Sunday, December 01, 2013


The year is coming to an end and it closes for me and my family with Christmas festivities. Year sounds like a fairly long time but this red season always comes quickly. The year goes past so fast and the everyday routines are difficult to break, so the anticipation for Christmas needs to be cultivated. Wake up, December is now! December is all about getting ready (exhausting oneself with all the work) for the celebrations. There is so much to do, even if you skip cleaning the closets and airing the clothing. But at first, one has to get into the right mood by taking small steps towards the right direction, which is ... perfect Christmas... right? This year the house will be surprisingly clean (even if I don't clean), the cooking will be superb (even though I don't have the chef skills), the baking will be out of this world (even if in the end, lots of it was made from freezer to oven stuff), the gifts will be fantastic and surprising and funny (even though everybody has everything, and surprising anyone gets more and more difficult), everyone is going to be bright eyed and happy and peaceful and full of good will (even though they travel long ways in crowded trains and planes and have had tough and tiring autumns). For a few days I will cloud the reality with hot and spicy glögg and will dream of and prepare for the perfect Christmas, who knows, miracles do happen.
Last week while doing grocery shopping, I went to a florist to see if there were already hyacinths, there were, but I saw this beautiful poinsettia and had to buy it. The color is dusky red, it is not bright at all, it was difficult to get a good picture, but I think the color is just about right there.
I got out these elves, they always make me happy. And made this little needle felted tree.
This last picture, you have to imagine.
I took it tonight with my phone, through the dirty car window, knowing that there would not be much to see, when returning home from the town, but
there were reindeer eating supper in the nearby field.

It is beginning to feel like Christmas!
Wool with you,

PS. The lined mittens are not technically lined, there are just lighter mittens that fit well inside the cover ones.


  1. Kimi00:09

    Beautiful pictures! Wishing you a wonderful Advent Season.

  2. Christmas is indeed coming so quickly. I have my lists of things to get accomplished everyday, I am crossing my fingers it all gets done.

  3. That tiny Christmas tree gets my vote Lene!
    We all wish for a perfect Christmas...and we forget what we already have...
    Love this post Lene, it reflects our mood no matter where we live...
    Wishing all the best Dear,

  4. You live in such beautiful country Lene. Thanks for sharing with us. I think the perfect Christmas is one shared with family or friends. Perfect is all relative, don't you think?

  5. Anonymous00:38

    I have a very sentimental attachment to candle-lit Advent coffee hours - the more cookies the better.
    Thanks so much for the reindeer photo. We can imagine them even in the murky gloom.
    Enjoy December!

  6. Your entry is so lovely
    Christmas is coming to us as well. Here in New Zealand we have sweltering hot days and BBQ Christmas dinners. So different from the lovely cold weather you have.
    Love your little elfs.

  7. Anonymous20:36

    Sometimes we try so hard to make things perfect that we forget the joy of just having fun. I do what I enjoy, and if things don't get done that's fine. Have a wonderful December.

    Pat in Somerset, England

  8. Anonymous20:38

    Wonderful photos and post. This puts me in the spirit of Christmas more than anything so far. Love that little tree. And the reindeer!!


  9. Anonymous00:07

    Your delight in life and reflected in your blog always makes me laugh. The "perfect" anything on earth is perfect! LOL We are all just doing the "best we can" with what we've got and you know.....that is good enough. Our lives are filled to the brim with little perks and perfect moments and happy thoughts. Your posts, your projects, your elves, little Christmas tree, dusky red poinsettia, happy anticipation of Christmas, and the deep blue sky with the murky reindeer over the exotic part of the earth where you live, all zip out through the internet to give us shared perks, perfect moments of reflection, and happy thoughts, every time you "write us". We love it. We "love" you, our favorite blogger. And ONE of these Christmases, perhaps on the "other side", we are going to meet you, hug you, and thank you for all the fun moments and things you shared with us in this life! Thank you, Lene. Renée

  10. Thanks Lene for all your posts. I look forward to them and was delighted that you returned after a hiatus. The one thing I will never forget is a couple of years ago when you posted everyday the dwindling daylight around you. That was magical. Thanks again.

  11. Ohhhhhh that tree!!!!! So sweet.

  12. Wishing you a very wonderful holiday season and thanking you for continuing to write one of the best blogs out there. I miss it when you are not here, but understand completely how hard it can be to keep providing content. When you do, it is always appreciated.

  13. Oh, reindeer? How neat is that. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.
    Merry Christmas,