Thursday, January 09, 2014

Little Red and the Wicked Wolf

Thank you for your input on Little Red's nose. She still has it, I have not done anything to it so far and I am beginning to think that I will leave it as it is, if nothing else than a reminder. I am not sure if I need to play further with that kind of nose, if any of the following wooly people will get similar one in the future or if this was just one time experiment. Currently I am making the grandmother, I don't know yet where she is going or what she will look like when done. I am trusting that at some point of the process I will know.
"Good day, Little Red."
It surprises me how much easier (only easier, not easy, almost every single creative endeavor is some kind of a battle) it is for me to work with fiber and in three dimension than trying to capture stuff on paper. I have been trying to draw and paint the forest but every single drawing has ended up in the waste basket. Frustrating! Last night, I decided to let the papers rest for a bit and returned to felting and began making the grandmother and right away felt at home.
"Where to so early, Little Red?"
I am very pleased with the wicked wolf. While I was making it, my daughter pointed out to me that in the end the wolf dies and I could not let this one die... I am not much of an illustrator! I was going to make the creatures for the original fairy tale and now I need to change the plot because I cannot let my wolf die. How do you feel? I am sure the wolf is only after the piece of cake and the bottle of wine in the picnic basket.
"Where does your grandmother live, Little Red?"
 It seems to me we are going to get buried in the snow. It snowed almost all the yesterday and it is supposed to begin again soon and keep going for a good while. The wind is picking up and bringing cold air. I guess, normal winter will resume and January will begin to look and feel like January.
 "What have you got in your basket?"
Wool with you,

PS. Carla Sonheim's courses are very friendly and easy approach and you certainly need no art training to participate.


  1. Gretchen16:14

    Who wouldn't want to come in from the cold and share the cake, wine and a nice fire?
    I love your wolf. I think the tie was a nice touch!

  2. adorable!! Again, Lene, you inspire me so much. I would love to learn how to make felt creatures if there was a tutorial I could watch to get me started. I love the red riding hood tale. I dressed in a red furry coat with a hood for the first 10 years of my life because it was my favorite story and my mum could sew my little red coats out of fake fur. xo

  3. Oh no, don't let the wolf die, he's way too cute. Love your little felted creatures. Stay warm!

  4. Anonymous18:25

    Your wolf IS cute - but he does have a very wicked expression.

  5. Anonymous18:32

    Perhaps St. Francis and the wolf of Gubbio could enter the story and show your wolf and Little Red how to live happily ever after?

  6. Lene, you are such a talented Lady..
    all the best from Switzerland where the weather is totally crazy, its almost like Spring...
    ciao ciao Christa

  7. Anonymous19:50

    Have you read "The Wolf's Story" or "Honestly, Little Red Riding Hood was rotten" both children's books I've used in school to teach point of view.

  8. He has got the look of a sly old fox - but not too many have such a smart tie! He’s great!

  9. Your fox is so cute and smart looking. He knows he can talk Little Red Riding Hood into sharing her bread, cheese and wine from her basket. Can't wait to see grandma.

  10. That wolf just wants a warm spot by the fire.

  11. Having the wolf nearby brings Little Red to life! Love that big, greedy tongue; can't wait to see Grandmother!

  12. Anonymous21:54

    He cannot die !!!!!!! SO cute

  13. Beth in Maryland22:43

    The story definitely needs an update. Wolves have been turned into villains by humans, whereas they are just looking for what everybody wants - something nice to eat and a cozy place to have a cup of tea. Perhaps this Wolf is also a bit lonely?

  14. Oh my, he is cute and scary all at the same time.

  15. Anonymous00:25

    I'm sure any wolf who wears a tie is ready for cake, wine, and good company! Love your work, Lene!


  16. Anonymous09:21

    The tie was a great addition! Kind of updates the story and he becomes 'city wolf'. lol Helen

  17. Anonymous18:44

    Your felt figures are absolutely fascinating, full of fairy tail magic.

  18. So much personality in those two little creatures - can't wait to see Grandma! :) I will look forward to seeing all your fairytale creations develop, whenever you care to share them, Lene.
    I have decided to explore a new (to me) medium this year, and after writing about it on my blog, have received much kind encouragement, which I appreciate. It's a new experience for me - sharing the process of what is generally a solitary endeavor. I can fully understand the excitement of your shared, online class. Here's to a lovely, creative year!

  19. Karen M21:17

    Your Wolfie looks more like a sharp businessman than a fearsome predator. Around him I would protect my wallet rather than my throat. Perhaps Red and Grandmother would too. They are lovely.

  20. Your fiber figures are wonderful, whimsical and artful. They are beautiful and fun at the same time. I like the wolf - nice touch with the tie. Stay warm.

  21. Love them both! There is so much expression captured on their faces! Love Red's face, and love the Wolf's tongue wrapped around his muzzle.

    Nice work. :-)

  22. I love your felt characters. I heard one version of the story where Grandma kept the wolf as a watch dog...

  23. Anonymous22:53

    Yes please, make sure the wolf lives! He is adorable in his wicked little way and he was probably just looking for tea and cookies :-)
    Enjoy your snow.
    p.s. btw, his nose and pink tongue are great. and I am glad you kept the patch nose for LLRH.

  24. I love them!!!! Try as I might, I just can't be afraid of that wolf!

  25. Onpas mainio susihukka! Ja niin hyvät ilmeet molemmilla. :)

  26. Anonymous18:22

    Lovely and inspiring!

  27. Where are you ? I need to read Dances With Wool, Please. Hope all is well. Best wishes Diana

  28. Maureen01:27

    Lene - I'm worried about you and hope you and your family are well. I pray that you're just having too much fun creating...which leaves no time for blogging. Hugs and love...

  29. Hope all is well with you Lene x