Sunday, December 20, 2015

And a new cowl

Today the sun rose at 1116 and set 1309 (0109pm). You really have to move fast if you need something to get done during the daylight hours. Only few more days and then there is going to be little bit more light every day. Not that I have noticed... hello world! I can hardly see through the flour dust here. Every single day I have thought that now I am done, but then I remember that really I should try this or that and once again I find myself tying the apron strings (yes, I use aprons). Today I have to run to town to get more supplies and one person from the airport. Happy! Happy!
Thank you for your comments about the scarf. The edge... There was nothing fancy, just the normal slipping either the first or the last of every row, I don't remember which one I used here. I never purl the first stitch of the row, I always either slip it or knit it... but, it is the blocking! I love blocking and there I pinned out every other row. That is the reason why the edge looks so nice.
And another neck warmer. About 200 sts, 3mm needles and one ball of, I think it was Zauberball Original, knitted until I ran out of yarn using the familiar stitch pattern.
I wish I had more time to sit here and write, but again, need to go. (I have managed to knit my new little mittens here and there and I am loving the process.)
Not long now, we are almost there. I have plans to knit and knit and knit little more when everything is done.
Wool with you,


  1. Lovely colours! and excellent knitting - as always.

  2. I really can't thank you enough for your calming words and beautiful knitting. You and you blog have been an inspiration during a less-than-happy month for me, and I love reading every day. Happy baking, knitting, Solstice, and Christmas!

  3. I am so enjoying your posts. Thank you :-).

  4. What is "the familiar stitch pattern"? I like it very much and am inclined to copy shamelessly. . .