Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New path

We are approaching Midsummer with grey skies and northerly winds, the lovely warm weather is just a distant memory. The bright side of this bad weather is, that now we can wait for good weather and waiting for something good to happen, is ... good. (I am really trying to find something nice to say about the weather here, even though it is very, very difficult.) So let's move to knitting.
Since last time I have been working on wool applique some more. I love this new path. There is so much to learn and discover that it is very interesting and appealing. I have heard often said that embroidery on knitting is hard and I believed that for a long time. Embroidery on any surface can be hard at first, one has to concentrate on the small stitches, but anything new is hard at the beginning and becomes easier with practice. I would love to show you this in person.
I have been making swatches to gain more knowledge. I am at the beginning of this journey and so I cannot say very much yet but Sandra asked one question in the comments that I believe might interest you:
" I have just knit a similar pair or mitts for my daughter's birthday (which isn't until November). I would love to applique and embroider them, as well. Which brings me to my question. Do you stretch the knit fabric before you sew on the applique?"
I block the knitted piece first, the background should be really well balanced. Then if needed I baste the applique piece to the background first to see that it lies flat, the background should not be stretched but should be as even as possible. If you look at the pieces here, there is some distortion but not too much.
It is not yet time for the strawberries but they are already on my mind.
Other than applique I have cast on for a pair of beaded mitts. I am not sure where they will go from here, I am thinking that they need something, but don't have a clue yet what it is going to be.
Wool with you,


  1. thank you for this inspiring post!

  2. That yarn of the mitten looks gorgeous! The color, the texture... it is a pleasure to look at it. And the knitting is really beautiful also, as usual.

  3. Gretchen15:57

    Your work is beautiful. I never thought about applique on knitting before, but the technique is very lovely.

  4. I wonder if you will do something with your applique swatches - a nice cushion cover or sewn together as a blanket or wall hanging. They are so beautiful they should be seen!

  5. Would this type of applique work on crocheted items? I can knit but I prefer to crochet.

  6. Anonymous17:38

    Lene, your work just expands to perfection each and every time that you focus on a new skill! Your applique work is superb. Your beading - inspiring! But it's the knitting that takes all to a new level, beautiful stitches and always, incomparable fiber choices. I love the top oatmeal colored wool - do you remember the source?

  7. Anonymous18:15

    Everything is beautiful, as usual, but I especially love the beaded mitts.

  8. Lene, everything you make looks so lovely! Thanks for sharing and wishing you and yours a lovely Summer!

  9. Hi Lene, so sorry for the lousy weather, over here it finally looks a bit like summer.
    Good that you make your own summer in wool !!!!
    The flowers, and especially the strawberry, are great !!!
    Wonderful mits (in case ...) ;-)

  10. The combination of knitting and an appliqued/embroidered piece is just so beautiful.
    Well done,

  11. I've thought about embroidering on knitting, but not appliqueing! Your swatches are adorable. Think how beautiful your work would be on a sweater!

  12. Sandra02:42

    Thank-you :D

  13. Your work is simply stunning! I agree that your appliqueing would be beautiful on a sweater too. Love the beaded mitts as well. You really are quite talented!!

  14. Anonymous09:04

    Both mittens and swatches look fantastic. I am wondering what kind of material your appliqué is? Wool obviously but ???Merja Uk

  15. Lovely work, as always.

    Would it help stabilize the knitted fabric is you basted a square of muslin or something on the back of where you want to place the applique? The extra fabric could be trimmed away after the work was finished. Or would that distort things more? I'm not a sewer, so don't have a clue.

  16. Your work is simply beautiful and I never fail to be amazed at your creativity and great finishing on your projects