Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Meaning of life

I received a new book yesterday.
Forget everything I ever said about anything.
I was so wrong saying that I have enough lace.
I did not know what I was talking about.
I must have meant that if I ever need anything it is lace.
Victorian Lace Today is now the center of my universe, the reason I live. I will never knit anything else but lace from now on. I kept looking at the pictures until one in the morning and the first thing I remembered when the alarm clock went at 0530 was the book. It is all so clear now, the meaning of my life is to knit lace.

So it is really a good thing I finished the STR scarf yesterday before the mail came otherwise she would be collecting dust in the UFO basket. Compared to the beauties in the book I cannot understand the reason to be showing this to you. What made me to spend so many hours doing this simple pattern

41 stitches with 3,5 mm (US4) needles;
four rows of knit stitches,
then alternating these two rows:
first row - slip the first stitch as if to purl yarn in front, then knit one, *purl 2, knit 3* until the last four when again purl 2, knit 1 and the last stitch knit through back loop,
second row - slip the first stitch as if to purl yarn in front again, knit one, purl the whole row until the last two, knit 1, knit the last through the back loop,
until desired length
and four rows of knit only and cast off... (I have blocked the scarf and she is flat and nice now but I suspect that when I start to wear her, the sides will curl inwards a bit, probably not very much, but definately some.)
The little bird motif is embroidered there in the middle.

And a little bit of yellow, red and blues.

The yarn is Lightweight Socks that Rock in Falcon's Eye colourway. Soft and lovely yarn. I used up almost two skeins. I'm so happy the table is cleared and I can cast on for some lace.

If only I can decide which one I will knit first form the book...

PS. Tina can come into the house whenever she pleases but she loves to be out in her little house. Every night before I go to bed, I go out to check on her for the last time. She won't even come out of her little house, I will go to her and peek inside the house to see that she is warm and fine. And if she happens to bark in the middle of the night, even once, I get up and let her in but she does that very rarely. Old Miina would not even dream of spending the night outside, nor the cat in winter time.


  1. Anu M. in Toronto15:47

    Thank you for explaining the scarf pattern - I look forward to trying it. I especially like the "fringe" at the ends, but I think I will try to create my own alternative decoration.

  2. And how does Tina deal with her tenants (mice?) in her house? Lovely scarf and I can't wait to see your new lace creations!

  3. Voi voi, I lost your blog from my bloglines for a while and am just catching up. I love your idea of signing all your knitting with the bird! It is an idea all knitters should take up--after all, we create art, too.

    The scarf is lovely, but it is the fringe that makes it. So creative. I can't wait to see what Victorian lace you knit. People have been raving about the book so much that I am tempted to break my New Year's resolution not to buy any more books just to have my own copy!

  4. Ann in Montreal17:46

    The scarf turned out lovely, the bobble fringe really gives it a nice finish. I think because you slipped the first stitch on each side you should not have too much trouble with the sides curling, at least that has been my experience with scarves.
    I agree with you whole heartedly about knitting lace and your new book. I have two lace projects on the needles now, the Magical Earth Shawl from A Gathering of Lace and the Paisley Long Shawl from Fiddlesticks Knitting. I will wait until those are done before I start a project from Victorian Lace. I am eager to see the first project you select, they are all so beautiful I still cannot make up my mind either.

  5. First the sun, now the book… it sounds like the ennui brought on by winter is slowly lifting! Good. I don't like to think of our Lene down in the dumps.

    The scarf looks wonderful. How brave of it to test the weather outside for you.

  6. It sounds as if you have been romanced by a new lover. Enjoy!

  7. It really is a life-changing book, isn't it? I also can't decide which project to start, because there are so many delightful possibilities. There is one triangular shawl that catches my eye... it's shown in grey and has an Icelandic look. Then there's the trio of Barege shawls. And all of the rectangular stoles are tempting, too! The pink sampler might be fun to knit... or the myrtle leaf stole... how is a knitter supposed to choose? ;-)

  8. Lene, you are making the Victorian Lace book more appealing by the minute. Did you see the beautiful wrap that Grumperina made with moss/lime Sea Silk? I just might have to break down and buy that book! Would you have the time to explain on your blog how to make the little 'baubles on the end of the scarf, please? Is a crochet hook involved in making the baubles?

  9. The scarf is lovely. I especially like your photographs. The snow makes me yearn for winter!

  10. oh lene, the whole reason, of course, for knitting that simple pattern in the scarf was so that you could treat us to those wonderful ornaments on the ends! BRAVO!
    and i am glad you are back to the lace you love so much too . . .

  11. And there is already a knitalong here:

    - where people are posting some pictures of their works in progress - and an errata page (not many, actually) here:

    And a yahoo users group as well. Love that book, I'm having trouble deciding where to start.

  12. Come join us at the KAL - you'll love it! Warning! Lace knitting and THIS book can be addictive!

  13. Yes that book is delicious. I can't buy a copy or I will never leave the house to go to work. I love lace - I don't recall you saying that you were anti-lace in the past, or I might have argued with you!

    The pompoms are very cute.

