Thursday, December 17, 2015


While doing Christmas preparations I have been in search of good listening while doing all the tasks. Even old fashioned scrubbing turns into entertainment when you at the same time have a good story in your ears. I like history and am happy when I gain a wee bit of information in the process of a good story, so I listen to historical fiction at times. Lately I have been learning about the Tudor Roses, that is the immediate ladies of Henry the VIII.

I am not sure how I found The History Chicks podcast but there was a recommendation of another podcast of English Medieval and Renaissance Social History and of course I had to check that too.

There is a small chapter of Christmas celebrations in Tudor England.

I have had this book Tudor Roses by Alice Starmore for some time now. I have the first edition too, and when the second one came out, I thought that I would not need it, since the title was the same... but then I visited Virtual Yarns and saw all the fabulous designs. Have you seen them? I just had to buy the book, even though I might never knit anything from it, I thought. These sweaters are truly art. I won't say that about very many things but here it is true. I am not sure just where the boundary between craft and art lies but these are art and have crossed the line with giant leaps.

It has been very interesting getting to know these Tudor Roses and then comparing the designs with the personalities. After being introduced to Margaret Beaufort and Elizabeth Woodville, it really makes sense why their designs are the way they are.  Every time I learn something new, I look at the designs and realize why this lady is wearing this garment. Very, very interesting.

I was most surprised to know that there are Twitter accounts for many of these historical persons. If you would like to follow Anne Boleyn's Advent calendar, click this link. Today there is a recipe of The Christmas "Minced Pye".

Now, while listening, I am wondering if I should make all the Tudor Roses as felted dolls.

Wool with you


  1. this is really interesting! thank you for sharing...

  2. Great podcasts. Thank you.

  3. Jeannie00:00

    Yes you should absolutely make all the Tudor Roses as felted dolls!!!! They would be so cute

  4. sandra02:46

    Yes! To the felted Tudor Roses!!

  5. I love this book and I love history! Thankyou for the links, I'd never heard of the History Chicks :)

  6. Anonymous21:21

    The Tudor Roses are beautiful and inspiring. Are they art as only originals or if we all knit them would they still be art?