Thursday, December 04, 2014

Ursula Cardigan

The world was white and beautiful this morning when I woke up. When summer began to turn into fall after all the glorious warm long days, I felt a bit sad and found it very hard to say farewell to those white nights, but today when I looked at the scenery, gazed at the thermometer (a good stretch below zero) I was so very happy and sort of wished for a long winter. I know, it sounds odd, and a bit scary, and sometime next spring I have had enough, but today, this quiet December day, with barely daylight at all, winter seems just right. There have been lots of candles, hot drinks, lovely wool and knitting.
I am knitting Ursula cardigan out of "Colours of Shetland" (by Kate Davies).
I am using various yarns, and since there just did not seem to be enough of any specific color, I need to stretch my creative muscle a bit. I could have bought more yarn but in a way, I enjoy this challenge. There is no way to tell if I am successful in the end, but this is just knitting and then I have learned something, if my plan is not working.
Ursula has patterning in the bodice but none in the sleeves. I am wondering if... am not sure... And since I am not there yet, I will have plenty of time to think about the sleeves. The construction is going to be something new to me: top down set in sleeves. I am adding a bit of shaping, not much, because the fit of the cardigan is close and I am knitting the second size. There is going to be steeking which is interesting but little scary too. All in all I am very inspired and have hardly been able to put the cardigan down.
(Love those buttons, will use them for backing buttons if I cannot find another use for them.)
I am not sure about the colors either, so far I have started with dark grey and the first stripe of patterning is in orange, the next one probably in lighter grey but from then on, nothing is settled yet.
I have been looking at the designs in the new "Yokes" book (also by Kate Davies). I cannot decide which one I like best... Frost at Midnight uses beads in a beautiful manner, I don't think I have seen this anywhere else. I have knitted with beads mittens and scarves (have I?? I'm not sure of the scarves, anyway have thought about it), but never a sweater, so I will need to do this at some point. Buchanan has a very fresh design in the yoke, a bit different and very appealing to me. Westering Home is simply stunning. Keith Moon simple but glorious in its simplicity, would never have thought anything like that. Epistrophy was the very first one Kate presented in her blog of the new book, and after seeing that I could not wait to see the rest. Seeing each one was such a treat and nourished my inspiration. All the above mentioned are interesting but so are the rest, I could cast on for Cockatoo Brae, Foxglove or Ásta Sóllilja or maybe Bluebells or Fintry just as well. All very beautiful.

I have not yet read the articles in the book but there is plenty there to read and learn. 

Isn't this all very fantastic: lots of wool and a book full of inspiration and a long winter to knit through.

Thank you all for welcoming me back! This feels just the right place to be now.

Wool with you,


  1. So lovely to hear from you again Lene, I thoroughly enjoy your posts and your simplicity in stating things just as they are. Oh, and your photos too especially of the lake and how you mark the seasons by this body of water.

    Kate Davies new book is just divine. Every design is worthy of a good knit. Am waiting with baited breath for my copy to arrive in the mail so that I can turn the pages one by one to look, read and dream. Westering Home is my first pick.

  2. We had our first big snow last week, and for the past couple of days I have enjoyed knitting while wrapped in a fleece blanket in a chair by a big window, occasionally seeing one of my goats walk past browsing on twigs in the snow. Knitting just feels different in winter, I think...or maybe it's the coziness of a nice fire in the woodstove.

  3. Patt08:44

    Glad you are back. I always enjoy your posts. I can imagine your place by the lake as I now live in Nome, Alaska. Our days are about 4 hours of sunlight right now. We have not been so cold unless the wind is blowing. The Bering Sea is on it's way to freezing up. The Musk Ox are making their way in to town, looking for food. A good place to sit and knit. Ursula is a beautiful sweater. Your version will be lovely, I'm sure.

  4. Anonymous10:08

    Glad you're back and amazing how that open water view of the lake is now snow! :) Helen

  5. I know exactly how you feel about winter. There is nothing cozier than sipping a hot drink and knitting, with holiday or classical music in the background. The sweater is off to a beautiful start!

  6. Anonymous08:36

    So glad you are back. I always enjoy your posts. They put a smile in my heart. Can't wait to see more of your sweater in progress.

  7. I love Kate Davies-Please do post pictures of your progress....your sweater is going to be lovely!

  8. Lovely to hear your voice again and so glad you are well. I read through thus book today and it is wonderful.

  9. skeindalous00:59

    Such a pleasure to find you here again! Hope your winter of knitting is most enjoyable!

  10. You are a Winter Woman, as am I. So very very glad to find you back here after too long away!

  11. Anonymous07:17

    Oh joy! White scenery!
    It's so good to read your post and to feel the joy that you're experiencing.
    Thank you.

  12. I am so happy to see you posting again! Your blog is a true delight, especially in the winter :-).

  13. Sarah R15:07

    So happy to see new posts. And new pictures! I hope you don't mind that I set some of your photos as my desktop background. They are so lovely.

    As is that sweater going to be.