Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Wool flowers

Hello Dear! 
I did not mean to drop out of blogging for quite this long, but since we last spoke I have been to Portugal for a quick little visit. I have been soaking in sea side views and sunny skies and eating loads of excellent fish in various ways. This vacation was all about relaxing and eating well and not much else was accomplished. I came home rested and happy. Talk about a good therapy after the long Arctic Winter. Even though coming back to icy and cold surroundings is harsh, the memory of warm Portugal is going to carry me over to warmer weather.
Yesterday was very cold, icy, windy day up here! The sort in spring day that feels rather hostile and makes you a little bit annoyed with Mother Nature. I know, all in good time and at some point, the summer weather will take over and all will be good, I just need patience now.
While I am waiting for the earth to recover and warm up to bring new colors to the palette, I am making my own garden.
I am on a mission. I think I am going to knit leaves and flowers until the Nature will take over and make my flowers look out of place when compared to delicate blooms outside… These flowers are giving me so much joy, somehow it feels like I am taking a bath in the joy of creating. You must know the overflowing feeling when you don’t want to do anything else but make and create and enjoy your makings.
Of course I am keeping my fingers crossed and will not come too confident and thus irritate the knitting goddess, and then I am little worried of the outcome too. Sometimes when you get very involved and focused and the outer world somehow vanishes, you live in another universe, and in this other universe, everything looks good and gorgeous even but when you return to the real world, the thing you have been making might not look good at all.
Actually, this is making me very worried now. I am afraid I am wasting my time. Maybe this wool flower making is just a desperate escape from other stuff (add spring cleaning here) that would be way more important, and thus I am not willing to see the truth.
Anyway, I am making wool flowers, that might end up looking very odd and out of place and distasteful, or they might end up looking quirky in a good way and whimsical and bring smile to one’s face. If these are odd in a bad way, please, don’t tell me the truth quite just yet, I am enjoying immensely at the moment.
Wool flowers with you,

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Old inspiring magazines

Hello from the beautiful, sunny spring day! And thank you for your comments, reading and support, I really appreciate them all.
Today there won’t be that many words but pictures instead. While pottering around my craft room earlier today, I came across these old magazines. No, I have not saved everything from the year one, but just the special ones, although I truly need to go through them with critical eyes to see if they are that special any more but just collecting dust. I am not sure just how I came about having these three pieces, but they are old, from the years of 1981 and 1982. I might have bought them myself on my very rare visits to Helsinki, Akateeminen Kirjakauppa was then and is today, one of my most favorite stops there.

I have had very limited skills then but nothing has stopped me from dreaming or for aiming high. The magazines are very thick, more than half of the pages are full of adds, maybe even more, but the pieces of embroidery, crochet and knitting are beautiful and none of them quickly made.

These are all knitted blankets...
Embroidery on knitting...
... mitered squares...
The load of exquisite crochet work made it very hard to choose what pictures to take and what to include.
Some of the pictures are black and white.
This outfit is just lovely, with crochet top and some crochet added to the skirt, for spring wedding maybe?
How do you like these potholders? If not that useful, interesting to make and fun to have.
These butterflies are maybe just decorations.
There were pages upon pages of embroidered linens, one more beautiful than the other.
Amazing how lovely simple cross stitch can be... with months invested into making.
Have to finish with this cute add!
Even with the add content, I will keep these three magazines for another 25 years...
Wool with you,