Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Juhannus - Midsummer

Mother Nature has been dealing with getting her house into Juhannus condition a lot better than me. She has been pouring water all over, with force if I may add, and every single surface is dust free and fresh and lush green. She is doing some final rinsing today and possibly tomorrow and then I sincerely hope she is done. 
(This video is from last summer, but it has been about the same today.)

I am following her footsteps with milder determination, using mostly vacuum cleaner and a bucket of soapy water and I don't plan to drag this procedure for days. I plan to get done today and then I will go forward for planning the meals. We will put up our kota (could not find a picture but will take you one, once it is up) and I am hoping to do some of the cooking by the open fire down by the lake. Friday is the big day and most of Finland stays up most of the night celebrating the Midnight Sun. The sun has not set for days up here and I am not going to see when it sets next time, because I really don't want to know! I love these white nights and wish they would never end. I have been checking the weather forecast every single day for several times to see what kind of weather we are having and it should be fine.

Some questions and answers on the embroidery in my last post:

"Would this type of applique work on crocheted items? I can knit but I prefer to crochet."

Linda, I think it would be even easier on crocheted fabric (of course this depends on the type of the stitch) because crochet makes a good, solid, stable, non-stretchy background.

"I wonder if you will do something with your applique swatches - a nice cushion cover or sewn together as a blanket or wall hanging."

Dawn, thank you for the compliment. I could do that, but when I make a swatch, I want to be free of the thought of the end product, I don't want to have any hindrance to be able to sample. Of course later on one could do just about anything with them.

"I love the top oatmeal colored wool - do you remember the source?"

Jody, the oatmeal colored wool is by Viola fingering weight merino and the color-way is called, if I remember correctly, ghost. The owner is on a dyeing break at the moment but I do hope she returns as her wool is so lovely.

"Both mittens and swatches look fantastic. I am wondering what kind of material your appliqué is? Wool obviously but ???"

Merja, some of the wool I used for the applique I bought from a quilting store when I visited USA quite some time ago and I have lost all the information on that, but some is wool felt (100% wool, about 1mm thickness) and I have bought it from an UK source, Woolfeltcompany.

"Would it help stabilize the knitted fabric if you basted a square of muslin or something on the back of where you want to place the applique? The extra fabric could be trimmed away after the work was finished. Or would that distort things more? I'm not a sewer, so don't have a clue."

Rooie, a very good thought to think about stabilizing the knitted background but that would build up the applique patch more and make the knitted fabric little more stiff maybe and I try to keep the flexibility of the back ground as much as I can. But one could try that of course and it definitely is worth the try. And there are so many different stabilizers out there that one could work beautifully.

I have been thinking of setting up a group in Ravelry where we could gather all the questions and answers into one place. I have not got around it yet, and we would need to have a good name. Any suggestions? 

I finished the beaded mittens. (It is so cloudy, it was impossible to get good pictures.) I have been sampling little more with beaded beads. I am getting there... I am happy with the outcome now, but believe me when I say, that this is not the first batch of beads I have done. 
The beauty of these small things is that once the beaded bead is done and if it is not what you would like, it is very easy to cut apart, and the seed beads can be rescued and also the big wooden beads that are inside. The yarn in the beads is Sokkusu Superwash Merino "Autumn leaves". I added a couple of bigger beads to break the monotony.
I hope you have a good week and cheers to the white nights of the North!

Wool with you,


  1. Very exciting to have the sun not set. I almost experienced this on a visit to Alaska, I believe it set for an hour or two while we were there. I love your beads, they are so gorgeous,

  2. Anonymous21:02

    It's a great idea to have a questions site on Ravelry. Thank you for the answers , very interesting. MerjaUK

  3. Anonymous04:54

    I always enjoy reading your blog. Your creativity is amazing and I also enjoy seeing bits and pieces of where you live. Thank you for sharing so much with us.

  4. A ravelry group is a fine idea and you couldn't go better than having your Dances with Wool as the title! I've loved your writing and your work since you first started. Just love it.

  5. Anonymous01:28

    I vote with Lyn....Dances With Wool is a great group name.

  6. I agree with Lyn and Deb.

  7. Anonymous16:40

    Definitely DANCES WITH WOOL!Count me in please!

  8. Anonymous21:36

    Hope you had a wonderful, sunny "Juhannus." Do Finnish citizens have a day off to celebrate Midsummer as the Swedes do? Our daughter lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and we have been to some wonderful midsummer celebrations with her and her Swedish family.

    Love reading your blog and the creative things you do.


  9. Anonymous05:52

    Hope you're enjoying your midsummer's day.

    You prompted me to watch it get dark here tonight - it was totally dark by 9:20 PM!

  10. i for one would join your ravelry group. i love reading your wooly adventures when you post. i also like reading about your neck of the woods it seems so exotic to me to live in with white nights during the summer. your knitting is beautiful and inspiring. as far as a name i am with the others you will always be dances with Wool for me.

  11. I hope you do start a Rav group. I just noticed that there is already a group called Dances with Wool, but why not call it Wool With You, the phrase you always end your posts with?

    I've been catching up with your blog after a busy several months-very enjoyable, thanks.