Friday, May 17, 2013

Wonderful wool

It is summer all of a sudden! 

Thank you for your comments on the wrapper. As some of you guessed, it had 256 stitches, but if you plan to make yourself a one, take a moment to make a gauge swatch and then measure around your shoulders to get the exact stitch count for yourself. 200 grams of sock yarn, needle size 2,5mm-2,75mm or even bigger, depending how soft you want the wrapper to be. If you make it very loose, I think it will lose some of the bounce and won't hug you nicely after much use. Cast on 256 stitches and then do just k4p4 rib until you have just enough yarn to bind off and there you have it. There really is not much to it, but simple things can be so clever and beautiful at times.

Every now and then I get an urge to make a person and here is my newest. 
I never plan very much ahead, I sort of let come what comes out of my subconscious.
At first I was not sure what to think about the skin, but now when I look at the face, I can see how much it resembles collage images and I like it a lot. It has this roughness to it, that seems to suit me right now. I think he wants a companion.
And I have to think how to present him, so I need to work on him some more.

Have a good and warm weekend, possibly with wool, because it is so wonderful in so many ways,


  1. He is just perfect! I hope you will enjoy the warm weather together. :-)

  2. Hi, hi, hi, love that tail !!!!
    He is very cute !
    I can imagine he wants to have someone to play with !

  3. How come he looks so 'real'? He definitely has character - and this is from someone who doesn't even like soft toys.

  4. He is so adorable, just has the sweetest face.
    Hugs to you Lene,

  5. OMG I think that's just about the cutest thing I've a long time. LOVE it!!!

  6. Anonymous13:21

    He is so beautiful!

  7. He is adorable - love his big, plain face and his long ears. One of your best yet !

  8. you make beautiful little persons :)
    thanks for the smile!

  9. What a darling little person. We went from winter to summer in Wisconsin, too.