  14. The scarf looks great! I love that it's so simple and then it has the understated and simple details at the end--really makes it special! :)

  15. Then you will need Heirloom Lace Here The lace is fabulous. I also am wearing a neat hat from Homespun, Handknit that has a solid inside with a crest o'the wave lace outside. Don't forget about things like that, which will let you wear lace even when there's snow on the ground.

  16. I love the scarf (and especially the shots in the snow) - the finishing on the ends is fantastic.

    I fall asleep every night thinking about the Victorian lace book. I've been trying to show some self-control and finish a few things before I cast on, though.

  17. Oh my.
    First, Lene. I absolutely love the bobbles at the end of your scarf and would also love to know how to make them...

    Second, I am slowly falling in love with knitting lace as well. I hadn't looked inside that book and now I fear that I ust may need to pick up a copy.

    Ack! I have too many projects I want to do and not enough time!!!!!

  18. I am so in love with that ball fringe! Thank you so much for sharing your pattern. :)

  19. Karen22:33

    I love seeing your scarf in the snow - and I can't wait to see your lace!

  20. yes the victorian lace today book is just divine isn't it? i keep finding more and more projects that i have to knit from the book.

    i love your scarf...it looks super soft and comforatable.

  21. marjorie00:47

    My Labrador would never dream of sleeping outside either. He is spoiled and sleeps on the couch with an old blanket under him, and his head on a pillow! I love your bobbles. Is there some stuffing inside each ball? I am so glad you are so inspired by the lace book. I'm sure you will soon have something lovely to show us.

  22. There is a video podcast at
    that includes a fashion show of the lace in Victorian Lace. I really liked seeing the lace in motion. It really brings the pieces to life. Maybe watching the video will help you decide what to knit first. It didn't help me; I still can't decide.

  23. Luisa02:51

    Well, cats are smarter, what can I say.

    And I love your scarf, victorian or not!

  24. Anonymous05:33

    The scarf is beautiful, and the bobbles make it especially unique and wonderful.

    Thank you for the pattern!

    Julie in MN

  25. It's such a beautiful little scarf and i love the little balls, a really nice touch

  26. I have some crystal palace kid merino that I 'd like to make a lace scarf out of - but I have such difficulty working with this tiny yarn. Do you have any hints for me as to needle size, etc?

  27. I love the photos and how your scarf seems to be eloping! Made me crack up.

  28. The scarf is lovely. I'm glad to hear you found the meaning of life :). Intresting to hear that Tina perfers to be outside.

  29. mary jane20:25

    I too love the Victorian Lace book. I can't stop drooling over the pictures. My knitting group and I call that book "knitting porn".

  30. I received my copy of Victorian Lace Today at work this morning and it's sitting here on my desk. If ever there was a reason to quit my job it's staring me in the face. I want to spend the rest of my life knitting the patterns from this book. And that's ALL I want to do.

  31. Hei taas! Käy täällä katsomassa muotinäytöstä, jossa pyörähtelevät tämän kirjan mallit ihka elävinä!

    Jos et pääse ihan perille, rullaa alaspäin Stitches East Baltimore, Maryland kohdalle. Näytös alkaa puolivälissä videota.
    Itse haluan sen pyöreän ison taikaviitan, johon voi kätkeytyä ja leikkiä näkymätöntä!

  32. Kelly18:49

    Thank you for answering my Tina question. She is such a pretty dog with her fox like tail. Our lab Sophie loves to be outside to play but not sleep. With all the snow we have in Colorado she is getting frustrated that she can't find some grass to roll around in!

  33. I regret to inform you have been tagged to tell 6 weird things about yourself. Does it help if I tell you I just picked blogs that I really enjoy? Check out the rules at my blog, www.kiwiknitter.blogspot.com. Good luck, Tanya
    BTW: that book looks fabulous, why did you have to do that to us?

  34. I discovered your blog only recently. I was totally charmed by writing style... there's something so warm about it. And I like Finns' English. There's something mildly awkward about it, the different way of thinking in language lurking behind the letters.... It took me a year (normally I learn a language within three or four months) to adjust to the dynamid thinking Finnish requires, so that I could understand it and it's still pretty shitty. But I can almost knit in Finnish:D
    I must confess, I don't knit lace. Now I'm trying to catch up for years of lazying around and graduate in May so I need simple knitting, stockinette sweaters in the round, and the like, so that I can knit while reading. The basic recipe is beautiful handpainted yarn and then just on and on. But, should the day come, beware ye mortals:D

  35. I can't wait to see what you knit from VLT. I have some other lace projects waiting in the wings, so I am resisting the book for now, but I would love to live (knit) vicariously through you!

  36. Mary Anne06:24

    I love your scarf! Thank you for sharing your pattern with us. I've been looking for a scarf pattern for a finger-weight yarn for quite some time now. I would like to make my Uncle a scarf and I think your scarf will be perfect! Simple but classic, perfect for a guy. I'll be using Colinette "JitterBug" in the "Castagna" colorway...this colorway needs to be seen to be appreciated...it's beautiful.
    I especially love the whimsical bobbles but not for Uncle of course.
    I guess I'll have to make another one for me!

    MA in NE

  37. Can you please share your bobbin fringe pattern? It makes the scarf really POP!