Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Questions and answers

Today is the shortest day of the year. The sun was up at 1110 and went down again 1320 (0120pm). I lighted every single lantern outside to celebrate this.
Thank you for enjoying the shopping trip! I was really surprised that you liked it so much. And then the classic slip, I forgot the sugar! Luckily, the girls were off to town today to see their friends and they will deal with my mishap.

The post inspired little students to send me few questions and here are all the answers:

Dear Lene:

We are a class of second grade students in New Britain, CT in the US. That means we are 7 and 8 years old.
Mrs. Goodwin, our teacher, who reads your blog, shared your post with us today…

Alexia: Do you see Santa? Do your kids see Santa?
Hi Alexia! I have seen Santa many, many times and when my children were small, we used to go and see him every year and taste the cookies Mrs Santa had baked. The girls always said that they tasted special.

Jamie: Are you cold, we haven’t had snow yet.
No Jamie, I am not cold. If you put on enough clothing, you are able to stand the cold. Lots of wool and all is fine!

Julia: Your post was interesting. Do you like it when the reindeer are around your house?
Thank you Julia! Mostly I do, sometimes they can make a mess and that is not so nice. But I remember one night when I could not sleep and had the window of my bedroom open and listened one lonely reindeer digging through the snow for grass and I could hear him chew, it was kind of fun!

Gerald: Did you pick the person up yet from the airport? Do the reindeer play with you?
Hi Gerald! Yes, I did pick my girl from the airport. I have never played with reindeer but I have been pulled in a sleigh by one. Do you suppose that is playing?

Haylee: That was exciting! If you see Santa, can you take a picture and post? At Christmas, if you stay up late, do you ever see Santa’s reindeer fly?
Thank you Haylee! Next time I see Santa, I will take a picture and will post it. I have not seen his reindeer fly, but I have seen him with his reindeer quite often.

Joseph: Do those reindeer belong to you? Do you feed the reindeer?
Hi Joseph! No, I am afraid I don't have any reindeer myself. And I think these were part of Santa's crowd. We did feed the reindeer yesterday, since we interrupted their lunch. We had some old apples that we took to the yard and they were gone by morning.

Julian: How cold is it over there? How many children do you have?
Hello Julian! It is not very cold now, -5°C today. Good day to be outside... that is if you have some wool on. I have three girls.

Nyzaiah: Do you see reindeer moss or lichen?
Hi Nyzaiah! Yes, I suppose lichen for reindeer is like ice cream, they love it. And they feast with mushrooms every fall.

Monica: Do you like the reindeer coming around your house? Do you like living in the Arctic Circle?
Hi Monica, I like to see reindeer very much. And I would not like to live anywhere else.

Jezirah: What do you children look like and ages? Is it pretty there?
Hi Jezirah! My girls are all grown up (26, 24 and 24) and lovely. I think it is very pretty here.

Ciara: Do you like the reindeer in your backyard?
Hi Ciara, I do like to have reindeer in my backyard. It is always like having very special guests when they come.

Hajar: Can you tell us the name of your children?
Hi Hajar, my girls are Sonja, Nadja and Daniela.

Yeishka: How many reindeer are there?
Hello Yeishka, now this is a tough question. I really don't know, but the largest crowd I have seen had 70 heads. This was on a field near by.

Jonathan: Did you name the reindeer in your yard?
Hi Jonathan, the one that stayed behind when the others left, my daughter named Rudoph. But I have not seen him today, hopefully he will come around soon.

And I live in Finland, in the northern part, just above the Arctic Circle, near a town called Rovaniemi.
I hope this answers all your questions. Enjoy your holidays!

And the familiar stitch pattern in the black and white cowl,
R1:"k2tog, yo, p4" - repeat for the whole round
R2:"k2, p4" -repeat for the whole round
R3:"yo, ssk, p4" - repeat for the whole round
R4:repeat R2
And repeat these 4 rounds.

Be well, 
Wool with you,


  1. I so enjoyed this post. As a teacher I loved the notes from children, but it was also great to learn more about you. I didn't know you were in Finland. That sounds so awesome. I've always loved the Arctic. Maybe I'll visit someday!

  2. Anonymous17:47

    Dear Lene, I always have a difficult time posting a comment. I am sure this is my fault, but I have been a long time reader and have not had a chance to tell you how much I admire your wonderful blog. It is full of the joy you have in life along with your amazing art. I know that every moment in life is not wonderful, but you have created a wonderful place for so many to visit. I thank you so much for doing that. Just imagine a class of children being able to write to you! What a joyful post.

  3. Thank you, thank you for the stitch pattern! I will cast on 200 stitches on December 26. . .

    Have a lovely Christmas week -- I hope all your girls are home for a long visit.

  4. oot ihana :'--)

  5. Your daily stories have been a highlight of my December. Thank you so much for sharing. Your replies to the class are a special treat to read.

  6. We, your readers, have known that you are a mother, lovely blogger, extraordinary knitter, and now you are also an international educator! I loved the students' questions along with your replies. It looks like all of us are fascinated by your reindeer!

  7. Hi...I'm Mrs. Goodwin...my class asked if you had answered the questions yet and when I checked you had not...they will be thrilled to read the answers tomorrow. thank you so much for doing that...tomorrow we are presenting a "Cultural Celebration" which is four mini-plays and a couple of songs. They have been practicing really hard and tomorrow will be an absolute whirlwind...thank you again....this is why I love the internet and blogging...

  8. Anonymous04:57

    Your December posts have been like a wonderful Advent Calendar this year and I look forward to them each morning. It's a lot of work to blog every day, and it is so kind of you to do that along with all your other holiday preparations. Thanks for being so gracious as to share your creative spirit, your beautiful home (inside and outside), and of course the dogs and the reindeer! I hope you and your family have a very Happy Christmas!

  9. How fun to get the inside scoop! :-D