Monday, June 01, 2015

White Linen

I took these two pictures in the middle of the night this weekend just to show you how light it is at the moment. And because I was blown away by the beauty of this couple, they were slowly swimming on the other side of the lake and the rising sun made them look golden. And because leaves are getting bigger by the hour.
While cleaning and organizing the stash some time ago, I came across this huge cone of white linen.
I love linen as cloth and would love to work with it more. I have bought the cone for weaving and don't get me wrong, I have intentions to weave more someday but maybe not just yet. But linen, I would love to use it. And I would love to use more of silk as well, although I am not keen on sewing with silk, I love linen and cotton to sew with. This is not the only thin linen that I own. I have some blue and red as well.
Ages ago, before the blog, I knitted myself a linen cardigan. I love the piece but I hated knitting it. It does not have the give and forgiveness of wool and looking at the wonky stitches on the needles just leaves me frustrated. I have seen some lovely knitted linen tunics and wish I would be happy making them, but I just have not been able to knit any. But I do love linen. 
White Linen, I think there is a perfume called White Linen. So there must be something there.

I am a knitter through and through. I love the movements of hands, I love the fact that you can keep knitting while watching movies, I love how very simple the act is. But I hate to knit with linen. And yet I love linen, you would think that that amount of love would overcome the difficulties, but it does not, I have tried. It just does not work.
Linen, silk and cotton are easy to crochet with. The stitches are even, the outcome is right away nice. I am torn; I would love to knit, my hands are so used to it and crocheting is so much more unfamiliar to me, and I don't know how to solve most of the problems that are easy for me in knitting. I wish I was more familiar with crochet, but even if I crocheted every single day for the rest of my life, I would not get to be as comfortable with it as with knitting, my days are too short.

So I crochet for a bit, I stop and wonder if I should put down the crochet and go and knit with something woolly and wonderful, and then I sigh... pick up my hook again and look at that linen cone and for a brief moment, I feel calm and fine. But then again, after that brief moment, I wonder if I should go back to wool... Somehow I feel I am unfaithful to my dear knitting... Are you ever torn between your interests, what do you do when you cannot decide...
This is not a tunic, but a little thin lace cowl and I do love the outcome.
Yet another thing out of my comfort zone: cardigan with 4,5mm needles (big and clumsy for me). Even though it has been a pain to knit (design is lovely, yarn is lovely but it is not wool!), I am sort of getting the hang of it and I am beginning to think that I can finish it at some point. The yarn is Savanna by Cewec (50%cotton 30% silk 20%nylon color no 8), soft and silky in a raw silk kind of way.

White Linen with you,


PS. There seems to be something wonky with Blogger at the moment... I had difficulties in editing - sorry about it.


  1. Interesting blog per usual. Love the long long light at this time of year. Seasons are fascinating.

  2. MaureenTakoma18:21

    I feel about knitting with cotton the way you do about linen. Like the idea of it and the look but knitting with it is unpleasant for me. Perhaps crocheting with that fiber is the way to go for you. Or perhaps knitted lace?

  3. I haven't checked on my favorite blogs for quite a long time and I am so happy to find that you are still writing. Coincidentally, just before this blog check I had taken a cone of Bockens 16/1 off-white linen down from my shelf. I think I'll knit a simple lace pattern and make new curtains for the window in my bathroom. I like the idea of looking through the linen lace at the trees that have green leaves all year round here in Alabama. I love to knit lace with this linen yarn, there is something pleasant about the way it feels to pull one linen loop through another. I hope you find a happy project for your linen. Selfishly, I'd really love to read about it.

  4. Ahahah your post made me smile. It could be me but the other way around, I have been crocheting all my life and just learned knitting few years ago. I love it, but I feel so uncomfortable doing it ... and 4.5 needles for me it's like making lace lol, anything smaller than 6 makes me crazy ... but crocheting, give me whatever yarn or hook and I can make something ... but still I keep thinking that I should try harder with knitting ... ahahah you see, I can understand you ! Have a wonderful june ! Hyva Kesa ! ( sorry I don't have finnish keyboard for the appropriate ''a'' )

  5. I loved the perfume, White Linen. I wore it for years. I wonder if it is still available.

  6. I could have written this of knitting, love of all things wooly, over the top love of linen----and yet, I only reluctantly will knit with it; i'll crochet but rarely and only for a single something until i can turn back to my knitting. sigh. there are more of us in this world than I thought.

  7. Kimi09:58

    Beautiful picture! So serene.
    I much prefer knitting also...crochet just a little.

  8. Anonymous15:03

    I understand. Knitting has a strong pull. I'd rather knit over most everything else.

  9. I understand what you mean about crocheting. Sometimes a pattern comes along that I have to try, or the yarn begs to be crocheted... but all along I think, how can I knit this?

  10. Anonymous05:29

    Your feelings about knitting with linen make perfect sense. Also, some linens are easier to work with than others. And I think it's difficult to knit for those who knit a bit on the tight side. Your crocheted linen cowl is beautiful—reminds me of Irish lace. If I were you, I'd continue crocheting the cowl, maybe for 15 minutes a day, then return to knitting with wool.
    Your lake is so peaceful, and in all seasons.
    White Linen by Estee Lauder. It's still available, at least here in the US.

  11. Amber13:12

    I'm glad you're posting more lately. I always find quiet inspiration and interest here, and you always make me want to try harder on my projects!