Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The first days of the new year

Rovaniemi Airport
I hope this finds you all well. Thank you for all your well wishes and welcome back for a whole new year of knitting and crochet and possibly other crafts as well.

Yesterday I woke up early, took my girl to the airport, saw her go through the security, waved and sent kisses her way, and drove back home. Today is the last day of Christmas, the tree is gone and the various Christmas items that were scattered around the house are put away to wait for the next season. I have cleaned  the fridge and the cookie jars; I noticed that there are still plenty of chocolates left, yum! I spent most of the day sorting out the house yesterday and after all was done, I made myself a huge cafe latte, lit up all the candles both outside and inside, took a deep breath and sat away in my deep thoughts for some time. It was like after a long while, I had finally time to listen to my thoughts and arrange my head, sort of in the same manner I managed the house.
Snowy roads up north
I thought about the way we celebrated Christmases few years ago and how the celebration has changed. When the girls were little, things were different, everything was intense and full of managing various circumstances and constantly adjusting. I could not picture then how everything would shape up when all of them were adults. I loved those past Christmases, but I do love the way they are now too. I enjoy having the company of my adult girls and doing things with them, and while other meaningful traditions fade away, new ones surface and everything is good and all right.
Cold cottage
This was very busy Christmas season with the family and with the short trip we took up north. Good kind of way busy, but I have not had much time to think about New Year's resolutions nor themes for the coming year. I have not yet listed my goals, knittingwise or other. The turn of the year sort of flew by and here I am on the other side, sort of feeling like having loose ends that would need to be tied and then I could start enjoying 2016. This blog post will do as a turning point.
Below freezing inside
I am not sure if I need to make that many changes or resolutions, I am very much happy with everything the way it is. What I wish to be able to do more, is to knit. I have had a few quiet years; I have been knitting steadily something most of the time, the process has been peaceful and quiet, but now I am thrilled to be seated with needles. I guess, the short way to put this, would be to say that the mojo has come back! Yesterday I was watching Susan B. Anderson's videocast, and it was like getting a very strong shot of inspiration. I wish I had been able to reach out to her and tell her right there and then, how very much I enjoyed seeing her socks and sweaters and listen her talk about various yarn-related issues.
 Frozen window inside the cabin
The trip was a good one. This old cottage has belonged to my father and his brothers, they built it together eons ago and I have been coming here since the 60's. The cottage is in need of repairs and much of the time spent there, we made plans and discussed about the future of the place. When I first came to this area, there was almost nothing, I was 4 years old and I still remember the souvenir doll I got from the trip. Ever since the place has been growing and now it is a holiday resort. Our small cottage is situated in the quiet part of the village, there are few other ones that have been there since the very beginning. The holiday resort is next to the national park and over the years we have been both skiing and trekking there.
On the first morning, I was surprised when loud yapping caught my attention.
The husky safaris pass our cottage and you can enjoy the sounds and the sights of these happy sleighs passing. Of course we had to walk to the site from where these safaris start, and while I was watching and filming these happy dogs taking speed, I was thinking that this is how we should charge towards future and the new year, full speed from the start. (I love dogs very much and I am sensitive to the way I see them being handled and what I could see, all the dogs seemed to be well and happy and eager to go!)
 Husky & Co Saariselkä
Panimo, Saariselkä
Pirkon Pirtti, Saariselkä

We ate outside, walked a lot, every single day we were on foot for hours and slept long nights in the quiet of the cabin. No tv, no electricity, the only sound was the fire, the only light source the fire and the candles.
Funny thing happened, we (DH and I) thought that there would be very dark since we were so north, but it was not, even the nights when the sky was cloudy, there was light, the pure snow glowed in the darkness and we never needed flashlights when returning to the cottage. We re-entered the civilization fully rested, and oh the joy...
when you can switch the lights on and there is plenty of hot water,
... and no need to wake up in the middle of the night, when the wind is howling (it was extremely windy while we were there), the fire has died out, the cottage air feels little bit brisk, and wonder if you can hold on until the morning or if you should gather the courage, find the wools, open the cottage door, look out into the darkness and step outside along the small path that runs through the snow to the outhouse... I have a vivid imagination and you cannot believe the stories I had running through my head on these dark nightly ventures or the creatures I thought I saw among the trees. I practically run all the return way and banged the door closed relieved when back in the cottage warmth. Nevertheless, I loved it all, every single moment, and would, of course, go back in a heartbeat.
Next time, knitting.

Until then, 
Wool with you,

(PS. I usually don't feed the reindeer, occasionally I might take outside some apples and salads, but very seldom. I had to enable comment moderation as I have been getting so much spam lately, I hope this is not too inconvenient to you.)


  1. Thank you for sharing with us your time at the cabin. What lovely photos. I'd love an adventure like that (except the trip to the outhouse in the middle of the night!)

  2. Piękny czas. Wspaniałe zdjęcia. Dziękuję za relację.

  3. Your photos are like beautiful picture postcards, made much better by the fact that you actually live in them. Glad to hear you're back to enjoy electricity, hot water, and your knitting mojo!

  4. Welcome home Lene and Happy New Year! Such a gorgeous place you were. It all looks beautiful. Like Jean though, I would have difficulty with the outhouse in the middle of the night! Even your airport looks lovely...Philadelphia (US) airport...not so pretty....

  5. Again, this post has made me happy. So cozy, so peaceful, and you seem to have a wonderful family. Happy New Year to you.

  6. Your beautiful prose made me envy even the cold and the darkness of your cabin. The bliss of solitude in nature is certainly compelling--what can I say, I am an introvert.

  7. Oh, that looks so good!

  8. Lovely to read about your cabin. I am such a city girl I have a hard time imagining it but your pictures help. Happy new year and lots of knitting for us all!

  9. What a beautiful post....seems like a magical place....

  10. Tradition is such a comforting, warm feeling - Happy New Year!

  11. Such adventures you take us on, those of us from far away!

  12. Mary Jo21:16

    Thank you for sharing your charming cottage and holiday with us all over the world!

  13. Priscilla in London23:16

    Thank you, Lene for another wonderful, wonderful post. I remember bright and snowy night walks like yours, from my childhood in North America. We used to call it 'snow light'. It's magical.

  14. Thank you for sharing your beautiful place in the world. Your words and photos are lovely.

  15. My, what a magical place, your cabin/cottage! Pure heaven, from my point of view. Even the 'out house' trips would have been OK. Here in the Northeast of the US we are missing the usual snow.
    I'm glad that your knitting 'Mojo' is back and look forward to seeing what you create!

  16. Oh Lene, what a delightful post! I love your cabin and the village where it sits so much - it's dreamy. The more snow, the better!

  17. Anonymous03:39

    Wow very evocative photos. I agree that candles are really important in the dark of winter.
    I resolve to use more candles this winter.
    Best wishes for great knitting in 2016! Your readers can hardly wait to see what you want to knit.

  18. Jeannie08:43

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures. It looks like a winter fairy-land! I don't do well in the cold so I my never visit the Arctic Circle, but I can imagine it through your words and pictures! Thank you so much for sharing

  19. Beautiful and magical, and good for the soul, I think! Happy New Year! Hyvää uutta vuotta!

  20. Anonymous23:44

    Every picture you have posted makes me happy!
    Happy for you, to be able to get away like this and just happy in general :)
    What a beautiful place.

  21. Your photos take me to a happy place where I would like to live if I won the Lottery! But I will have to make do with just one week a year while holidaying in you amazing country. Have been to Lapland several times and with all the countries that I have been to nothing compares to Lapland. Such an amazing and magical place, my son even proposed to his girlfriend while visiting Yllas. Happy New Year!