Sunday, October 04, 2015

10 years!

Ten years ago on October 5th I wrote my very first blog post. I have grown to love the internet and would not like to live without. I am so happy I had the courage to write that first post. I have learned a lot since and have come to enjoy the wealth of inspiration you all have shared and the encouragement and caring you have sent my way. For that I am sincerely grateful. I still come here for those reasons. I am quite busy at the moment and don't have as much time as previously to write more, but I think about the blog often and think of you all and would love to share bits and pieces of this and that from my daily life.
I don't have any plans to go away, I am going to keep posting when I have something to share and I do dream of time when I would have lots of time to write and take pictures and maybe draw a bit and do more handwork.

My dog series is growing; I made yet another dog. This time she tells you to keep pushing through heavy snow... This saying probably loses a lot in translation, but let me try to tell you the meaning and then maybe you could find me a quote, that would mean something similar in English.

Snow can pile up high and instead of being that powdery stuff that is light and airy, it can pack tough and walking through it is hard work, very hard work. Life can be difficult at times too, there might be a period in life when you have to keep pushing forward no matter what. And we have a saying "eteenpƤin! sanoi akka lumessa"  (forward! said granny (or old woman) in snow) and of course I had to tweak that saying towards dogs, changing the granny into a dog and find a different word for lumi (snow) so that it would rhime with the word dog...
See, it does not sound anything when being translated, but maybe you can enjoy the dog and its posture and determination...
This also applies to the blog and the next ten years, even though it can be difficult at times, I will keep going forward.
Needless to say, there is yet another dog on the way... And she has a little life lesson to tell also.

Wool and love with you all, and thank you for being here.
 My dog series inspiration

Sunday, August 30, 2015

New fall

Thank you for your kind messages and concern. Thank you for coming back and reading. This fall (October) this blog will be 10 years old. I never thought I would still be here after 10 years!

We almost did not have summer at all. We waited for the warm weather all through June and July but it kept raining and raining... Then right before mid August, we had warm weather, summery warm weather for about 10 days or so. The shortest summer ever! However, on forward, let us not dwell in the bad weather any more, as it has been the topic of the conversation for the past months.

Summer might come or it might not, but here is always fall. I mean there will always be cold weather, north winds and rain, no matter what. It never fails. However, the good thing is that wool is very good in those conditions; it can take up moisture without feeling wet and those tiny air pockets will hold the cold outside. (Maybe the wind is the problem here, but let us not think about it.) Thus, my thoughts have been on my (cold) feet.
Every once in a while I need to pick up the sewing needle. Felted surface is just perfect to sink into those tiny stitches. This pattern is my own modification on all the slipper patterns I have seen. It is knitted with 5mm needles out of worsted weight wool and then felted in the washer. I wanted the slipper to fit like a sock, I do not like the ones that will not stay put and I am very happy with these. I am making another pair but something came along and that slipper is on hold now... I am not sure just when I will recover it from the box.
Small embroidery stitches always tempt me. I am not sure if you still remember
the crocheted dogs I made quite a long time ago. The inspiration came from Kirsti (Ravelry link)
and I had to try to make something similar but with my own motif. Anyway, I made few dogs and then did not know how to continue from there. Then another source of inspiration: Sue Spargo
and her whimsical quilts and beautiful hand stitching. She uses lots of hand dyed wool and this has been a problem for me as I do not have softly dyed wool felt stash to choose from (yet!). I have often wondered if I should just knit tiny patches out of hand spun singles and felt them to get thin wool but somehow the process feels so tiring that I have never got around doing it. Then I remembered my dogs... Could I use them?
And I had to try. I am not sure if I like the results, there is something there that I like very much and I am thinking that if I focus on them for little more, I might actually develop this idea or technique into something that I will like.
The first quote says something like "Do not judge the dog by its hair". The expression on the face of the dog kept saying that to me while I was making it, so I had to embroider that quote on top.
The other dog seems much happier and mischievous somehow, and the quote refers to goat being the guard for the cabbage patch and dog being a shoe polisher...
The shoe polisher is not yet finished. The pictures are small, about 12" square.
I am not sure if I have seen patchwork/embroidery done like this anywhere... So it is sort of, as if I came up with something different but since most of everything is done somewhere, I am sure somebody somewhere has done similar things.

What I love most about this project, is the fact that I used my own handspun for some of the dog work and I could combine my love of wool and yarn and fabric into the same project. I got to do little bit of everything I like.

Once I finish the second dog, I am not sure, if I call this done or if there is something there to keep me going.  I have mixed feelings. Just have to wait and see.

Wool with you,

PS. The red cardigan hit the stall. I finished the neck and button band, and there seems to be a problem with the other end of the button band. I did not realize it before it was hanging... it does not hang now I am trying to gather energy to fix it. There is no way I could live with the way it is now...