Friday, September 29, 2006

Mysterious Ways

Yesterday Wendy talked in her blog entry about what kept her Knitting Mojo off.
It seems to me that my Mojo goes and comes as he pleases.
He can appear out of the blue and be gone just like that without any warning. When he is gone I'm left puzzled and frustrated but sometimes also relieved to have him go since while he is around he can be quite a tiring companion and all the other aspects of my life suffer...terribly.
When he has just arrived after being gone for days he is so demanding that getting even dressed in the morning might become a great task not to talk about housework or cooking or cleaning ... or getting anywhere on time. My eyes stare yet I don't see a thing, my children complain that I don't listen, the dogs bark and I don't seem to notice. My hands are occupied in this furious action. It can be quite scary.
But even though he is a mystery man, there are some little things that sometimes work to get him stay longer.
Finishing something (the bigger the better) and getting a fresh new yarn and needles might make him stick around.
Reading books and blogs might give him a kick in the butt and make him wake up if he is about to snooze off.
If I take a path (own design, new technique), that is less traveled of maybe even unused, Mr Mojo hurries ahead and calls me to hurry up because he wants to see what is around the next corner, he is not sure, but suspects something utterly wonderful...
Cold weather works wonders for him. He hates hot and sunny days.
He loves dark nights with fire wood and good movies.
He is a bit concerned of big stash and huge piles of knitting books, he says that they suffocate and distract him at times.
He is such a sweet heart that he admits that pure love makes him take absolutely ridiculous tasks once in a while and blinds his judgment completely...

A famous Finnish designer and sculptor Tapio Wirkkala was interviewed in some magazine in the late 70's or early 80's. I don't remember any more from which magazine I read the article. Anyway he was asked why was he so productive. And he simply answered that hunger made it. He had to get food on the table.
I guess I lack that factor. I don't need to knit to keep us warm. I can just walk into the store and buy what we need. Nor do I design to bring bread to my table.
And I have so many beautiful things in my closets and home that I don't need to knit to get them.
But I would not underestimate the powers that keep me clicking the needles today. In the world that is like it is, no need for me to explain what I mean, knitting and other crafts give me a way to meditate and to tolerate and to escape and to express. Maybe sometimes the need for these is so strong that Mr Mojo does not have a choice but is forced once again return at my door steps. Maybe there is logic in his behavior and he is not such a mysterious man after all.

He is here now. We are having a good time. I have the whole Friday to him and me only, no need to go anywhere. Mr Mojo also with you this weekend!


  1. Ellen in Conn14:18

    Good pictures - I had not seen that you were knitting 2 colors before now.

    "Mr. Mojo" can sometimes destroy other parts of my life. My creative impulse is sometimes so strong that household things that HAD to be done DON'T get done. I wish I had more self-control about this. But other days - yesterday, for instance - I am so caught up in figuring out what I SHOULD do, that I never do anything. Lists written last thing at night, before I sleep, are very helpful for setting priorities.

  2. How incredible well the colours work together! I'm happy to see you've had such a good time with Mr. Mojo and the sweater, since I'm longing to see more of it and most of all, your embroidery!

  3. Those colors are absolutely wonderful together! Almost solid looking from a bit away!

    Mr. Mojo has recently come back to me too - it's funny how it comes and goes. But, with that first chilly morning of fall, he usually busts down my door! Lucky you to have a whole day devoted to him!

  4. thanks for the twined knitting porn lene! i swear i love that sweater enough to come over there and just touch it!so, so beautiful.
    sometimes that knitting mojo keeps me awake at night—i think he sleeps even less than i do. he changes his mind too often about what he wants to see me do next, but he doesn't abandon me often. (even when i would rather be alone with my knitting).

  5. I like the way you personify Mr. Mojo and the way you acknowledge that "too much" can be almost as bad as "not enough".

    The sweater is really coming along. Do you ever find yourself pushing along in hopes of having something interesting to put on the blog? I have lately and I don't like that feeling much.

    Maybe it insults Mr. Mojo.

  6. That yarn/knitting/color are luscious!

  7. Lene, your sweater is beautiful! I love the colors you're using and I can't wait to see the finished sweater.

    I also have to tell you that though I am a fairly new reader (a couple of months) of your blog, I really enjoy it and look forward to your postings. The photos of where you live are so beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Mary Jo19:35

    Mr Mojo and I like to spend the evening together after the children have gone to bed. Sometimes I try to ignore him, but then he nudges and pokes me, in a very persistent way. He stays with me through the year, just leaving for a few weeks in the hot summer. He's become a well loved friend.

  9. Beautifully written, and I can so relate....

  10. Mr. M can be elusive, especially when you want to finish a project with a deadline.
    Your ears may have 'burned' yesterday, Lene, as Jo of Celtic Memory Yarns and I chatted about the beautiful knitting you do and the wonderful photos of your country. Hope you are lucky enough to meet a fellow blogger one day. It is just the best or as my children used to say the "bestest"!

  11. That's great sexy knitting, Lene! Just gorgeous colors, they make me feel warm just to look at them. So subtle and strong in their relationship with each other. Mr. Mojo is going to have a great weekend with you.. and hopefully with all of us. Good thing he has a lot of twin brothers :-)

  12. The two colours in your sweater blend together beautifully. You are making great progress. Soon you will have to think about your next project! I am trying to finish a pair of fingerless gloves for my daughter, and a penguin scarf for my foster son which I started months ago. Each end needs a penguin. One penguin and part of the scarf is done. I think I will knit the other end of the scarf, then kitchener stitch the two sections together. That way, both penguins are knit from the feet up. Anyway, good luck with your sweater. It's really gorgeous!

  13. Luisa05:01

    Mr Mojo usually messes with my sleeping time, but alas, nothing more... lovely colours in that sweater, Lene.

  14. Sometimes Mr Mojo gets left at work with all my energy. Cruel! Your sweater is gorgeous! Now THAT'S something one can not go to the store and buy.

  15. Enjoy your creative and intimate time with Mr. Mojo this weekend. *wink*

  16. Oh how I love those days when there is nowhere I need to go!

    The knitting is coming along beautifully. I love the edging you showed in close up a few posts ago.

  17. I love your sweater. The colour is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to see it finished. I love the photo's of where you live. I was in Helsinki last December and fell in love with the place and looking at your photo's brought back so many happy memories.

  18. Love the sweater, you have inspired to knit one myself.