Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Vintage socks

Do you remember this pattern? 
Embossed Leaves by Mona Schmidt.
When it was first published in Interweave Knits magazine (I don't remember when it was) I did quite a few pairs of them. (The socks are also included in the book "Favorite Socks 25 Timeless Designs by Interweave)
It was very quick knit then and while knitting them again this fall, when the leaves were turning yellow, I was once again surprised how quickly they went.
I did not follow the pattern exactly as written, did my usual heel and usual toe instead of making the star toe. The pattern has twisted ribbing and that is my favorite way of doing k1/p1 ribbing. This pattern is so beautiful, it needs to be knitted again and again.
Once again, I am sorry for not being able to tell you which yarn this was... possibly Sokkusu Original which is discontinued now, but was lovely yarn by lovely Alice Yu.

Wool with you,


  1. Oh j'aime bien ce point de feuilles des chaussettes grises et jaune d'or
    quelles belles chaussettes!

  2. one thing on my new year's resolution list is to knit more patterned socks so thank you for this recommendation. what a beautiful colourway...i will twist my ribs, as well.

  3. I do love this pattern and the book is one of my favorites. I've knit this sock at least twice and agree with you - a delight! LOVE the color of your yarn!

  4. Yes one of my favourites too. That and the wonderful Monkey sock pattern.

  5. I do love this socks, too. And also knitted them already a couple times. The color of yours is so lovely...

  6. I knit my family socks years ago and they wore out so quickly. Since then I haven't knit socks. I wonder do you find the they wear out quickly? Especially with a cable pattern I would be concerned.
    Thanks for your beautiful blog!

  7. I remember when you couldn't seem to stop knitting the Monkey sock patttern!

  8. Just beautiful! Perfectly autumnal, but cozy all winter long, too, I'm sure.