Saturday, November 24, 2007

The needles are taking a break

Thank you for your comments on the Nutcracker and for you concern for me for not blogging for a while...
We are all fine. I took a little vacation and getting back to routines after being away is a bit challenging.

We have little snow but apparently it seems to be enough to have buried all my knitting desires. The needles are quiet and the stash seems to be silent as well. I have some vague ideas in my mind but nothing strong enough to cast on. Somehow I enjoy this right now, it is like I have more time to look at the world around me without having to hurry through my daily chores to have time to knit...

While away I did visit few book stores to see if there was something interesting on the market. And this lovely book jumped at me. It has warmed my heart more than any book for a long time. It has lots of beautiful outfits in it, there is knitting combined with sewing. There are little drawings and all the outfits have lovely names. The photography is beautiful. If you are looking for baby knit inspiration, this book just might be it. The book is in French, it is by Sylvie Loussier and ISBN for it is 978-2-263-04465-6.

(I used to love Merino wool. I still do. But... for every day socks, not so much any more. In this climate wool socks are necessary, and socks get a lot of wear. It takes equally as long to knit a pair of socks from Merino as other more hard-wearing wool but it takes a lot less wear to get a hole into a Merino sock... plus, they stretch a bit too much. It might be my knitting but my Merino socks seem to get bigger and bigger... But there are lots of lovely Merino wools out there to knit and lots of lovely tops to spin so I still very much like to use it. And for baby knits it is ideal. And many other things as well.)

While I was searching the book stores, I did buy few magazines as well. I have not quite figured out this but there is something very appealing in these magazines right now...


  1. Lene! So good to hear from you.
    That little book with the babywear is a beauty! just those two photos, the little sweater and hat, and the petit parka, looks incredibly warm!

    Scrapbooking! I'm looking forward to seeing what your creative juices come up with now!
    Take great care and enjoy!

  2. Ahh, scrapbooking. Wish you were here. I'd share my tools and paper stash with you. They are waiting patiently for me to be less besotted with my knitting.

  3. Lene, I'm glad you had a bit of vacation, even though I miss you when you're gone! The knitting needles probably are grateful for a rest, too :)

  4. marjorie17:13

    I'm glad you had a break! I suppose we will be seeing some baby knits coming off your needles soon? We have had our first taste of winter here, although there really isn't much on the ground.

  5. Oh how the French come up with divine designs! That little hooded jacket has me reaching for the needles already!

    Look forward to hearing about (and seeing) the results of your new scrapbooking passion. And the snow is there - good news for Lapland, I imagine, with all those winter daytrippers coming up to see Santa!

  6. lene, Glad to see you are enjoying your days. I love your work, and am sure that you will find something to work on that is inspirational!

  7. Oh it's good to read your posting and to know all is well. It's good to take breaks and get renewed.

    The hooded jacket is fabulous. Are the patterns charted?

  8. Oh Glee, I am glad you are back. I so enjoy your blog but mostly knowing everything is well makes me happy. I am happy for you taking care of yourself and good luck with whatever you do and preparations for xmas. Happy December Lene!

  9. Ah, yes. The scrapbooking. Do have fun with that! It is highly creative and rewarding, especially if you do some storytelling along side what you create with paper. And what you create won't get a hole worn into it ;-)

  10. Mary Jane15:43

    I didn't "get" scrapbooking for a long time. Then I started to take pictures of my knitted items before giving them away or wearing them. Those are the pictures I scrapbook along with samples of the yarn I used and the labels from the balls.

  11. Anonymous22:52

    Lene, I am glad you had a little vacation. Always does the soul good. Nice to have you posting again, however! The French knitting book for babies looks like it is full of ideas. The little hat on the cover appears it can be made quite easily with the little flowers on the sides used to tack the chin strap on to the cute is that??!!! Our first snow came the first week of November, 8 to 12 inches. Then the weather turned right away very cold. So the snow is covering and weighing down the branches on the pine trees, cottonwoods and shrubs. The sight is really very beautiful. I went to a bookstore yesterday and was very inspired by the knitting magazines and books. I understand how you feel about books! Take care and have a restful week. Jeanie

  12. I have a question about your precious tulip sweater. would you be willing to e-mail me at please?