Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New yarn and a very lovely yarn shop

For a really long time I have wanted to visit Titityy, yarn shop in Jyväskylä in Central Finland. Every time we have driven through or past that town, it has been late and the shop has been closed already, so now, when we had once again a trip planned towards south, I made sure I could squeeze a visit to the yarn haven.
The shop is in an old fashioned wooden house, the entrance is very welcoming and you are into a little paradise when you cross the threshold.
It has truly a lovely selection of yarns from all over the world… maybe you can recognize some familiar cones/skeins/balls in the pictures.
I spent quite a while going through everything and had hard time deciding what to buy. Since I did not have anything special on my mind, I wanted to buy just a taste of the ones I have been willing to try. Now I can make swatches and see what I enjoy and what they are good for and then later mail order more.
is a new yarn to me. I don’t think I have seen it anywhere, nor have held a skein before but I am almost certain this will become favorite. The yarn is light (185m/50g), the color is rich, and the yarn has texture. It is soft being blend of different merinos, if I understand the band correctly, but it has character and personality. Somehow it brings to my mind Rowan's Felted Tweed, yarn that I have used a lot and love dearly, although this feels squishier, but I have not knitted with it yet. 
Another lovely one is this fingering weight Titityy’s house wool called Tukuwool, which is 100 % Finnish wool. It has lovely colors and again the yarn is light, 195m/50g. Cannot wait to try this.
I am not sure if you can see the shine in this yarn, but it is wool and silk blend, but not your usual kind, this yarn has texture, it is woolen spun, it is not smooth like most silk/wool blends. Very interesting.
This yarn you probably recognize, it is Loft by Brooklyn Tweed, finally available in Finland, it has been a long wait but worth waiting for. Remember when I swatched with Loft and I did say that if I were to choose one yarn to crochet with for the rest of my life, it might be Loft. I bought two skeins and I am thinking of making another ripples cowl with this.
Supersoft100% wool by Holst garn.
Lovely yarn, again with a huge selection of colors. This yarn has some spinning oil left and I cannot wait to swatch/wash the yarn to see how it changes when treated.  It is very light, and very affordable, a very good find.
These were all the yarns I got, there were a lot more that I would have loved to buy, but could not get carried away. The shop was as lovely as I had imagined and a place I am planning to visit … hopefully very soon.

Talking about wool, the wind has been coming strong from the north for couple of days. I have been working outside and even though I, on some level, am little sad to see summer come to an end, I have thoroughly enjoyed the yard work with the fresh breeze and without any mosquitoes. I had woolen socks in my wellies and somehow it felt just about right.

Wool with you,


  1. lovely write up, Lene! I like the crafty wreath on the door, I might make myself one!

  2. lovely write up, Lene! I like the crafty wreath on the door, I might make myself one!

  3. You are a wonderful tour guide, Lene. What treasures you have discovered!

    So pleased to see that Visa and Mastercard are spoken there.

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely visit and found some great wools.

    Wouldn't mind some of your breezy weather as we continue to suffer through week after week of heat (33-44C real feel temps) and oppresive humidity. I look forward to the cooler days of autumn.

  5. Such a nice wool shop! And you have choosen very exciting yarns - looking forward to see all your swatches :-) Daniela

  6. The shop looks so warm and inviting. Love your purchases.

  7. Enjoy your beautiful new purchases. It is always fun to explore new shops.

  8. What a beautiful little shop!!!