Friday, December 15, 2017

In good company

Today, I came home exhausted, crashed down to sofa, was going to knit a few rows before taking up other stuff to do, but… Väinö curled next to me and his soft, lulling purr took me to sleep. I don’t feel like I am up and awake, I think I will go, pick up the knitting, probably end up holding it on my lap, before it is time to crawl to bed. I will call it a day and think that tomorrow is another.

Wool with you,


  1. Ellen in Connecticut18:35

    Good night, Lene!

  2. It was sweet of him to help you realize you needed to take a break. (Also, hi to Ellen in Connecticut - commenter above me - from Debbie in Glastonbury.)

  3. Aww...........sweet.