Sunday, September 02, 2018

Happy squirrel

Nights are getting dark even though the temperature is mild and mellow. The sun stays up in the sky amongst the white, puffy clouds and brushes everything golden yellow. The grass is green, most of the leaves are still green, but definitely; there is the undertone of farewell. I walk my everyday route and think ahead; the dark, snowy months waiting there after the next turn.

Thank you for all your welcoming comments and your comments on the quilt.

I sit here in my little workroom, look around and see stuff lying everywhere. This place is a mess, but a happy mess. The kind where you have pulled every single inspiring piece of fabric, button, trim, yarn on the surface to tempt you to make something. I did vacuum the floor yesterday, so it is clean, but otherwise… I rather not show this to anyone. Now it is all about bags; I dream of making bags.
My weekend away was a very good one.

I finished one small purse and almost finished this piece of sunshine during the weekend. I did the last bits last Monday and since then I have completed one more bag.

This yellow one (Marimekko fabric) is sewn using Lilian’s pattern according to her guidance during the course. It turned out beautiful, I truly love the color. (I have been gathering yellow pieces lately). It did require some brain acrobatics and I would not have managed without her advice. There were couple of tricky spots but once I managed them once, it was so much easier the second time around. Although overconfidence during the second time around, made me use the seam ripper more than once.

This is the second bag (it is already in use), another one using Marimekko print, and I love it even more than the yellow one. I modified the side panels and made them squarer, otherwise exactly as written in the pattern. I have plans of making a third one (then fourth, fifth, sixth, --- you get the picture) and I am going to modify the pattern even more. I like the square side panels, but I will modify the upper part, and try attaching the zipper the other way. I am not sure just how it will work out, but the fun part is the trying to figure it out.
I have used the bag, and I love the inside. There are two zipper pockets and two without zippers and it has three different compartments. Installing the zipper pockets inside the linings take some doing but so worth it. The pockets are slipped inside the side welts, the pockets stay put and the welts add structure to the sides. It stays organized and I am sure I could fit sock project inside easily as well without it feeling too bulky.

I have lots of fabric that I can use for bags. I have some handwoven that I bought from Kihnu, Estonia that would make a lovely bag. I think I have some of my own handwoven somewhere, plus many different Marimekko prints. Then I can’t help dreaming of using some tweed, which I don’t have but is a click away. How about crocheting or knitting (then felting) fabric for the outside of the bag. Again, it is easy to dream, but the reality is somewhat different. Just now these dreams pull me strongly back to this messy work place and make it almost impossible to do anything else.

Except for knitting socks while being too tired to do anything else. I started these some time ago, striped cuffs and then just knitting a plain, long tube until I run out of yarn (split the skein half before casting on), will add toe decreases with the striping yarn and then add afterthought heels – I am thinking of tomato heel. I want to see just how long socks I can get from one skein. This yarn is Regia Tweed 4ply. I like my winter socks long; but am beginning to wonder if these are going to be a bit too long, maybe.

I have a shawl, a pair of mittens, three pairs of socks on the needles, but I will need to find myself a sweater to knit or crochet and a hat to knit. And then there are the bags. I feel like a happy squirrel that is well stocked for the coming weeks.

Have a good week,
Wool with you,

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  1. Love the bags! I can see why they have captured your imagination.

  2. What lovely bags. They are pretty and functional all at the same time. I love the cuff on that sock. It looks like you are getting ready for the winter season.