Monday, May 16, 2016

Welcoming hearts

May continues to be lovely. I could not love any month more than I love this beautiful May. The lake pictures were taken last night around 10pm, when all was calm. Tonight there are tiny ripples on the lake and the sky is very overcast.
I have been little behind with my spring chores (cleaning both inside and outside the house) because of being away from home so much during the past month. All the undone jobs started to weigh me down until this past weekend, I finally got started and although very little is done, I am on the way. I really liked washing the windows today! Who would have guessed? Out of the three difficult windows, two are done and only one remains to be done. I have never counted all the squares that I need to do, most of the windows are triple ones, but out of all of them I have three that are tricky to open and I end up washing the outer layer from the outside and that means that I need to get out the ladder. Out of the three, the hardest one is left. I hope to get it done tomorrow.
Every time lately when buying groceries, I have brought home a small rose from the supermarket to be planted into a pot. So far I have four. It is cold during the night and my last task every night is to collect the pots and bring them inside and in the morning along with the dogs, the roses go out. I place them outside to a sunny spot where northerly winds cannot touch them. They bring me so much joy, and the flower season is still all ahead, it is only May!
I am continuing in making little leaves and flowers but in between I have knitted hearts. Last week when waiting for the inspiration to hit me to get me started on this cleaning business, I sort of let the house go into a bad condition; I kept leaving stuff lying around always telling me that soon I will start… One morning when I was passing the entrance, I stopped and took a long look and was not at all happy of what I was looking at: shoes that had been kicked off here and there, lots of sand and mud, spider webs, dust, bags on the floor and on the chair… What depressed me most was the fact that you could walk into this house without having a clue that an enthusiastic and passionate knitter lives here. The revelation left me sad and empty somehow and during the whole day, I kept wondering what I should do, what could I do to remedy that. I knew I would eventually clean the mess, but that would not take care of the fact that something was missing, the knitting was and is missing. If you looked very carefully, you could spot a scarf or a shawl on a hook somewhere there, but nothing else.
I thought that I would make new curtains for the windows there and after tossing away the idea of knitting white lace curtains, I found a big piece of this beautiful blue Marimekko print that has small houses on it and decided that it would work. The blue is so strong and deep, that I started to see red in my mind’s eye. Red… what could be red, what could I make in red, knitted and red? I have always loved the colorful bunting but have never made any, and I thought that maybe now I could make red heart bunting.
I knitted the first heart and then the second and now I have six and maybe I will need a couple of more. I did little bit of embroidery on them and now I am worried of making them too cute, they need to be warm and welcoming but they definitely cannot be too cute. There is a very thin line there and I truly hope I can stay on the better side of the line.

If I cross the line, there is always the seam ripper. Let’s hope I don’t need to come to that.

Wool hearts with you,

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Just very quickly

Hi there!
I am back from my visit to Sweden and while I am recovering, I just wanted quickly to say hello and let you know two important things:

1. The lake, it is free! It is free. Today was windy day and I had the windows facing the lake open and could listen to the waves breaking. I just so love that sound.

2. There is a fantastic videocast called Fruity Knitting in YouTube. It is quite new, there are at the moment just four episodes, but each one of them is special. Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, put your feet up and take your knitting, and you are in good company for almost an hour and a half.
(This link takes you to the fourth episode.)

In the fourth episode I appear just quickly, but if you would like to hear what I sound and look, there it is. It was filmed two weeks ago, and already the world is looking so much better, that is the snow is gone, well, almost gone.

Much love and wool with you,