Saturday, November 28, 2015

Finished cowl

Good Saturday morning! (I do realize it might be already Saturday night where you are...) I hope this finds you well. I have loved reading your comments and I can't tell you how good it feels to be back. Thank you for every one of them.  

You were wondering how cold it needs to be for me to build a fire... The house warms up by central heating, electricity mostly, but when the temperature outside drops close to -10°C, I usually switch to wood.  While the main heating unit keeps the house warm, there are areas that could do with little bit of extra heat, and those mornings I build additional fire in the kitchen area. This early morning extra fire is the one I enjoy most, I love coming down to the fresh and cold-ish kitchen with wool sweater and wool socks on, make my first pot of coffee and while that is coming along, I start the fire. When it is only -10°C outside, this is little more for the enjoyment than for the actual extra heat (the sound and the smell of wood burning is wonderful), but when the temperature drops further down, it becomes necessary.
Tina had a very tough day yesterday. I took her to the vet to have her teeth checked few weeks ago (she has her teeth checked regularly) and a new appointment was scheduled soonest. She is getting old (next summer 12), and her teeth are giving her some trouble. (This is an old picture, she is just a few years old in this one.) Yesterday she had three of them pulled out. She slept most of the day and I sat with her with my knitting and had a huge amount of knitting done on my next sock. Since she was slowly getting out of anesthesia, I could not move as every time she woke up, she started complaining loudly (!!!!!) and would tell me how bad she felt. After a long day she finally settled into bed and today she seems better, she almost has her usual glow in her eyes and her tail curls the way it is supposed to curl.
The cowl, finished. Me, pleased and happy for the way it turned out.
off-white K1 Yarns Selkie (discontinued)
30% cashmere 70% superfine merino
Blue and brown Hjertegarn Trunte, both left-overs from previous knits,  100% Merino
about 175m/50g (this approximate from the top of my head)
3mm needles
The cashmere blend yarn was lovely to work with even though my yarn tastes always go towards little more rustic qualities. Selkie was a souvenir from Edinburgh many, many years ago. I bought two balls and used little more than just one. I had intentions to knit it little bit bigger, but at the same time wanted it to be small enough to be worn like in the pictures inside the coat and had to stop before it got too big. The size appears to be just right.

The stitch pattern I used is the same as in Anne Hanson's Hoarfrost. I took the beautiful pattern and made a few adjustments to it; made it little bit bigger and did not make the lace edging and knitted ribbing instead for both ends. I added stitches to the ribbing that lies around the chest and it will stay where it is supposed to.
I love the stitch pattern, it is like snowflakes and I will revisit it at some point, I am sure.  I don't think I have seen the actual pattern in my stitch dictionaries (I don't have many) and so I am not sure if she invented the pattern and if so, it would not surprise me at all, here lace work is stunning!  I would love to knit all of her lace patterns but lately she designed a coat that is very appealing.
We are getting close to December, aren't we? And over the years, I have blogged few times every single day while we wait for the holidays, as if my posts were some kind of an advent calendar.  I intend to do it this year too, I plan to post every single day in December until the 24th. (Please bear in mind that I live in the country, and my internet is not always fluent, while it mostly is, snow and wind can sometimes break my best intentions.)

Enjoy your weekend; we will see on Dec 1st.
Wool with you,

Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday morning, a good morning

The best time of the day. I am up alone, well, the dogs have done their early morning stuff but they returned  to their mattresses and I get to have my first cup of coffee in quiet.
It is not cold enough to have the need to light the fire, and that is missing from this wintry morning. It is dark and cold, the day stretches ahead, although it is short, I have lots of plans for today. It is the beginning of the day and of the week, I can have all the optimism I need while thinking of the week ahead and I make plans of how much I can accomplish this week and I cast aside all the doubts while looking at my list of to-dos. I love Christmas time; during the rest of the year, I very rarely make lists, but around this time, I get out all the notebooks and start writing lists... I seldom follow them, but it is so pleasing to have them done and to look at them and they do clear the mind and somehow keep the stress away. Every once in a while, I manage to follow my list and it is so gratifying to cross out something that I really should start keeping real lists, with realistic goals. On daily bases.

Thank you for all your comments, I truly loved seeing where you all are. xx I had this image of the world in my head and saw you popping out here and there waving.

Yesterday again we saw a herd of maybe 20 reindeer and we set them afoot while we approached. Ruusu, being a heeler, really loves the feeling. Looking at the smallish dog, you can see her truly growing inches when she sees them all run to the same direction. She has had couple of times when she was allowed into the field with cows and it was fascinating to watch how she managed the herd of them and could make them stop and go to the direction she wanted. Tina, on the other hand, being a hunting dog, followed Ruusu into the field but once the cow took one good look at her, she came as fast as she could from under the fence. But then take her into the woods and she tirelessly seeks and follows tracks while Ruusu eats away all the berries she can find and following her nose towards unknown does not interest her at all when all the blueberries smell so appealingly.
You were curious about the cowl I am working on. I will give you the specs when it is finished, I will find the ball band and the pattern source. The yarn is quite lovely to work with and I love the pattern, it so suits the snowy outside, and would love to find a way to incorporate the pattern into mitts.
And the needle felting tidbits, there are a few books and I will go and find them and list them here.

Not just yet, I will finish my cup, and get on my Monday morning routines. I hope you have a good week, and thank you so much for being here.

Wool with you,