Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring and knitting

What is it with spring and knitting?

YarnHarlot wrote few days ago about having serious Startitis and that being a sure sign of spring. 
After reading what she wrote I was left thinking about the subject and wondered why is spring such a good time to start several projects, or why does it feel like a good time to start several projects. Summer and warm weather on the way and we, wool folk, feel like digging ourselves deeper into the wool. Strong winds carry us warm air and we surround ourselves with wool fumes. And all that feels just right, so right. I have had a craving for new yarn and it totally makes sense to me.
During the freezing months, knitting is necessary. It feels all the time like everything should be finished, right this moment so that I can wear it and be protected against the cold. Socks should have been done already, those mittens, hurry up, keep knitting, you will need them tomorrow. Oh, the forecast is predicting -20°C and that hat is not yet finished... But when spring comes, the need is postponed by a few months, now is the time to take it easy, to enjoy the knitting, make one stitch after another and not to be bothered about finishing since the cold season is far, far away.
Again, this is the time when one can be more imaginative, no immediate need for hats or mittens or socks, so it is totally fine to try out something more demanding, more difficult. Now is the time to make those cables or that color work or real lace knitting. Now is the time to plan, to dream, and to cast on. Could that be the reason why spring is such a good time for knitting?

I finished one pair of socks in February (these striped ones). The other pair is on the way, but I had to rip it back for quite a bit... I was hoping to make them long and I was sure I had another skein somewhere hiding, but I went through my sock yarn stash and no, there was only this one skein. There were few grays but none matching. I had to rip and start over. However, I am making good progress so I am hoping I am able to finish these this month and hopefully make another pair.
My surprise bag for March had again (!!!) two skeins of sock yarn, both very different from each other, so I am not sure how to deal with this, but luckily I have still some time, before the February socks are all done and a new pair needs to be cast on. Although, I might cast on my usual number just to be on the way already!
How is your spring knitting? Do you have startitis? Or is spring for you the time to start sewing and crocheting? Or something else maybe? Oh, I know all you with the green thumb are already well on the way. Definitely, it is time to make some changes and lift the face towards the sun and let the spring wash clean the winter-tired mind and body.

Wool with you,
(It is impossible to get good pictures of Väinö, the only time he keeps still is when he is sound asleep.)


  1. Oh what a sweet, sweet kitty. Love his face. And your new yarn looks so good. I swore I would not buy any yarn until I go to the Maryland Sheep & Wool festival in early May. But earlier this week I ordered yarn and some "things" (new needles and other treasures) -- I just couldn't resist. And now I've found a new pattern on Ravelry (Mick Jagged) for a shawl I want to knit NOW (even though I have another one on the needles as well as a sweater and some sox) and have been looking at yarn on-line all morning. Spring Fever!

  2. Oh I love your socks! They look like Easter eggs for your feet!

    That kitty face is the sweetest thing I have seen recently. What a pretty kitty cat.

  3. No on! Sukat kyllästyttää ihan kamalasti, vaikka vasta aloitin varmaan viisi paria, kaikki kesken, mutta tekee vain mieli virkata ja ommella.

  4. Love that cat. Wrap her in wool.

  5. I am happily enjoying finish-itis...many things that had to be put off to the side to make way for unexpected projects and events but with those cleared I have time to reacquaint myself with them. Quite fun peeking into the bags tucked here and there and work on remembering where I was when I left off.

    Very different than having set something aside because it wasn't going well and having to think again on the troubles with it.

    But just as you describe, as the daylight hours grow each day this time of year, so does my level of motivation and enjoyment with my knitting.

  6. Anonymous21:04

    Your blog entry made me laugh this morning. I read the Yarn Harlot "startitis" blog the other day also, and was amused at all us knitters have in common. Organizing her stash from today's entry, also rings a bell. I have been working on my "stash/craft" room of late. LOL I agree with you that spring seems to make us unfold and turn south, to feel the sun recharge our solar batteries. I love to stand and lean against the chicken coop, feeling the sun's warmth and note with happiness the return of eggs in the nests. Finishing and starting new projects, even little projects, is a happiness of spring. I joined a "Maker's League" from a knit shop in Stillwater, MN (Darn. Knit. Anyway.) as winter waned. Each month we do a "smallish" project and "earn a patch". Here is a chance to expand my horizons, so I thought. February was 4 hats. This month is a baby sweater, following the Elizabeth Zimmermann surprise jacket pattern. It is just something fun to do. Starting silly, or crazy, or short projects is fun to do in the spring, before gardening gets into full swing. I plant my tomato seeds this week. March is a muddy month, here in Wisconsin, with our snow cover finally melting from the north-facing hills. Our maple syrup pan simmers on most days, as the trees drip their sweet sap and goodness into their buckets and bags. Our energy levels are returning, after huddled within our "dens" for the winter, in order to survive. Now is the time to awake from sleep, dear, sweet Väinö; fun, exciting, warm summer is on its way! LOL The change of seasons is a delight to enjoy, just as projects delight and bring us joy as they change and fly off our needles. Glad that Ruuso is licking the new arrival, so he smells more like home, even if he can't supply a meal! LOL Renée from Wisconsin

  7. It's a marvelous thing that we can look at a tiny kitten and see the Cat he will become :)
    I don't think there is a seasonality to my knitting. It's just when and where I can actually do it, combined with the inspiration that strikes when I see an interesting project on a blog or on ravelry. It's not even related to acquiring a Very Special yarn, as I have some lovely hanks that live in my house only to be admired for ages - sometimes years! - before I wind them into balls and cast on. Which is part of the reason I am still knitting from stash ;)

  8. Beth in Maryland23:47

    I've been meaning to ask, how does Vaino pronounce his name?

  9. I have starteritis as well, I would love to cast on a number of pretty things. And I think that you're right, it's because there's no immediate need, so I can be creative and if it doesn't work, oh well, I can rip it back and try something different.

    Sadly, I'm stuck at my sewing machine. I have summer clothes to sew for my little ones. I couldn't resist casting on a new pair of socks for me, but I really have to settle down and get the sewing done.

    I love the stripey socks, so bright and cheerful!

  10. moiraeknittoo01:12

    I have total startitis. I've gone through half the stash I have with me (it's a long story), and have planned out a half dozen projects to finish in the next couple of months. I started two just last night, because I could. Also because my wrists are feeling the need for a bit more variety than just sock size needles. So it's definitely something about spring! Also, awww, the kitten is just totally adorable. <3

  11. Your socks are fantastic! I love the long length and the happy of the stripes. As for the sock yarn you're dangling in front of us in the other photo, the colors are so fun!

  12. Carol in MD21:16

    Yes, the startitis is very strong in me this year! This may in part be becasue I went through my queue and favorites on Ravlery and cleaned out and organzied them. This reminded me of so many itmes I wanted to knit, that I've started several knitting projects - trying double knitting as well as knitting a lace shawl with beads, both new skills for me - and am considering some sewing and crocheting as well. I can't seem to work fast enough to sate my desire to work. Because it's Spring? Hmm, maybe, but it hasn't been this way in the past, so there must be something about this year that is really urging me to move.

    Your new family member is adorable!

    I love the stripes in your socks - the colors are so happy!

  13. Anonymous05:08

    Your kitten has a very noble 'lion-y' face. :) Helen

  14. Lene - I'm wondering how you care for your socks? I've been washing mine in the washer and hanging them to dry, but I notice they are felting a bit which I don't like. Do you hand wash? Penny