Friday, November 25, 2005

Three little words

I was doing my dose of daily reads couple of days ago, was not feeling inspired enough to continue the tweed cardigan, was wondering how could I get focused on my knitting again. The weather had turned all grey again, rain, rain and rain. Good-bye for snow once again! I'm sure that had some impact on the knitting also.

(The children have started asking, do you think there will be snow for Christmas... I know there will, but I'm having doubts. The weather forecast for the weekend is snow but what if it is again rain after next week. I have been comforting myself with the thought that the really cold season will be short but what if it won't and we'll end up having snow in June?)

Then I came across Wendy Knits. There it was, the perfect advice: Just do it!

I followed her advice down to the last letter. Once I got going the knitting felt fine. First I finished the socks because the fact that they had been on the needles for quite a while kept bringing my spirits down. It was a good start. I'm glad how they turned out, they fit and are tight. Getting something off the needles is joy to the soul.

I had finished the back and the left front for the tweed cardi, so I cast on both for the sleeve and the right front, the sleeve is easy one to carry around while the right front with button holes asks for more concentration. Now the other sleeve is done and the other has few rows on it. I'm so pleased. I have been sewing pieces together as soon as have been able to.

There isn't too much yarn left, which makes me quite uneasy. It should be enough, but I'm having these concerns, this is all there is and I still have one front, sleeve and a collar. And the third ball is more than one third used.

If there hadn't been these three little words, just do it, I wouldn't be here. So Wendy is on my list of inspiring women.

I received Vogue Knitting holiday issue 2005 and there were two designs I really liked at the first sight. Both were by Jennie Atkinson. There were plenty others to inspire also but I'll name Jennie to my list.

The same day I received the VK I happened to turn on the TV and there was a program of Paco Rabanne. He has made some astonishing dresses. Ones I could never wear even if I won in the lottery. The dresses are so outstanding that in my wildest dreams I couldn't picture myself having them. Some of the designs in the VK are the same. Nevertheless they manage to wake up my imagination and after seeing something so beautiful I feel urge to hit the needles. And who knows maybe a knitted rose or some ribbons this winter will sparkle my knitting... At least there will be a tweed cardigan with a knitted fur collar!


  1. One of the best things about reading blogs is the inspiration they provide. The socks look great! Good luck on the other re-inspired projects.

  2. Funny isn't it - I posted about all my WIP's a few months ago and as soon as I did I decided I would finish them all cause they were depressing it's good to Just do It.

  3. I'm proud of you! :-)

  4. Renée from Wisconsin02:27

    Hip-hip-hurray! Whatever will fly off your needles when the rain stops and the snow begins!?! I think you knit up North inside the Arctic Circle to generate heat from your clicking needles! Have you had the moose dance yet?