Sunday, June 21, 2015

Last week in fiber

I hope you all had a wonderful Midsummer. Weather always seems to be the most important part of the Midsummer, as this is a celebration to be held outside and this year the weather was a bit on the cold side, but not nearly as cold as last year when parts of Finland had some snow... At least all the stuff coming down was water and there were sightings of sun as well!! And there was one extremely happy dog who took a good dip during a sunny moment.
Settling down into something overwhelmingly inspiring after an intensive project can be cumbersome to say the least. I have been all over with yarn and fiber this past week.
I cast on for a new cardigan. I had some cotton (Primavera and Mandarin Petit - almost equal amounts of both) and with 2,5mm needles and Amy Herzog Custom Fit pattern I have managed to get some 10 cm done, but I am not sure what happens next... I am not that happy with the yarn choice, the colors particularly.
This color on the other hand is my color! This is thin Bockens Nialin (60%cotton 40%linen) with 2,5 mm needles again and I love the yarn and I love the stitch pattern and this will be a cowl when
finished and it should be shortly, but as I don't know how to knit the edges of it, I am a bit uneasy with it. This yarn is a left over from my weaving project some time ago, and you were right, thin linen and lace knitting would be a perfect match.
I finished two pairs of fingerless mittens, there were only some embroidery left to do on both of them and I finally figured out what to do with them. The pictures did not turn out great but I am hoping that Ruusu will get that sorted soonest and will organize a proper photo shoot.
Of all the things I made last week, I am most happy with this necklace. And since it is making me most happy, I am currently crocheting small beads for another one.
There was little bit of spinning on top of these too, but I forgot to upload that picture... You have to picture that in your mind's eye.
Isn't it great that you can do so many different things with one string only? And that you can jump from one project to the other until you find something you love?
I hope you have a great week, thank you xx for reading and commenting and
Wool with you,


  1. Anonymous18:07

    You sure had a busy and so beautifully creative week! :-)

  2. Such wonderful projects and a happy dog, too! Do you know someone who likes that pink/red color and could use a warm cowl/mitts/hat/socks/sweater? Thanks for sharing!

  3. So much fun stuff....the necklace is great and I love the mitts....-

  4. It IS great that so many things can be made with one string and bring us so much pleasure, too! Those beads are awesome.

  5. It IS great that so many things can be made with one string and bring us so much pleasure, too! Those beads are awesome.

  6. what a productive week!!!! I've done a knit version of those beads and had such a good time with them....I think I like the uniformity of the crocheted ones a bit better. Wishing my crocheting skills were up to the task!

  7. You've been really enjoying yourself, haven't you? What lovely projects all around, but I have to say that I love the soft color gradation of those wonderful fingerless gloves that you've made.
    Have a great week,

  8. That necklace feels very Marimekko to me, for some reason. But I love the fingerless mitts the best! Well, second best after the happy dog.

  9. i think a few ridges of garter stitch to finish off the cowl. wonderful blue!

  10. Anonymous22:35

    The look of bliss on your dog's face is priceless!! Very lovely knitting as well. As always :-)
    Enjoy the long days,