Sunday, October 14, 2007

The first day of winter

When I opened my eyes this morning it was already past eight. My very first thought was: snow, there is snow! The light in the bedroom was different. I got up immediately to see if I was right and sure enough the world was once again white. I tiptoed downstairs to be alone in this new world for a little while. I made my first cup of coffee, admired the purity of the surroundings and picked up my knitting. Sadly the snow is soon gone, but I had my morning, perfect Sunday morning.
I did not have much to do with Nocturene. I knit almost all of the second sleeve yesterday, so there was only a few rows. She is now blocking. Once she is all dry and I have the recipient to model it, you will see the result.
I have plenty of the main colour left, so I will need to buy something to go along with it. But I really don't mind, I like this yarn a lot.
It was so rewarding to collect all the stitch markers from Nocturne and arrange them back to the toolbox...
... get out the calculator, and the tape measure and some new yarn.
Yes, again Grignasco Tango. Very handy, since I know the gauge and a swatch is not needed. I have a vague idea in my head, I'll be casting on tonight. But you know how it is in the beginning, the process never goes smoothly, so by tomorrow this calmness might be gone like the new snow.

PS. No, none of my girls slept in the old cradle and yes, I made the little rabbits. The rabbits are from a cute book called "Mere liv i kludene" by Anne-Pia Godske Rasmussen (ISBN 87-7905-461-7).


  1. Scotlynn21:44

    "First Snow" is so magical. I am sure in years to come your perfect morning will be a lovely memory. The quiet is so condusive to our creative nature...I am looking forward to seeing your next project come to life.

  2. Ooh, first snow. It's always so beautiful, and I love when it happens on a day when I can stay in and knit and have a cup of coffee!

    Your toolbox is so nice and neat... I could use a system like that. My current system is more like, "Oh, I'll just put this here - I won't forget where it is!" Um...right. :)

  3. I also like to come downstairs in the early morning to knit without dogs or DH. It is just such a wonderful time to be alone. A large pot of tea, my knitting and my thoughts.
    I have some Grignasco Tango in 'oatmeal' colourway and I wonder if it could be combined with another colour. Of course it can, but I needed you to give me the idea!! Thank you.
    I also enjoy that first snow!

  4. What a glorious picture that is, I love the still and quiet of it all. Sadly not in my part of the world much knoawdays. Thank you for sharing. I think someone is sending me the gorgeous little baby jacket as a gift and looking forward to that.

  5. Hi Lene,

    I've been reading your blog for a few months now but this is my first posting. I've always enjoyed your posts and pictures and I'm wondering what stitch you used to make the ridge on the sweater sleeve. Is it the same stitch you used on your Enid sweater sleeve? I really like the effect.

    I found your blog via the Yarn Harlot, in case you were wondering. :)

  6. I must write and tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. Yours is the only blog that I read regularly. You are such an artist and a poet that it is a joy to read what you've written and to look at the photographs you post. Thanks you.

    In addition, my husband is 1/2 Finnish, so I feel closer to understanding his family's background (they came from the area of Ilmajoki) when I read your blog entries.

  7. Dear Lene,
    your posts are always beautiful, pictures make me wish I could see your home for real.
    Thank you.

  8. marjorie03:06

    We are still a ways from having our first snow, but the weather here is now definitely autumn-ish. The summer feeling has gone. The fall colours are beautiful up in cottage country, a few hours north of here. I am busy making wrist warmers for my daughter's friend. And then I shall make some for myself!

  9. wow, I don't think I'm ready yet for snow. It's a good thing I live south of you and have only started to enjoy the Fall weather. Although, I am excited to get the fireplace roaring again. It's my favorite part of winter.

  10. Anonymous18:20

    Lene, What "tempting" pictures you posted! Placement of the birdhouse: I'm putting one in a large leafy shrub by our front door next year! The little barn sparrows made a nest in my hanging basket of flowers by the front door this year. So, they need a birdhouse to make their home! No snow yet...usually after November 1. I'm busy knitting slippers for Christmas. They are felted after knitting. Such warm slippers they are. Can't wait to see Nocturne modeled by recipient! I wanted to reach in the computer screen and touch your new project yarn! The best to you. Jeanie

  11. Oh, a first snow falling at the right time of year. I loved the northern fall, everything slowing in preparation for winter, that last glorious display of colour followed by the special silence of the first snow. Lowland Britain is so... frustrating!

  12. Ah, you must be close to us here in Rovaniemi - we had our first snow on Saturday night/Sunday morning too. Love seeing your stuff, you seem like an elegant knitter.


  13. Gabriella06:33

    Hyvaa Paivaa Lene,
    I looked up your favorite Grignasco Tango last night, and it is available at the internet. I would love to know how many skeins did you use for the Nocturne? I am guessing it is a small size.
    I love your blog, and your knits.