Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Good morning! Progress on the Ursula cardigan

I realize it might not be a morning to you but it is here. It is dark, cannot tell much about the weather except for the fact that it did not seem cold and I could not hear any wind when I let the dogs and the cat out. Can you believe our Kille cat turned 18 last July? He has had some downs, has been to the vet a few times lately, but the last time he was there he stretched himself on the examining table waiting to be scratched in his tummy (he might resemble a dog there - it comes after being part of a dog herd for all his life) and our vet declared that he seems to be fine, except for the fact that he is old and has some trouble old persons have. Since he is 18, he can vote in the next election, he could get a driving license if he wanted to (he does not care for cars) and he can go to bars (I am a bit concerned of this fact, but he seems to be reasonable). I have tried asking him what his political viewpoint is but he has not shared that with me. His visits outside are short but a few times a day, he at least needs to have the door opened for him. If the weather is foul, he turns around and is very content to stay in.
Ursula is progressing nicely. There are times when I am frustrated with her, it is because as we all know, stranding can sometimes be a little bit uneven. Although I know most of the unevenness is taken away with a good blocking, it still gives me great joy to see neat knitting while I am doing it and here I just need to believe that it will be good in the end.
But then I find such joy in seeing the pictures build under my eyes that I cannot put down the knitting. Every single spare moment I have, I have given to her. (Which is also not so good, as it is one of the busiest times of the year, and I keep postponing every little task that is not necessary to do right at this moment to the next one.)
I am at a point where I have added new steeks for underarms and am soon about to make another steek for the neck opening. Very exciting! It is such a long time since I have cut into my knitting that I am anticipating this almost more than Christmas. While waiting for the moment to come, I have been watching Mary Jane Mucklestone's Craftsy class about Fair-Isle vest and Hazel Tindall's Shetland cardigan.

While the stitches in the cardigan are not that even, I love to hold the knitting on my lap. It feels thick, soft, cushy, and lovely. At this moment it appears to be the best kind of knitting there is. I am so happy with the cardigan that this worries me a bit. I checked the gauge, it should be correct, but I am still a bit concerned that at some point I will find out something that has gone horribly wrong. I have been a knitter for such a long time that I know every project has some battles and I am hoping to be prepared not to be defeated in the coming fight.
It is good to be back here, cannot wait to talk to you again. However, have to go now, work and other things ... I might be able to squeeze in one row of Ursula before I rush out.
Wool with you,


  1. Anonymous13:21

    Dear Lene !
    I am so glad to know that all is OK with you!
    Best wishes for christmas time !

  2. Lene, it is such a pleasure to see "Dances With Wool" pop up again. You are a constant inspiration.

  3. Anonymous15:16

    So very glad to read your post. I've missed seeing your beautiful work and your lively commentary. I hope you will post the yardages that your newly configured Ursala uses. It looks lovely.

  4. I hope that Kille is careful if he doesn't indeed visit a bar ;-) What a lovely sweater-I can see why you don't want to put it down.

  5. I love your version of Ursula -- so inspiring with those shifting greys and shot of paprika red! Congratulations to Kille on having reached this mature age. Send doggie pictures soon!

  6. Love your sweater. Wish I had the courage to try one. I am very glad you are back and I hope you have a Happy Christmas, Deb

  7. Anonymous04:30

    I'm so glad you are posting again, Lene. You were very much missed.

    Ursula is looking fabulous. And congrats to Killie--18 years. Wow!


  8. Patt05:24

    The Ursula sweater is beautiful! I have had some very old cats but none of them reached 18 yrs. Congratulations Killie. Merry Christmas if you don't post before then. (hope you do)

  9. Ihana nähdä sinun neuloavan taas, kauniit kuvat, ja oh miten kaunis jälki! Ei näytä epätasaiselta ollenkaan!

  10. She is a beautiful sweater. So warm looking.

  11. Beth in Maryland20:31

    Lena, how wonderful to click here and see you back! I was regretting that Christmas might come and go without you. FYI, none of my cats have ever cared to share their political leanings with me, either. But I do think they talk about it amongst themselves.

  12. Maureen07:22

    She is breathtakingly beautiful...just like your beautiful country!

  13. I bought Kate's book for that very same cardy! I like the colors you've chosen --

  14. I just did my very first tiny amount of stranded knitting, adding a simple little detail to a pair of socks (rav link: http://ravel.me/quinn/olmfe). It was a good way to play with a technique I have always admired but also found bit intimidating! Now I am thinking...hat?
    Sending a gentle tummy rub for your Elder Statesman Kitty :)

  15. You are such an inspiration! Your work is impeccable! I love visiting your bog.