummie... wanna one for myself :-)

  26. Hello Lene!
    Glad you had a lovely summer. Thank you for the inspiring project pictures. Your handspun makes me itchy to get back to my wheel...
    Happy fall to you,

  27. Anonymous04:30

    welcome to fall! On 31 August, our weather in Maryland suddenly changed also - from double 90s (temps in the 90sF (32+ C) and humidity in 90s to a lovely 75 F (24 C) and a cloudless sky.

    any way - I really like that Zauberball sock yarn. I have it in cranberry.
    Margie in Maryland