Monday, January 15, 2018


This above picture tells (very clearly) the state of my mind last week. Although the fog is slowly lifting, it is not all cleared away.
Hard wind blew away the fog from the fields, but it still lingers in my brain. Partly because Ruusu is not yet well; we have been to the vet every other day, she needs eye drops every hour and I have been very focused on that, partly because of pesky cold and runny nose. I am very seldom sick, hardly ever and having to carry a stuffy head on my shoulders, is annoying. I am not very good in resting in bed, so I take painkillers and try to plough along like usual, well… at least almost.
January is passing the midpoint, the world remains mostly grey and blue and white, no sun, the amount of increased light is not yet noticeable. Today the wind is hard, like a whip on a face and snow whirls all around and drifts into piles…

My usual sock recipe, 
2mm needles, various sock yarns, 
Arwetta and Regia most likely
“The sky was almost black, but the snow shone a bright blue in the moonlight.

The sea (in my case, the lake) lay asleep under the ice, and deep down among the roots of the earth all small beasts were sleeping and dreaming of spring. But spring was quite a bit away because the year had only just got a little past New Year.

At the point where the valley began its soft slope towards the mountains, stood a snowed-up house. It looked very lonely and rather like a crazy drift of snow. Quite near it ran a bend of the river, coal-black between ice-edges. The current kept the stream open all winter. But there were no tracks leading over the bridge, and no one had touched the snowdrifts around the house.


The valley was enveloped in a kind of grey twilight. It also wasn’t green any longer, it was white. Everything that had once moved had become immobile. There were no living sounds. Everything angular was now rounded.”

From my cherished book, Moominland Midwinter written by Tove Jansson

We have more snow than I care for. It keeps coming… some days beautiful, huge doilies gracefully dancing down from the sky… some days with strength, hitting you from all angles, forcing inside your coat through collar and sleeves, mean, little, drops of hard ice. There have been days when it appears from nothing, it does not seem to be visible, yet the pathways are buried in a few hours.

I have knitted a little bit, although my mind has not been on it, so it feels like I have not knitted at all.

Christmas Eve Cast-on
My usual sock recipe
2mm needles
Araucania Huasco, Regia Season Color 09411

My creative mind is burdened by the worry of little, sweet Ruusu. I wish I had something more cheerful to write today, but I am sorry, I don’t. Just wanted to pop in to quickly greet you all, and thank you for your kind messages. Thank you for reading, will come back soon.

Wool with you,


  1. Praying for health for both of you. x

  2. Dear Lene,

    Thank you for writing; I am thinking of you and Ruusu, and hoping you both feel better very soon.

    I am inspired by your socks! I am knitting two pair just now, not nearly as lovely as yours. I'll try harder . . . .

    May the fog, the cold and the eyes all clear up speedily!


  3. Hoping you and Ruusu are feeling much better soon.

  4. Sending best wishes to you and Ruusu for speedy recoveries!

  5. Holding you and Ruusu in my heart.

  6. Nothing seems OK when a loved one is hurting, this goes double for a loved one like a pet that may not understand what is happening. My heart is with you

  7. Take good care. I will keep you and your sweet Ruusu in my thoughts. Stay safe and warm.

  8. Sending our love to wrap around all of you and may everyone's health to be improving very, very soon.

  9. Anonymous05:45

    I remember when Ruusu came to live with you and Tina......I hope she is better soon. Our dear animals give us so much love and companionship, don’t they?

    Barbara M. In NH

  10. Best wishes to Ruusu!

  11. Good thoughts for Ruusu! Nothing is right when our furfriends are ailing.

  12. Healing thoughts for you and Ruusu. Love your socks - they are great. This Winter does seem long (and it's not even that old yet....).

  13. Wishing Ruusu the best. Your socks are wonderful and inspiring. The foggy photos are very wintery. We do not have the snow, but we have a lot of gray right now. I wait for the rains.

  14. I'm sorry to hear about Ruusu, hopefully the drops will help soon. I can tell how sick I am by whether or not I'm knitting or just sitting and staring at (sleeping in front of) the TV. Hope you're better soon and can find a nice, cheery wool (or fabric) to work with which will renew your hope in spring and extra light!

  15. Anonymous23:35

    Warm hugs to you & Ruusu. Thanks for updating us.

  16. Sending good vibrations for Ruusu and for you. I hope both of you feel better very soon.

  17. I hope sweet Ruusu feels better soon! You are very worried about her.

  18. Anonymous02:22

    Sending healing and positive thoughts to both of you and hoping Ruusu makes a full recovery. It's so hard when our pets are sick. They are such good companions and add so much to our lives.

  19. Thinking of and praying for Rusuu and you. Thank you for the grace of your post. It must have been hard for you to concentrate on writing rather than Russu! xoxoxoxox

  20. Karen in Peterborough03:15

    Hope both you and your sweet dog are feeling better!