Saturday, May 23, 2009


It was raining a good deal yesterday; wonderful summer rain that seemed more wet than usual. It was wonderful to watch at Mother Nature's Spring Cleaning. I stayed inside admiring the scene in front of the open window and knit the day away. (Maybe there was something else too during the day, but lets just linger in this romantic scenario.)

During the past few days I have cast on for five (5!) different knits. This behavior is quite normal before I am able to settle in one good project that is going to get done. So far I love all these five and have not been able to pick up my absolute favorite. Maybe there is still number six waiting for me just around the corner and I will be swept along by it. But here the introduction of the five while waiting for the sixth or the seventh or whatever...

1. Fir
st the sweater. I am foremost a sweater knitter and don't even think that I am knitting anything if there is not a sweater on the needles somewhere.

This is Julie Weisenberger's quote from COCO KNITS:

"Marina is a simple, cropped jacket with a luxuriously generous collar. The design is knitted seamless up to the shoulder where two small seams connect the top of the sleeves and back to the body using ENGLISH TAILORING."

I could not resist the word ENGLISH TAILORING. It sounds so professional. Marina from Rowan Felted Tweed with more details later if this love continues.

2. I have really almost stopped buying clothes for me. I keep entertaining me with the idea of making my own some way or another (that is why I needed to love my sewing machine again) so for that reason only there
really should be something sensible on the needles at all times. Simple, usable and beautiful, and preferably of cotton. This is the beginning of yet another Picovoli, design by Grumperina. I think I have knit this pattern with sometimes more sometimes less adjustments and have always been successful - All my daughters have their own and I have three already, one of them is out of wool for winter, so this hopefully will be the number four for me. I just love this color of SandnesGarn Mandarin Classic; the color sure helps the battle with cotton.

3.Lace as Ice Fantasia by Knitspot Anne Hanson. This is such a nice change to Irtfa'a; this has rest rows since the private side is mostly just purling. Humble beginnings so far, too early to talk too much. Yarn Wetterhoff Veera, all wool.

4. Socks A:
Top downs,
Marilinda by Cookie A, my usual construction with DPN's. Following a sock pattern was a bigger challenge than I anticipated and I have so far knit the cuff two times. For the first time around I kept looking at the pattern wondering about the outcome and comparing it to the picture of the sock. Something there was not right and sure enough, I was not following the pattern but was making my very own. Yarn is some good basic sock yarn, the ballband is missing.

5. Socks B.

My knitting hero Wendy knits most if not all of her socks toe up and if she does that all the time, there has got to be a reason for it and a good one too. I had to give this toe up business just one more go, one final chance, I put my mind at rest and have sat here by Wendy's footstool learning from the master.
This is more than just a beginning of Rivulets Sock, a free pattern by the master herself. I just love this yarn, sadly the ballband is missing too, but these little yellow specs just talk to me.

All these five make me very optimistic and so far I have a firm belief that all these will get done, sooner than later. But for that I should talk less, knit more.



  1. Happy stitches again. yeah!

  2. What a wonderful group of projects!

    I think that everyone should have at least a couple of projects going as there is different kinds of time available for knitting.

    All of your current projects remind me of the beach- shades of blue and a pebbly sand color. Perfect for summer.

  3. Oh, if those would be on my needles I would also have hard time to decide which one to pick up...But I think it is perfectly normal... I just freed up my sewing machines and very-very soon will have my own sewing room where I can reconnect with my dressmaker self...

  4. That's a lovely collection of knitting. I'm going to have to try that toe-up thing again...

  5. Those are 5 great projects you have going, I hope to see all of them make it to the finish line :^)

  6. Beautiful projects. Blue seems to a recurring theme. :)

  7. I think we all (knitters) have different projects at the same time. The ONLY difference (at least between you and me...I can't tell for the others) is that my projects dont "grow" as fast as yours. You must have 5 pairs of hands ;-)

  8. Lene, I applaud your selections. I love all of them. I look forward to seeing the finished objects!

  9. where did you found that mandarin classic? i tried everywhere! (but mostly finnish shops:)
    they all five really look lovely..

  10. ai, oot suomalainen:) vasta nyt tajusin katsoa profiilia. Mutta kirjoitat englanniksi?

  11. Anonymous03:46

    I love the yarn with which you are knitting the Rivulets socks . If you ever figure out what it is, I'd sure like to know!
    Margie in Maryland

    PS you KNOW I have to ask - how long do you have day light at this time?

  12. That all looks so lovely!

  13. Beautiful, elegant garments. I take comfort in your multiple projects as it is my constant habit!