Tuesday, February 09, 2016


Just popping in to tell you that I will be back later on this week. I have not been feeling well for a couple of days. Nothing serious, just some extra rest and plenty of fluids needed.
Hope you have a good week, be well, and
Wool with you,

Friday, February 05, 2016

Do your best work

Happy Friday, I really don't know why, but this just has been a great day. The walk was colder and harder today than earlier this week, but even that felt good. I was going to drive to town to run some errands but decided to postpone everything and just enjoy the day as it was spreading in front of me. I stole couple of hours, made coffee, defrosted some cake and spent those hours reading an old Finnish book. When I picked up this book, I did not expect anything, it is very old Finnish classic (published in 1933), has lots of words that are unfamiliar to me, but it is really interesting and every now and then I find myself laughing out loud. (For my Finnish readers; the book is Alastalon salissa by Volter Kilpi).
My daughter chose for me another bag from the personal sock yarn club and this is what the bag revealed. When I looked at the skeins, both of them, I was wondering who had brought them to my stash, I mean, I was in no mood to knit with dark grey and bright turquoise. I looked at the skeins for couple of days and decided to make two pairs of socks; I was not going to mix them; thought that I would just knit two vanilla pairs and be done with them and look forward to the next month.
Then from somewhere I heard someone saying: Do your best work. I am not sure where I read this, it could have been Uppercase newsletter (by the way, I love Uppercase magazine) but I am not sure. I am not even sure if this is the exact wording, but this is how I kept hearing it. 
Furthermore, I started to think about those two skeins and knew if I tried my best; it would make an impact on the making but also on the outcome. If I tried little harder, the whole project would be more interesting, I might learn something new, and I might even love knitting those yarns. I thought some more. I was not going to make socks to be over and done with this yarn, I was going to knit a pair (or two pairs) of socks, that would need to be well shaped to wear well, long to be warm, and preferably nice.
What does it really mean to do one's best? Does it mean that I become my worst critic and keep ripping and ripping until I have exhausted myself and end up miserable with worn yarn. I don't think so. I feel more like I need to stop and think, appreciate the material,
try to bring out its best in a pleasing manner; that I will stop and think and choose right methods and make reasonable decisions; that I use my best tools and take use of all the knowledge I have; that I will take time to consider all the known facts, will not compromise and that I will not be satisfied too soon but will make this extra little step needed to make the end result special.
This is so working, I am in love with this project. Beautiful grey!

(Ok, if this thought does not carry me through both of these skeins, and if I fail, I am sure I can find another quote for that.)

Wool with you, xx