Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wonderful May

There is no handwork content tonight but there is something I very much love to share with you. 
It is this scenery. Maybe you are already tired of looking at the lake every single spring about this time, but these evenings are so breath taking. The lake has been gone (covered by the ice) for so long that now that it is back, it is constant joy...
Tonight is very calm, not a stir on the surface and you can see the beautiful reflection of the sky. You can stand right there on the edge of the lake and look down and all you see is the sky. There are no leaves in the trees, no grass, nothing to hush down the sounds, so the birds and their cries echo purely, just perfect music for the early summer night.
And don't forget the light, almost 10pm and the sun is still here, kissing softly every surface.
Our winters, harsh, long, bitter cold, dark and at times dreary. All worth it when May arrives!

I will close now and then will take my evening cup of tea and drink it down by the lake listening to this wonderful world. I just looked out of the window, Mr Cat is already there, he is probably waiting for me.

Be well,

Monday, May 19, 2014

Arctic summer

Hi there!
The work with the little blanket continues...
So far I have completed (almost) 39 pieces and every single piece has been joyful work. I don't see any trouble getting this done sooner than later. I can hardly stay away from the work.
I completed one of the blocks to see the final size and the piece is quite small, only about 8,5 cm x 8,5 cm. I think I will need to make at least 72 squares. I have been thinking of making a border but so far I don't have a clue how I would like it to be. Somehow I trust this little blanket, I have faith in it and I am sure it will tell me what it needs at some point. This kind of project if very satisfying, it is like we are in consensus about everything. This is quite rare, very often there is some kind of battle somewhere. Although... I do realize, this is at a very early stage and really anything can happen and I might feel totally differently at some point.
So far, I am happy with the yarn, it does not split. I am happy with the hook size, I think it is perfect. I am happy with how long one circle takes, it is just right, not too quick to feel rushed but not too slow either, I feel that the work is progressing. I am happy with the colors, they are bright but they don't feel pushy - at least not yet. The work is easy to pick up and then again lay aside when something else needs to be done. 
I block every little circle before I continue with the last two border rows. This way they are easy to handle and the tendency to curl disappears. I don't stretch the pieces at all, just lay them flat and attach them with a few pins. 
Last night I was standing down by the lake enjoying the warm weather and calm night. It was almost 10pm, very peaceful and light. There is nothing happening in the video (taken with phone), just plain, quiet evening but I find joy in this scenery and I love this bare land. I am not good at taking any kind of video (it is even tilted a little bit), but thought about you when enjoying the very first warm evening of this season. The water is very high and you could spot occasional ice drifting here and there and you can hear bird song. The ground is cold, but it is recovering from the winter. And I know that on the other side of the lake, there are all kinds of creatures enjoying this warm weather too. 
Summer at the Arctic Circle.
Wool with you,