Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Kitten factory

Hello dear friends! I have missed the blog and it is so nice to be back at last. The break was long but I guess I needed it very much. I hope this finds you well. Thank you for all the e-mails and messages of wishing me well.

“Last night while driving home the sun was already quite down and the rays were this golden yellow that is so typical to the fall… and this morning I was out and about very early, there was dew on the grass and on the small under growth, the air was cool and the dew looked like frost. No, it was not frost yet, but the definite chill in the early morning air made me think of it. It is still supposed to be a warm week, so my mind is not yet thinking autumn-ly thoughts, I am enjoying the quiet of the late summer, when the growth is slowing down, the hustle and bustle of the summer is calming down and you can feel that there is change in the air once again.”

I wrote that in the beginning of the last week. Now we are one week deeper into the fall and today the weather is grey, it has been raining. The wind is in the north and that brings us up here at the threshold of the fall.

Fall is wonderful; many people think that the beginning of the year should be in the beginning of the fall instead of in the middle of the winter, and I fall(!) into that category too. Autumn brings along the lovely routines that have been left behind in the spring, and it is a perfect time for something new, as most of us are well rested after the summer months. New Year should not be in the middle of the winter right after Christmas. It breaks the lovely celebrations, the much-needed vacation, the chocolate overeating abruptly, one has just gotten into the mood of enjoying the holidays and the good food that have been prepared weeks before, and then the bang! With the fireworks, the New Year rolls in and the feeling of guilt… suddenly you should – according to the magazines, start eating healthy and making plans for the new coming year…it is like you have been in the dark room dozing quietly and somebody walks in from the fresh air and turns on the light and tells you to get moving…and you ask, what did you say? Like now? This of course might only apply to the northern hemisphere.

I have longingly passed the aisles of pencils, sharpeners, notebooks and all the school related stuff while in the book store. How I loved to shop with the girls for all the school necessities in the fall when they were small. My crafting year starts in the fall. I am not always sure what the new year will bring and often I am puzzled and little worried of not knowing just where to turn to. I look at my fabrics and yarns and papers and pencils and keep tossing and turning my brain to find something motivating, something that will pull me through these coming winter months when lights dies out and the surrounding nature falls asleep. If only I had the patience to wait and see what happens, but no, I must keep racking my brain and this often leads into frustration and picking up something new every single day.
Couple of weeks ago I took out the box of kittens to give away two and the box seemed empty after those two were gone (into a very good home), that I had to make new ones. Of course, I cannot replace the two but I made two new ones with their own personalities. Once again, the process was interesting and rewarding and somehow heartwarming and I just need to make one more…or two or three or four...
Maybe this will be the year of the kittens, or then maybe of something else. Here’s to the new crafting year! May it be full of creative ideas, learning and fascinating processes! And may it bring you lots of happiness, as we all need it. There have been many sad incidents during these past weeks, I have felt hopeless and sad as many of you must also have felt. My sincere condolences to all who have been hurt in any way.

Wool with you,


  1. Lene, would you sell a kitten? I think having one would brighten my world. To pick it up, admire its workmanship, smile at its whimsy, and be warmed by the thought that it was made by the hands of a "blogpal" thousands of miles away in a different country and climate....

  2. So good to "hear" your voice again. Like Michelle, I would love to purchase one of your kittens as well...they are just so darn cute. Our mornings are darker and I love coming into my most favorite season - Fall!

  3. Beth in Maryland18:25

    What a joy to hear from you again! As always, you express my feelings - in this case, about fall - so much better than I can myself. I will think of you as, here in Maryland, we also begin to experience that golden sunlight of autumn. It won't be long!

  4. Lizzi00:04

    Always lovely words...........

  5. Gretchen03:30

    Hello Lena! I know I am not alone in being thrilled to find you back online again! How wonderful to hear from you. I share your sentiments about fall. It does feel like the year should begin now... and I too miss buying school supplies for my kids. Your kittens are just charming. Yes, cheers to a new crafting year!

  6. Ahh. As always, a delight to hear from you. Thanks for taking the time to stay in touch, Lene.

  7. I think we are soul mates. My year always begins in the fall. I have been very lazy this summer and look forward to the new season!

  8. I love your posts - always takes me away to happier places -- LOVE LOVE your kitties - are the available for purchase or do you have a pattern? Please keep sharing your beautiful thoughts!

  9. LOVE your kittens !!!!
    (have a good creative year ! ;-) !)

  10. Anonymous18:34

    Kittens with sweaters and hats! They are ready for fall and cooler days. Love the last two especially. Maybe it's the memories of new school years, but fall always signals new beginnings for me too.

    I so enjoy your words and art. Lovely.

    Happy Fall!

  11. I love your kittens! I made dolls and bears for my children and I felt like once I gave them a face, they had a personality. Your kittens have TONS of personality! I also think the new year should begin in the fall!

  12. Anonymous20:53

    Fall and spring are the best seasons!

    Perhaps its time to let the kittens open their eyes?

  13. I also consider Autumn the beginning of the year. It's a glorious time!

  14. I'm glad you are back and all is well! I envy you your kittens - they would be such wonderful companions, at a time I could really use it! In the meantime, enjoy making them, they are so incredibly adorable.

  15. Glad to see you back.

  16. Anonymous17:16

    Oh Lene how adorable are your Cats, and the pants ..... are so lovely
    Thank you for giving the world hope and inspiration... I'm always zo happy to hear from you and your special Nordic life.... And the Cats they close there eyes because they are so full of happiness....
    Knitinglove from a automnal Netherlands....