Friday, May 22, 2015

All set for embroidery

Thank you for visiting and I hope you are well! Weekend is just about to begin and up here it means lots of yard work (if the weather stays dry) and also probably preparing food outside. If the area where we usually have our kota during the summer is dry enough, we might even get out all the cooking equipment for that. There is nothing better that to sit inside the kota in the evening with the fire burning as you listen to the surrounding world to calm down and settle in for the night... even though our nights are light now. 
(I just listened to the weather forecast, forget all the plans, it is going to rain heavily...)
I have not had much time to knit these past days. Just few brief moments here and there. Remember when I showed you the embroidered mitten without a pair. I knitted a pair with another yarn and I am just about to start the embroidery on them. I think I will concentrate on this this weekend.
I am terrible with yarn information... This is how I work: I buy yarn when I see something lovely... I come home, rip off the label, as I cannot wait to stick my needles into it, I knit for a few rows. I gain the information I need, I know then how the yarn behaves, what needles I should go for but most likely the yarn is then put to rest. I keep the information I gained from the knitting inside my memory (sort of), and then the yarn waits until I get an idea where I can use it. During the process the label is usually lost...
I know this is Regia 6ply, and I think it has some nylon, viscose and wool in it. Hold on, I will try to search... I could not find it, probably old and discontinued. I knitted my mittens with 2½ mm needles, as I like my mittens and socks on the tight side, also small gauge is good for embroidery. I made also a swatch (!!!!) to try out the embroidery stitches and color combinations before I decorate the actual mittens. Although I liked this yarn, it did not have all the wool qualities I so love.

Little pom poms are ready for the final touch. There isn't anything as cute as small yarn pom poms and I just had to make a few even though I need only two.
Hope you all have a good weekend,

Wool with you,

PS. So far there is not a pattern for the wool flowers, although I have been meaning to write one...

Monday, May 18, 2015

Wool fields...

Maybe not just yet, but I am working on it.
Thank you for all your good wishes, all my trees are fine. The ice got broken very quickly into small bits and none of the big floating pieces came back. I am glad you noticed Hansel's pockets; when I was making him, I knew I had to make big pockets for him. It was a challenge at first, but then I realized that I could actually spin little bit of yarn of the same wool I was using for the coat to knit the pockets. I have not given up hope for making the witch...
My surroundings are little dreary at the moment. There are some tiny buds but mostly everything is as it is after the snow. It has been cold and the nature seems to be waiting for some warmth, as am I.
In the meantime I have made more wool flowers. Few of these I made years ago but needed to make some more. Something quite silly and so fun!
I really like the yellow one (not finished yet)...

Hope you all have a good week and wool flowers with you,