Monday, May 18, 2015

Wool fields...

Maybe not just yet, but I am working on it.
Thank you for all your good wishes, all my trees are fine. The ice got broken very quickly into small bits and none of the big floating pieces came back. I am glad you noticed Hansel's pockets; when I was making him, I knew I had to make big pockets for him. It was a challenge at first, but then I realized that I could actually spin little bit of yarn of the same wool I was using for the coat to knit the pockets. I have not given up hope for making the witch...
My surroundings are little dreary at the moment. There are some tiny buds but mostly everything is as it is after the snow. It has been cold and the nature seems to be waiting for some warmth, as am I.
In the meantime I have made more wool flowers. Few of these I made years ago but needed to make some more. Something quite silly and so fun!
I really like the yellow one (not finished yet)...

Hope you all have a good week and wool flowers with you,


  1. All of your flowers are beautiful!

  2. LOVE the flowers! Is there a pattern?

  3. Kukat ovat aivan ihanat! Ja edellisen postauksen satuhahmot samoin, ihailen suuresti luovuutesi!

  4. I am glad your trees are safe and the flowers are wonderful!

  5. Anonymous22:23

    So Charming! I am so glad your trees are safe and that you are back blogging!

  6. Anonymous06:08

    What an interesting site. Your work is so interesting and unique. I love your characters - and your flowers are beautiful - what a way to brighten up a day! I have been enjoying your site and just wanted to let you know.....

  7. The wool flowers are so gorgeous and brighten up even the dreariest day.

  8. Lovely flowers! My favorite has to be the red one. I love red and what a cheerful pop of color in the early spring woods.

  9. I love your blog & I'm amazed at what you come up with. You are the most creative person I've run across and I wish I could watch you work. Those flowers are wonderful as are your wool folk, your patterns, everthing. Thank you for blogging.

  10. Anonymous02:09

    So cheery!