Friday, March 10, 2006

Stocking update

One stocking finished! The pattern needs some improving but not much. I have been facing a real dilemma: what should you do when you know the first sock is not perfect but is very much usable so you don't want to frog it and then you have to make another one with the same unpleasing mistakes when you know how you could improve the sock... Anyway I'm knitting this one a match and promising myself the same time that I will make another pair with the improvements. Different color though, I think this shade of yellow will take me through the whole year.(Here you get the view I have been watching lately a lot... and really you don't want to look down because all you see are lots of empty glasses, piles of magazines and this and that ... things that have been accumulating around me and are not inspiring... but the good thing is I know I'm fine because the mess bothers me.)

The dogs were overjoyed when I put on my outdoor gear and took them for a little stroll on the lake. It was quite warm day, only about -3 C and the sun was battling its way through the clouds. But for tonight we are expecting heavy snow fall.

Enjoy your weekend!

PS. I finished the Life of Pi. And I think I'll knit something for Pi's mother, something she would have needed when arriving at Canada after hot India.


  1. Kuullostaa siltä että olet parantumassa! meillä oli -17 astetta aamulla, ei reilua! Suurenevatko sukan lehdet vai näyttääkö vaan siltä että alimmat ovat pienempiä? Siisti työ!

  2. Marie N.23:23

    The pattern is lovely, Lene. I would knit an identical mate and fix mistakes in the next pair, but my resources are scarce and I cannot bear to lose any yarn. What color is next on your list? I was just dreaming over the sock yarn options up for bid on Ebay. I'm glad you are feeling better.

  3. Very nice! Those should keep you nice and warm.

    It's already 88 degrees here in Texas. I am a little sad. Sweater weather is over.

  4. I stumbled across your blog a couple weeks ago and have read everyone of them. Your writing is so vivid, and excellent - even when you're not feeling well, it's as though we're there. The glimpses into your life, and the beautiful pictures, almost make me consider moving to Finland.

    You are an amazing knitter and spinner! I love the sock pattern.

  5. Hi there! Linked over from the Yarn Harlot's site. GORGEOUS stockings!!! I love them!

  6. Anonymous23:54

    I was at the yarn harlot's site and can't recall how I got to your's, but just had to tell you that your socks are to die for! Extremely beautiful. You must be a professional knitter. thanks for sharing your pictures online.