Monday, July 06, 2015


Just a quick photo to inspire you... I am late in this and I cannot figure out why it took me so long to make one, and like in real life, you cannot stop with one... I will need to make another one soon.

What could be better? Maybe fresh strawberries?
Hope you have a good week.

Wool with you (it is still cold!)

PS. The pattern in the blue cowl is from Barbara Walker's pattern book (the blue one) and it is called Scroll pattern. I modified it just a little, just made it bigger.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Knitting continues

Hello from the rainy and extremely wet, lush and green north. I am not sure just how much rain we have got during the month of June but it is beginning to feel like a lot. Bright and sunny days have been rare. I am not losing my optimism, I am sure hot and sunny weather is just around the corner and these long and somewhat dreary days will be a distant memory.
Hence I am continuing with the red COTTON cardigan and I am beginning to like it a little. I doubt very much that it will be my favorite sweater but since I have had these bold stripes in my head for some time now, I needed to get that image out and knit it away so that I can focus on something else at some point.
Does this ever happen to you... you have this idea and you keep tossing it around, trying it with various yarns and casting away the whole plan, but no matter what you decide to do, something totally different maybe, you always come back to the original idea and there is no way out. I did try these stripes last year maybe ?? but that cardigan got ripped out but here I am again. I will finish, and do my best to make best of it. I hope I can figure out some kind of little detail that will sparkle up the project and will make me love this cardigan.
I am getting close to the armholes, hopefully this weekend I am there and from then on the rows will get shorter and it is easier to see the progress. Long rows can bring your knitting enthusiasm down. It does not help a bit if you time your long rows and start with the math... So many minutes for one looooong row and if there is about 40 of those left... where am I when these are done... I rather not think about this.
I have been knitting with circulars for a very long time now but while plowing through those long rows and always having to wiggle out the stitches over the point where the cable meets the needle started to take a toll on me and I changed to long old straight needles. Although getting used to the weight of the cardigan on the long straights took some time, being able to stretch those fairly tight stitches over the needles has been such a delight that I am thinking about returning to the old fashioned straights. I am not sure if my circulars are getting too old and if the small ones - 2,5mm - cannot take all that pulling and pushing and are beginning to show some wear, but after trying out two sets, I calmly set them aside and took out these old grey needles. It is funny to realize all the old maneuvers coming back to me, the ones that have not been in use while knitting with circs. 
I have had lots of trouble with this cotton yarn. It splits easily, every time I am not looking I find that I have not caught the whole yarn but just a few plies. I have had the crochet hook nearby to fix at least some of the damaged stitches. It is a bit annoying. Last summer I knitted myself a little tunic with this yarn (ages ago I bought a lot...) and it has held out so well, this is why I am able to take this behavior from these mischievous red skeins again. The bad news is that I have another little batch, beautiful spring green, that I hope to knit at some point. Maybe after I am done with this red yarn.
The turquoise cowl is almost done. As is the yarn too. I wanted to use every little bit of it, and before the final repeat, I put in a life line so that I could easily rip back if I run out of yarn in the middle of the repeat, but there was enough yarn for the whole repeat. I finished the other end, few rows or purls, and this is what the cone looks now.
I hope there is just enough to get the final few rows to the other end, honestly I doubt that very much. I loved knitting this. What a joy to have light, airy yarn on the needles.
Thank you for reading and
Wool with you,
(Oh how I would love to say ... "Wool with you even though it is not appropriate today since it is so hot" but I cannot! But soon, I am sure, soon it will be very, very warm, I just know it.)