Saturday, June 29, 2013

Midsummer pictures and beads

I promised you a few pictures of our kota last time.
We bought this when the twins turned 5 years old. The Disney movie Pocahontas had been out for some time and it was a favorite, so the birthday party had to be themed around that. This was a long time ago and kota is becoming old and used and is soon reaching a point where it needs to be replaced.
There has been couple of years in a row when we did not put this up, last summer being one, since our daughter was so unwell, there really was no point, but we decided to do it this year.
It looks like rags (pictures never lie!) and it does not look very inviting from the outside, but do believe me - when you look inside and see the open fire and possibly something good cooking and the seating (reindeer skin) around, there is something magical in it.
The open fire just draws you in and the outside world disappears. I love to cook there, bent down close to the ground, stirring the woods in the fire, it is just my thing.
My dh loves his gas grill and he does most of the cooking during the summer, but this kota is totally my world.
Here the fish is nailed and is cooking slowly on the boards and that's where my camera fell wayside...

Come rain or shine, I knit. Be warm or cold, I knit. There is always a good excuse and a good cause to do it.
I have been making more beaded beads. There has been lots of trial and error (!!¤%##!!) and lots of cutting apart the beads and collecting the tiny seed beads back into their containers, but finally I have something to show to you that I really like.
First of all, the yellow yarn is Sokkusu Original fingering weight merino wool. When worked in a small gauge (1,75mm/US00), the surface starts to resemble velvet, it becomes cushy and very soft and absolutely beautiful. This was a total surprise but such a good one! Then there were no knots in the yarn. I made beaded mitts from it, will show them to you next time (they are blocking now) and the yarn seems to hold its shape very well. This has to do partly with the small gauge, I did the mitts with 1,75mm needles but the yarn has strong body. The color is deep and saturated and very, very beautiful.
Finding the right beads that would talk with the yarn, was little bit difficult at first but once I settled into these, I believe the color is close to deep mauve, I felt the match was almost perfect. The beads pick up totally different colors from the yarn and stop it coming too warm and overwhelming. The small knitted beads strengthen this while the orange and brown wooden beads again push the opposite. So there is communication inside the piece. There are a few big beads among the small seed beads and they are there to add interest and to break the monotony.

Making the necklace really required brainpower. All the choices took time and energy and it was a bit frustrating at times, but the joy of finding the right answers of course swept away all the frustration. The necklace is done but I should make a little bag for it, being made of fiber, it needs protection from the outside world and should not be left alone lying in a drawer unprotected. I have not decided yet just what kind of bag would be nice.
When this piece was done, I immediately thought that I would  w h i p  up a new one in no time, but no no no... not that simple. I am back in a square one, trying to match yarn and beads. I would love to make something blue, but nothing seems to be working; I am willing to do just about combination that works.

Wool with you,


  1. I love where you gather under your tee pee, to be together. Your knitted/bead necklace is amazing. The time it must of took to create such beauty I can not even imagine. You did a fantastic job. And I, just like you, work with yarn year round. There is no stopping because the weather is warm.
    Hugs to you,

  2. Wow cooking in that "kota" must be real fun (ha a bit like our ancestors .... ?)
    Those beaded beads are wonderful together with the wooden ones in that necklace Lene !!!!

  3. Your beaded necklace is so lovely.
    It must be wonderfully cozy in your kota next to the lake.

    Take care,


  4. Anonymous09:55

    Your homeland looks so beautiful, and I can see that it inspires you. Love to read your thought processes.....

  5. I like the kota as it is old and worn and looks like many happy hours were spent there in a perfect setting by an arctic lake.
    We have so little opportunity to get so close to nature and this looks so wonderful.
    I am so amazed at your creativity; I love the bead necklaces.

  6. Your kota looks very inviting. What a magical place that must be for your children. I would have adored it as a child!

    The knit/beaded beads do look very difficult. But it is definitely worth the effort; the necklace is beautiful.

  7. Mary04:05

    I love glimpses of your view/country. Just beautiful. Matches your lovely work.

  8. love all your pictures abd the necklace of beads is beautiful enjoy your summer and your kota,interesting about the merino i must try with some i have on hand and see if it behaves the same

  9. geoann18:14

    your kota speaks to me! I am of native american indian descent (and dutch, what a combo) and I can envision the smells and sights and vibe of that warm little circle and wish I were there!!! And the knitting - thank God you continue to take up the knitting because your work is truly truly inspirational. The fabric beads are so gorgeous - yes, you need a special bag for it. I have one for you if you will send me your address.

  10. geoann18:16

    here's my email address: Be sure to send your address - you will love the bag I have in mind for you!

  11. Love both the Kota and the beads, thanks for sharing :) I think I need to make a necklace like that for me someday soon.

  12. Pamela in Vt02:18

    Your cooking fire system looks perfect. I like the fish-holders! I lead camping trips with teenagers 2x a year and wish we had such a fire apparatus. What is it called?

  13. Koda with raindeer pelts on that beautiful lake is amazing. I can imagine cooking in there too. It looks like heaven.

  14. Lene, the necklace is amazing! I always wonder how you get done so many fine, wonderful things... And thank you for having a look into your kota.
    Have a good summer!

  15. The kota is quite beautiful, all those skins and the fire is ao inviting. I'd love to visit you right now. I made my daughter a Pocahontas Halloween costume back then. She loved playing the role with her girlfriends. This brings back that memory so clearly. your lake is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing a little of your world.

  16. it's been over 30yrs, but when I was married, and living in the country, we were doing living history (the early 1800's in America)and had a tipi. We set it up in the yard and slept there every night during the winter. It was magical! I miss that. Sitting by the firelight at night.....listening to the quiet. I don't think I ever slept as well. Then of course it would start warming up, and I worried about snakes crawling into bed with us! so I started sleeping in the house again! LOL!

  17. The necklace is absolutely exquisite Lene, I shall imagine you wearing it sitting in your wonderful kota!

  18. Wow!!! What an amazing place to sit and enjoy eachother's company.