Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Thank You xxxx

My sincere thanks to you all for thinking of me and for sending me healing thoughts. For a little while I thought that I could spare you from this but then I realized that I could not write anything else before I shared this with you and I am so glad that I did, all your messages have been comforting. xxxx 
Tina was such a big part of my life. I am grateful for the years and for the things she taught me. I will treasure the memories, as the dark cloud is lifting and the world will regain its colors once again.
While writing this I am listening to the waves breaking, wind in the birch trees and heavy rain drumming the roof and knitting a cowl with the Old Shale pattern. I love the wave edge this pattern produces. The soft curves are just beautiful and while knitting the simple cowl, I am all the time trying to think of other ways to use this pattern.
Thank you Diane for pointing out the Ravelry link for all the different Old Shale variations.
What else can you make with this pattern but simple cowl? Mittens? Socks? Shawl and blanket? (I think this has been used in these contexts widely) Sweater? Cardigan? Long johns? Hat? This is such a well loved pattern and the repetition is easy to memorize. One has to pay little bit attention to the pattern as it is easy to leave the decreases too far apart and thus make sloppy waves.
Instead of having pictures of the cowl, here are finally pictures of the finished socks. I have two more unfinished pairs on the needles, have had them since last spring and they just don’t tempt me in any way.
The first socks of both pairs are finished and the second ones have gained few rounds and I am trying to gather some determination to get them done and have something new and nice on the needles again.
Or then I will just cast on for a new pair and think about these old ones some other day. Once I cross over the threshold to the sock knitting land, I am sure the old ones get done too, I just need a carrot to cross the line. I think I need some self striping sock yarn to do that trick.
Then there is also the shawl… I am already decreasing the stitches but the progress seems to be slow there as well although it is difficult to tell, it looks all the same no matter how many rows I put to it.  I love the fabric. It is squishy and light, the yarn is just lovely, all wool. But it is all garter stitch and we all know how that is… you can knit it with eyes closed and that seems to happen to me a lot with the shawl and it literally puts me to sleep. And then I forget to decrease, I am afraid this will not end up being symmetrical.
I have plans to visit a very good yarn shop soon and I am sort of holding my breath until I get there, and cannot settle into anything seriously. I have never before been there but it has been on my list for ages and finally I get to go there.
Ruusu was there to help with the pictures as always and she loved the breeze.

Wool with you,

PS. Jenni, the page I often visit when I am in doubt of the technique is Techknitting.
There is wealth of information of various topics and there are two of my most favorite ways to join a new ball of yarn:


  1. Such lovely socks!

    Glad Ruusu is an able assistant. :-) (She is so sweet looking!)

  2. Oh my gosh I love your socks! Ruusu is so cute.

  3. Your knitting photos are so beautiful. They make me want to hunker down and knit. Alas there is not time, but your bit about the slowness of the shawl is a reality that I'm ok with. I've got a banana leaf scarf in the works that's taking it's time to be nurtured. Happy Knitting to you.

  4. sandra03:15

    Your socks are stunning, your dog is stunning, and I once knit a curtain in feather & fan, which is very similar to old shale. :)

  5. So sorry to hear about Tina, she has been part of your blog ever since I began reading. I lost my old dog a few years ago and now my "young" dog is 12 (she is still pretty fit), so I know how you must miss your pal. Hopefully your other pets will be some consolation!! Hugs xx

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your beautiful dog. If one has never had pets, it's impossible to know how devastating their loss can be. "It's like losing a family member" is a cliche, but one that is quite true. If there is a silver lining, it's that you have many happy memories of her companionship.

  7. Hei!
    These socks are lovely. Can you please share where you got the pattern or if you have it, would you share them with me?
    Thank you!