Monday, May 02, 2016

Best time of the year

Hello from May, the most wonderful month up here! 
And thank you for all the lovely comments of the flowers, I am glad you like them, as I am not finished with them yet.
The lake is not quite free, there is plenty of water around the shores but the ice is still floating unbroken on the lake. The migrating birds are coming back in bunches and the air is full of chirping from the early hours. There is snow but is it vanishing by the hour. Everything happens right this moment. The day light hours keep growing and all of a sudden there seems to be haste all over. Quiet, hibernating months are gone and life is bursting everywhere. Grow, recover, bloom, gather, sing…and hurry, hurry!
Late last night I watched goldeneyes doing their spring dance right in front of my eyes. We have one birdhouse by the shore big enough for them and I am not sure if they were trying to decide who is going to live there this summer or what was going on. I know I am very fortunate to be able to live this close to the nature.
It has been very warm during the last few days; dear Mother Nature has been pampering us. I love May, I just have to say it again and again. I wish the days were longer during May, one set of 24 hours flies by and I cannot let this month slip away, I have to savor each and every day. Yesterday was very lovely, I enjoyed every second of it, went in and out of the house the whole day, so easy without having to add layers of warm clothing, and this morning when I started the computer, I looked at the date and realized, already 2nd! Oh no, slow down, please, will you.

My summer day usually starts with the first cup of coffee enjoyed on the steps of the house facing the lake, and already it has been warm enough for me to sit there for a bit. Today I took few pictures for you from the shore line and as you can see, the water is quite high and it is creeping higher all the time at the moment.
While there, I took a picture from the base of our kota (Samí tent) because you can now see the stone circle I made one year. I did not plan it well beforehand, I just started to collect stones and the circle was born without too much thought. Afterwards when I was looking at it, it almost seemed magical.
Anyway, the earth is taking over and you can barely see it these days. The fire is there in the small circle in the middle. I hope that this summer I will get to cook on that open fire several times.
My knitting life is still all about flowers. So far I have knitted all my leaves and flowers with wool, but I need to try cotton too. Somehow cotton seems to require different perspective and these cotton ones might end up being little different. Well, so far I have only two leaves finished with cotton and it is maybe too early to make decisions. Will need to make more and then maybe a couple of flowers to be sure whether the outcome is what I have in my mind.
I am also slowly writing a pattern for the flowers, in case any of you are interested in making your own flower garden. I would love to make a wool bouquet, with soft dusky pinks and whites...

Fingers crossed the ice on the lake is gone by the end of the week! While waiting it to happen...
Wool with you,


  1. I definitely want to make my own wool bouquet!!

  2. Oh my, your pictures are so beautiful. Love the shots of the lake...and your kota and stone circle - it must be magical to cook out there by the water. Nice that things are warming up for you and the days lengthening. Enjoy!

  3. It looks lovely there! I'm glad you are enjoying May so far.

    I for one would LOVE a pattern for the flowers!

  4. Oh, yes, I would very much like to see your pattern! And I am charmed by the way you use bits of felt and simple embroidery to finish your 3D pieces. So simple, so effective.

  5. It looks beautiful and peaceful. What an amazing place to be able to cook during the summer months. Your flowers are looking beautiful and the leaves in so many shades of green, they will look so natural when put with the flowers.

  6. flowers and now leaves? The photos of them lined up are very darling. I love the close up and the gentle softness and fuzz I can *feel from here. Happy Knitting to you.

  7. Sie kirjotat niinkö minun lempikirjailija, on ihanaa lukea :D