Saturday, December 12, 2015

Winter forest mittens

One of my most favorite decorations I have is this snow globe. I had a small one as a child and never got tired of shaking it to see the snow slowly falling. My daughter (my first born) gave me this one years ago and I love the scenery in the ball. Getting it out always takes me back to my very best Christmas Eve ever, the day when she was born. Kiitos kulta!
Thank you for your compliments on the previous fingerless mittens. I am thinking of making them available as a pattern next year. But in the mean time, hope you like these as well. (I might be addicted to pom poms... and to mittens.)

My pattern, yarn Hjertegarn Lima 100% wool, 3mm needles.

Hope you have time to enjoy what you love about this season. Be gentle to yourself.

 Wool, as always,


  1. I can see why your snow globe is your favorite! Here in the US they often seem to be plastic snowmen, but your deer in the forest is lovely. I would be first in line if you wrote up your fingerless glove pattern. This pair is also wonderful!

  2. Anonymous18:02

    I love both the mitts and you hope you will publish the patterns in the future. Thank you so much for sharing your life and thoughts with us, your readers. It's a breath of fresh air in this chaotic world.

  3. These mitts are lovely, and I dig the pompoms.

  4. These mitts are lovely, and I dig the pompoms.

  5. Anonymous11:31

    Enjoying reading your blog daily, like opening an advent calendar.


  6. Very pretty mitts!

  7. They look so incredibly cozy and cute! Love the pompom!

  8. Anonymous15:10

    Another lovely pair! I love the soft muted colors...I would love to purchase your pattern when it is available. I have been reading your blog for years, I enjoy it so very much! Gretchen