Monday, December 01, 2014

Happy December and Puffin mantle

I'm writing here pretending that I never was away... In a way it is true as I have been thinking of you a lot and have missed you, but somehow one day after another slipped by. Thank you for all your messages and I am fine, all is fine, I'm still very much in love with wool.

We had the best summer ever, it was warm and there were very hot days and somehow Mother Nature managed to create a lovely atmosphere of never ending summer. The summer finally turned to fall and now it is already December and I find myself again walking through the blue moments in the mornings. I love the beauty of winter and the serenity of the landscape. Tonight we are waiting for a heavy snow fall. There should be plenty in the morning.
I have been knitting, have done some crochet and Tunisian crochet. I have a new warp in the loom. The sewing machine is all ready to go... Lots of plans for the future but also some finished items. 
I love every single design Kate Davies makes. I would love to make them all and in my dreams I am already doing so. She has recently published a new book, Yokes, and it is as beautiful and interesting as was her first book Colours of Shetland. I recently finished a Puffin mantle that was in her first book and I really love it. It is very light, it was easy yet interesting to knit with all the colours and I enjoy wearing it. It adds wool to my daily wear, which I very much need, without being bulky. Plus you don't need to keep adjusting it all day long as you very often have to do with scarves or shawls.
I think I made this exactly as written in the pattern ... but now that I think of it I might have made a few changes. I am not sure anymore if I added one more colour in the pattern repeat and I might have done something differently with the edges, but those changes are minimal.The yarn is old stash yarn, no labels, just few odd balls of this and that.

The daylight time is just a few hours now and catching a good photo shoot time is almost impossible, so this is the best I could do. I hope you get the picture of this lovely mantle.
Here I am almost in the focus. Almost.
Here Ruusu is in the focus, me not so much.
Now we are both off.
Even more so. 

Hope you are all well,
Wool with you,

PS. Hooray for the wool season!!


  1. How good it is to see signs of life on your blog, I have missed it dearly. The yoke is beautiful, lovely colours, perfect craftmanship and I like your dress as well since it is in such a nice colour and understated classic form. Is it made of wool or cotton? I presume you made it yourself. Best wishes, Vedis

  2. So very good to know that you are well. Great that you are still creating beautiful things.

  3. Donna23:19

    So nice to see you post. You are always an inspiration!

  4. Anonymous23:23

    I'm so happy you're back !!! Please keep posting, I love reading and enjoying what you do !!

  5. What a Christmas surprise! A new post. I always enjoy hearing your thoughts & seeing what you knit. Have a wonderful Christmas season.

  6. So glad to see that you are back! Love the yoke - great colors.

  7. Betty00:51

    I am so happy you are back.

  8. I am so happy that you have returned. I have missed you and your words. I very much hope all is well with you and yours.

  9. Missing you so much, happy to hear from you ��

  10. How lovely to see you pop up my my reader! I am pleased to hear that all is well.

    Very lovely mantle - I look forward to seeing what else you make from yokes, Kate is such a great designer.

  11. Anonymous16:51

    So happy to see a post from you, and to hear that all is well.

  12. Anonymous20:43

    I, too, am so glad to see a new post! It's always a pleasure to read your words and see your work (beautiful as always)..


  13. Maureen01:37

    So nice to hear that you and your family are well, Lena - I was starting to think the worst. I check your blog every day and it seemed as if Christmas came a little early today when there you were...still creating and sharing! You have the magic touch - everything is beautiful and even more beautifully crafted! Happy Holidays - wishing you joy, contentment, inspiration and and always!

  14. Anonymous06:34

    So happy to see you back online!

  15. Marsha08:00

    Delighted to read your update, and happy to hear you are well. Longer days cannot be far off now!

  16. so good to know that you are ok...

  17. Anonymous01:08

    Ah, Lene, this is the best gift ever. I missed your posts so much. All the best of the the holidays to you and the family.
    Cheers, Cheryl

  18. Anonymous03:11

    Nice to hear from you - and the photos are lovely!
    I like the out of focus ones too.
    I have been very vaguely pondering that Puffin mantel. It looks so useful and I like the colour arrangements ... hmm tempting indeed!
    best wishes for the holidays!

  19. Anonymous02:26

    Happy December Lene! I am so happy to see you back! I have missed your blog posts. The puffin mantel is lovely... as are all of your photos! Best wishes to you! Gretchen