Saturday, December 16, 2017


The clock is ticking on the wall, it is dark, early, I am having coffee and trying to find the calm in this busy week and this Christmas universe. No matter how hard I try to resist, the frenzy tries to grab and to hold tightly. I sit here, with my hands on the keyboard and focus on the little marks on the screen. Words, I am trying to find the right words to calm me down. I tell myself that good enough is good enough, there is no need and no room for perfect, as that word is so harsh.
This year I read many quilting blogs and followed many quilt designers. I think it was in the Quilt Show by Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson; Victoria Finlay Wolfe was teaching her techniques (she has done beautiful Double Wedding Rings quilts, not the usual kind but with a modern twist, they are amazing) and somewhere during the interview she said that her word is enough. ENOUGH, not in a meaning I have had enough, but I am enough.   
I am enough.

Since I typed the sentence, I am enough, not a thought has entered my brain. Maybe this in enough.

Hold the thought. 
And wool, as always, with you,

PS. I would love to make something small for the tree today. Or something small to the kittens. It always brings me joy, not just calm but joy as well. That is if I have the time.

PPS. There is the search box on the right now, should you need it. 


  1. 'Enough is as good as a feast'. My Ma always said............

  2. Amber13:51

    I have been away from your blog for a few days so have just caught up on several posts. Your words are always welcome. I'm glad you are writing daily during December - it's an advent calendar! And I know I will come back to this month's posts in the future.

  3. I love the sock! Stunning in its perfection.

  4. Yes indeed! " enough is as good as a feast, and too much is nothing but waste." It is so true.

    The socks are lovely.

  5. Beautiful sock.....................

    I wonder if one of the kittens needs an antler hat? :-)

  6. I have been reading and enjoying your December posts silently, without commenting, but your words today spoke to me so strongly I have to thank you. Enough is exactly what I need to focus on this season and in 2018. There has been family illness, too much work, and too much stress recently (just like everyone else!), but I have caused some of my own stress by reaching and fussing for more. I feel as if a weight had been lifted, just by thinking that the cookies I have made are enough, gifts I'm giving are enough, and I am enough. Thank you, thank you! Your sock is beautiful, and I'm sending you wishes from the US for joy, calm, and enough.

  7. I remember some knitted ball ornaments you made several years ago from Handknit Holidays. I have the same book and I have turned to that pattern over and over; it invites so many variations. I made catnip balls for several weeks, I made ornaments as my gift to my staff for a couple years, I made ornaments for our Christmas bazaar. These are modest ornaments (enough) but so rewarding.

  8. skeindalous21:40

    Thank you for that post.


    So hard to accept it sometime.

    LOVE the dark red sock? Sleeve?

    It is warming.

  9. I like that word and I think it holds true throughout the year but especially now. I still have much to do to prepare for Christmas, but actually right now I need a break. Sanding you positive thoughts my friend.

  10. took a dialectical behavior therapy class when a close relative was in serious behavioral difficulty to help me cope with that (also a nami class). a good thought was "don't should on yourself". shoulda-coulda-woulda-just don't. very hard to remember but 'tis truth.