Saturday, October 24, 2015

Carpe... cake!

Thank you for your good wishes on my blog's anniversary. This all started as a knitting blog; ten years is a long stretch and one changes, new things come along and some of the old habits are left behind. I do knit, but lately just socks, plain vanilla socks and there is not much to write about them. Although I am suspecting that the urge to knit a sweater comes along sooner or later. 

Since I have much less time to dedicate to my crafts these days, I am giving huge hunk of time to my dogs, crocheted dogs as to speak. At the moment they are giving me lots of gratification and joy and it is almost as if they have taken over my life and they keep coming around the corner begging to be done. I guess I know dogs best, I have followed their lives all my life, I know they are big personalities and differ from one another just like humans do. I know you all have heard the saying if only my dog could talk... they do talk, you just have to learn to listen. They talk in so many ways, voice is just one aspect but they do use it in many ways too. I am learning new things every single day.
My process mostly starts with words. Sometimes I do a dog (drawing) first and the words come along and the process goes from there. Not once the whole process has been an easy one. I have to draw the image several times to put life to it. My images are fairly small in a Moleskine sketch book. When I think I have the expression I am looking for, I start crocheting the image. The dog changes at this point a lot and I love to see the change... well, not always, sometimes it goes ash tray and I have to start over. No matter how hard I try to stay true to my original drawing, my hands seem to know the best. They do what they do and I just have to have faith. Also this is very humbling and there is plenty of room for improvement... As you can see, the original is different. I am not sure why I need to do the dogs with yarn, why cannot I settle with the drawing only.
Ruusu gave me the meaning for this one and my daughter made the saying... Again in Finnish, the meaning is not to seize the moment but to seize the cake. Actually grab the cake, don't just dream about it.
Making the composition gave me lots of trouble. I made whole other background for this one but disregarded it because it turned out somehow too sterile compared to the dog. I appliqued the muffins at first, just like in the original drawing but I could not get them right, so I ended up making these felted ones. Maybe I should have pushed myself  little more because there is something I am missing in the picture, but somehow cannot put my finger on it. But then, I am never quite satisfied at what I make. I am thinking that if I was, the urge to make the next one would be gone, and too taunting, as you would be afraid that you could not paint a better one.
I am onto the next one. The process is at the moment as it is always in the beginning: very, very difficult and frustrating. Nothing seems to be working but this is really how it should be; making choices, picking the wrong ones, learning from them, changing directions, starting all over again... sigh... If only there was more time. Then on the other hand, sleeping over the choices and having to have timeouts is good. Whether or not this works is left to be seen. I just need to have the determination to push through and never lose faith (easier said than done).
Now I need to go, leave the dog and spend some time in the kitchen. I am having good company, the best company for the next few days and I need to get started. I am having all my girls under the same roof for a few days, this is rare these days and so very, very special.

Wool with you,


  1. I know that you will have such a lovely time with all of your girls and your heart will be so happy.
    I do love looking at all that you create. Everything you make is just wonderful. I am in awe of your talents.

  2. Sharon21:31

    It may be the dogs mouth thats different.In the drawing the shape of the dogs mouth makes the dog look like he's about to grab the cupcakes and the crochet one looks more surprised by them.They are both absolutely fine and you make wonderful things Lene.Your blog is a joy to read:)

  3. I really enjoy your blog posts. Have a wonderful time with your girls.

  4. Congratulations on the blog birthday.these years have been so inspirated.Followed you on distance and every time you have made something with a special twist.Always high quality on the yarn and the design.

  5. Happy family!
    from Ellen in Connecticut

  6. I love your dogs! Don't stop:-) And enjoy time with your precious family

  7. I love your dogs! Don't stop:-) And enjoy time with your precious family

  8. I love the reindeer. How wonderful to see them. I love the dog work you do.