Sunday, May 10, 2015


The lake still has an icy coating, but not for long...
And then we went to look for a perfect place to take pictures of the new socks...
Regia by Kaffe Fasset col nr 4253 (old stash find)
And a very happy and woolfilled Mothers' Day to all! (Dear girls, being your Mom is the best thing in my life! xxxxxxx)
Wool with you,

mother of three
PS. The brown socks from a few days ago were my own, but the stitch pattern is from Barbara Walker's stitch dictionary and it is a repeat of 8 sts, so very easy to use in a sock. 

Maybe too many sock pictures, but I just could not decide...


  1. never too many sock pictures!!! enjoy your day!

  2. Lovely socks and gorgeous colors! The toe and heel are quite interesting. Is the heel an adaptation (your own, perhaps?) of an afterthought heel? It looks very nice and round. And I particularly like the straight lines on the toe decrease. Looks like it fits very well.

  3. Anonymous01:54

    Pretty socks for spring! Happy Mother's Day :)

  4. Awesome pictures, and love the socks !

  5. Your sox are fab; and I believe we can't ever have too many pictures of the lovely items we create. Something inside me kept waiting for your heels to touch that icy water !~! Thanks for sharing; Happy Mother's Day Week.

  6. Thanks for colors and icy lake... All beautiful.

  7. Amazing pictures - and I love your socks! : )

  8. Beautiful pictures and lovely socks. Klutz that I am, I would have come home from that photo shoot, I am sure, with sopping wet feet!

  9. Anonymous06:44

    These pictures are strikingly beautiful!
    Here's to wishing that May slowly spins out her days...

  10. Lovely to see you back!

    I thought the sock colourway looked familiar, lol, I had the same one :)

  11. These are the best sock photos ever! Very creative in your use of reflections from the water. I have not been reading my blog list very often but I love your new header, which may not be that new, but then that shows how long I have been away.
    As for staying awake through the night fretting for the safety of your lake edge trees, how lovely to take on the mothering of your surroundings, if only more people were in tune to that. Happy knitting. PS I adore the little fairy tale puppets!