Friday, May 16, 2014

Spring forward

The lake is finally free and the color blue is back in my palette. Right at this moment the color of the lake is ... 
No matter how hard I try, at this time of the year I always end up just waiting and waiting for the sound and the color of the lake and this spring the wait felt very long. Today was another cold day, but the forecast is looking good and our long and warm (hopefully!) summer is just about to begin. Could not be happier!
I finished the cowl and it ended up being much more than I ever thought it would be. I truly love it. First of all the yarn is very pretty and the stitch is soft, it is not stiff like crochet sometimes can be. I don't think I have managed to crochet anything this nice so far. But this happy ending has given me a lot to think about and I will need to explore some more. I will always be a knitter but I would love to be a crocheter too. I know my knowledge is not very deep at the moment but oh! I am so willing to learn everything I can.
Since finishing the cowl I have plans to make another one, but in the meantime (thanks to Pinterest and Youtube!) I found this interesting block (this is just the beginning of the block) and I have plans to make a baby blanket.
Lots of bright and happy colors to spend a few evenings with and it should be done.
I will experiment with how to put the patches together. I am not going to sew but most likely will add a border that will have "handles" that I can crochet together. I want the end result to be flexible and I would hate to have seams that restrict the flow of the fabric. I am almost certain how I will do it.
Last fall I told you about the new LYS we have in town. Having been a very regular client, I am now working there. I love the place. It is like walking into a big stash every time I go there. We have a blog "Lampaanpolskaa ja puuvillavalssia" (Merry sheep's reel and cotton walz) and I am writing it in Finnish, although I plan at some point to write it also in English.

I have loved Dances with Wool so much over the years that I am not ready to let go of this, so I will pop here every now and then.
Here's to warm weather and summer!
No matter what, I could not sign off without wishing...
Wool with you,


  1. Good for you working in the wool store, you will be so happy looking at all the beautiful yarn.
    Hugs to you,

  2. Anonymous00:08

    Excited that you are now working deep inside a stash that doesn't clutter up your home or bring on guilt! But please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeae, Lene, do not leave us here at Dances with Wool. You have been an inspiration and a pick-me-up for years, and I cannot exist as happily without you. :-(

    in California

  3. Anonymous02:59


    Your blog posts have given me so much joy these past few years, please keep writing and inspiring me, and everyone else.
    I am happy you have found a second home in your LYS, and I am a bit jealous, too, as my LYS is an hour away. I would love to work there!

    Warm weather best wishes,
    Denise in Ohio

  4. Anonymous17:29

    So much to ponder in this post! Lovely crochet cowl...I am going to have to see if I can do that stitch. The circles too! I have pinned a similar pattern.

    And now, your big news. Lucky, lucky LYS to have your creativity and inspiring ideas right there! I too have spent many happy hours reading this blog, going back and looking at the projects again, and enjoying all about your life, where you live and and your amazing art in wool and other media. I hope we still get to sometimes see your home, family, pets and the lake. Thank you so much!

    I already have clicked on your LYS blog to take a look (and bookmark!) and am happy to say that Google can translate it to English for me! (Not perfect of course, but it does the job.)

    Best to you, and "wool with you" too!

    in California

  5. It is lovely to see what you've been making, and I'm so glad to hear you are having so much fun!!